Easy Question, Hard Answer

August 3, 2012

I know, I know. This has been done to death, but I am seriously torn about this picture. I've always been a briefs man. Probably always will be, but this photo is giving me pause. I mean, on the one hand, boxers are loose and floppy and if you really look hard enough you may be able to see up the shorts or get a little surprise out the slit on the crotch. I guess you could say there's more potential for exposure which is always fun. But there's something about shapely briefs that just do everything for me. So I must ask, even though it's been asked before and oh so generic: boxers or briefs?

Let this photo sway you or feel free to direct us to exhibits A through infinity (with links on the web please).

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Make them boxer briefs and you've got me hook, line, and sinker. WOOF

That man would look good in either, or maybe even nothing. Could we please have an example of all three views?

boxers for everything, except when working out or playing sports.

Here's the technical answer -- That is not a picture of the way the typical boxers hang. Usually, they are loose, baggy, don't give a clue as to the shape of a man's ass or what's hiding up front. The guy in the picture is hot, and memodemalaque is correct - he would look good in either, and definitely in nothing! But those boxers look kind of tailored, more fitted, and the legs are hiked up in a way you don't normally see. So I wouldn't judge from this picture.

As for the personal answer -- I like a man in briefs. Bikini briefs or a jockstrap would be even better. I like to have an idea of what's hiding beneath the fabric so I can fantasize a bit before I touch.

But that's just me! Everyone else is entitled to prefer whichever they prefer.

Oh, yes, this pic has eaten at me for days. I just don't know what to do. It certainly is one of the major issues of our time. I can't think of a topic more important than this one.

I love a guy in boxers, with the slit in front it is easy to get his cock out and suck it, at least that is what I think and do when ever posible

He is hot and I would not walk away from him but image him in tight briefs.Both sexy.

I agree. It has been done to death.
How about this. If i piece of cloth makes the difference between a man being atrractive or not, maybe it's the guy that needs a second thought and not the cloth. : \

Depends on my mood and how I need to dress. Briefs are great for support and showcasing the goods. (Clubbing) Boxers are great when I wear more loose fitting pants. (work or volunteering) Then when I just want to be comfortable or out running errands; its commando (I'm usually commando since I tend to be nude at home.)

I prefer briefs. I guess some men like boxers and I can only guess it's because they like the feel of their genitals flopping around. I can't think of any other reason for boxers popularity. But I don't like the sweaty feel of my genitals against my inner thighs. Briefs prevent that. Those longer legged tight shorts with the shaped pouch might do the same IF it's a designer type pouch. But I can get 5 or 6 briefs for the price of ONE of those, so why bother?!
I just keep it simple.

I like briefs on some men, the butts look great in then and also hold the basket up nicely, but I always wear boxers in dress pants and suits, its easier to let i hang down one side of the leg and very easy to sit down for me.

I show very well in briefs as they tell me, and have been to some parties where u just wear briefs too. now sleeping, its naked, I hate the binding and then me pulling over and down my junk, so I sleep in the nude.

with jeans, NOTHING, jeans are tight enough, so freedon is there for me.


I like older men with dark boxers and sometimes colored briefs. Can't stand tighty-whities at all on anyone except maybe Walter White from Breaking Bad. I prefer the standard cheapo Hanes colored briefs myself.

Both are sexy to me..
On the right man, both can look GOOD OR BAD..
A bigger beefy bear, in too tight briefs, is a major turn off..
A skinny lighter man in big boxers, not so hot..

SIZE appropriate is the best for whichever choice you make.
This stud is in NEITHER..

Those look like they once were boxers, but rolled up look like....I DO NOT KNOW WHAT.?????
He'd be better off in NOTHING..

Boxers or briefs are sexier than nudity because they leave something to the imagination and so tantalize. Personally I prefer bikini briefs. In the house and in bed I'n nude. Never understood to wear clothing when not necessary.

I Want HIs Dick In My ASS!!!!

boxer breifs and trunks are my prefence to wear, but I'm such a horndog,I get turned on by anything a sexy guy is in. If I were dressing a man I'd put him in black trunks . Any takers?

I prefer a guy with boxer .... is more sexiest and makes me horny !!!

To wear: Boxers.

To see: Briefs, the briefer the better.

Boxers, much easier to pull it out through the vertical slit than to fumble that goddam pocket the classic briefs have.

briefs are so much sexier

Commando! Nothing is more comfortable than letting what God gave you move around unconstricted. Why are guys so ashamed of a possible penis bulge? We all have dicks and should be proud of them. Bunched up boxers are a nuisance and tighty-whities usually stink by the end of the day. Boxer briefs are OK with a suit or other dry-clean-only trousers, but that's the extent of it. Free balling is the way to go. Try it guys!

Just out of curiosity...how do you avoid the dreaded zipper? :0

I've never had that experience, not even once.

Briefs for daily wear. Briefs underneath boxers or boxer briefs for sleepwear.

I agree with you, definately briefs for me, I like to see the tight bulgr

I prefer to wear briefs instead of boxers any time

That guy would look good in anything !!!! and most definately in nothing !!!!

I tend to agree with the above comment, you'll look good in either. Boxers leave more to the imagination, and are more comfortable for many guys.

I tend to go for comfort, so generally it's briefs for me, but it's mostly habit, plus boners tend to push through the crack of boxers become more uncomfortable.

Boxers do look more "butch" though. So if that's the image you want to portray, go for it.


Boxers DEFF !

Luv not knowing what lies beneath. And occasionally there are gaps to tease. HOT

i prefer brief on myself. my man can wear whichever- both are hot depending on the color and pattern lol

i prefer briefs on myself. my man can wear whichever- both are hot depending on the color and pattern lol

What a waste of screen space. Can't Mister find some real writers with at least some talent and writing ability.

usually commando, boxer/briefs when dressed in casual slacks or suit. Nude at night

Yes, I agree with the crowd, that the Model example would look great in anything.. Specially, in between my sheets!

But, my preference would be nice white 100% cotton boxers. A tight white t-shirt and boxers are my ultimate stimuli. Maybe looking at all those old Military Movies with the HOT Soldiers in their boxers... Who know's where our fetishes come from and why?
It's always nice to have a peak when a hot man is wearing his boxers and shorts, whether planned or unintentional, I really appreciate the whole sensual experience. A naked Studman is HOT; but, a half Naked Studman is even HOTTER! ;-)

Well Men Enjoy what ever your passion!

Boxers cut down on cancer.

Just another pair of dirty drawers...no harm, no foul. Now put on a Tux and really wow me.

In a Look-But-Don't-Touch sitch, I love a hot man in briefs.

If I get to play with him, I like the tactile appeal of boxers...fun to find out what he's got, both front & back, by "Braille" rather than sight, then slowly peel them off him to find out how well my fingers & hands performed their reading assignment. It's especially nice to feel up a nice pair of firm buns that are totally on their own....no fabric (briefs) holding them in place (but then I AM a butt man).

i wouldnt change a thing about the pic, it shows masculinity, hotness, sexy, and imagination. would love to see the back side to the pic as well, im more of a butt man, but still the pic is hot

Commando :)

the picture looks very staged and it does make me wonder what does he have under those shorts. For myself I like men in tight white briefs that is very sexy and the more body hair the man has the better. For myself I have been going commando since high school I love the freedom and here in Florida it keeps the package cool all year long.

Unless I'm in a situation where I can go commando or totally nude, such as I am most of the time around the house, I'm a boxer briefs guy, as I've got above-average sac n balls that flop around too much in boxers. Not only is it uncomfortable at times without proper support, but living in a warmer climate often makes them sweaty (mmm...man-musk!) and hang even lower down my leg. And when I ride (I'm a road cyclist), a sport jock or compression shorts are essential to keep the boys snug, even tho it's sometimes fun to ride commando and notice the fleeting glances I get when someone sees 'em tucked to one side down my leg.

Those aren't boxers. Not in the traditional sense. If you're going to pose this question then why do it with this image. Totally disingenuous. You're obviously not serious about the question. Makes me think you just wanted to see how many guys agreed with you that this guy is sexy. Duh ! He ooozes sexuality ! Post a real pic with a guy wearing boxers the way they naturally hang and ask the same question. Personally, I prefer boxers. I like that they leave a little to the imagination and briefs are so stereotypically gay. Let's see, how many hours will I need to spend on this piece of equipment to give me the ass that is socially acceptable to mainstream homosexuals and that will either get me laid or a boyfriend........ boring !

As far as viewing other men, traditional boxers are the least attractive to me: no hint of what's going on inside, not flattering at all. So for me, briefs or boxer-briefs are far better for eye-candy.

For what I like to wear, I hate swinging to and fro in boxers most of the time, so prefer boxer-briefs with contoured pouches, like Clever.

Hey Rob,
To your question I' ll reply with my opinion: on a clothed man, boxers accentuate that appetizing bulge we all direct our stare on, when said man is standing waste-to eye level.....just at the right height where our hands could and would just reach forward and slowly unbutton that tight slit in his pants, in order to allow our hand to reach in and find that loose boxer opening and further in, hopefully his pubic hair and a bit further down.....gotta stop now....that man might be straight...it wouldn't be PC...and it just would get down right nasty from here on...
On an unclothed man however, I do love the way a boxer brief presses against the body, revealing the shape of the shaft...the side of the head, the sack, yet still leaving space for our imagination to work....when it all could be so easily set free, loose and hanging right at our mouth level, in a matter of an instant...gotta stop now, again....for other physiological reasons now....
Pleasure pitching in.

I love 'em all. But I love sexy (maybe sheer material) "trunks" cut (slightly shorter than boxer/briefs) ..just like our buddy in the photos has fashioned by pushing them up. But I think boxers (like each choice) has an implied message. Boxers: sorta anti "physique", like straight guys..sorta anti-euro ( it's more American to be "un"aware of flattering clothes choices for your body), surfer, miltary, golfer..businessman?. but..I gotta say, boxers and over-the-calf socks under a business suit is so hot to my WASP sensibility (class reference)? Bill

Smiley-face boxers hiked up to look more like briefs... Hmmmm!
I WEAR boxers and have since high school, because I like to give my 'equipment' free reign.
I never liked the confinement of briefs and used to get chaffing on my legs from the leg openings.
I vastly prefer NAKED men, but briefs DO look more sexy than boxers.
Now you could add black jockstraps to your choices and make it a three-way contest (pun intended)!
And I agree with most, that that MAN would look good in ANYTHING, but even better NAKED!

The tighter the better, I'm just not a boxers kind of kid, that's really it.

I really don't mind either way though I much prefer to WEAR briefs/boxer briefs rather than boxers. I think I have a boxer brief pic set up as a private one on here ;)

Growing up, everyone wore plain whitey-tighties and the eye candy in the boy's locker room (this was late 70s, early 80s) were those that wore bikini briefs. I got my own to I could more easily check out the other guys that wore them.

Then college came and mid-80s, it was almost 100% boxers overnight (and those close to my age - mid 40s - might remember guys wearing boxers that hung lower than the shorts of the day, so about 2-3" of boxer shorts hung lower than the shorts and were a very visible fashion statement. "Jams" came out around that time and shorts went to closer to knee length and boxers became something visible at the waistline if at all, were it not for the sagging that came along later on.

Briefs are definitely back though and I'm all over it, I love the 2(x)ist tight briefs and other square-cut trunks, boxer briefs. I just love how they hug my body all around and how they look on guys. Chatting online w guys I'm finding more briefs guys as well, I'm happy to know that.

Both, why limit beauty. I wear boxer briefs for the best of both worlds.