The Biggest Blast You'll Have All Summer

July 12, 2012
Sand Blast - The Biggest Blast You'll Have All Summer

There's nothing better than being on the beach with hundreds of hot men folk. Though one could argue it gets a little bit better when you add in music and drinks that come in buckets! It was just a few years ago that I experienced my first Sandblast weekend. in Asbury Park, NJ, and I've been going back every year since, mainly because Asbury has climbed fairly quickly up the ranks as one of my favorite summer getaways. It's a great mix of the best parts of Jersey Shore (yes, there are plenty of best parts) and gay destinations like Provincetown and Fire Island without being overpopulated. They've been working hard down there to get things up and running, and they're well on their way at this point. In fact, one of the reasons Road Trip weekend and the Sandblast beach party exist, was to get gays down to the town to see how much fun AP can be.

MISTER is going to have a great presence this year (July 20-22) and we're super excited about our involvement which includes sponsoring the volleyball game on Friday from 2-5pm, the Underwear party on Saturday from 1-5am, and the pool party and tea dance on Sunday from 11am-8pm. We've got some really fun stuff planned so come on down!

I'll be there, along with a few others from the DH/MISTER crew, so if you see us out and about be sure to say hello and save us a dance!

You can find all the details and events here, be sure to buy your tickets early for the parties as they tend to sell out (or go up in price day of). For those of you on the East Coast who have never been, this is one of the best weekends to check out what Asbury is all about.

Is Asbury on your list of favorite gay beaches?

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Hey y'all....we're expecting a limited number of rooms at the host hotel to open up at a lower rate on Sunday morning. - just a heads up!

Blog? Advertisement? Confused?

Part of our mission is to facilitate Daddyhunt and MISTER members connecting with each other in the real world - not just online. We have not received any payment from Sand Blast as part of this partnership. We're sponsoring this event because we think it will be a lot of fun!

I was there and I noticed that on all the material that was hung on the pier or at the pool at the hotel, no mention of the word "DaddyHunt" was on any of the material that was displayed. The most popular thing that was given out were the white baseball caps with the word, 'Mister" on it. Some people had the removable tattoos on them with the word "Mister" as well.

I was at the tea dance at the pool on Sunday and you guys split from your cube after 5 pm. I was sitting in front at the round table and just watched what was going on. After you guys left guys came up to ask me where they could get the baseball caps. The ones I spoke to did not know, that "Mister" had anything to do with Daddyhunt.

Sandblast has always been a "boy circuit party" and I always have fun just being around what was going on and chatting with people in the past. I know you guys had a great time because I heard you guys say so when you left.

Clearly the idea was to promote "Mister" to a younger crowd of guys and that was the real purpose of marketing Sandblast. I wish you guys would be more upfront when you market "Mister". The fact that DaddyHunt is downplayed, is noticeable.

One final note, I did meet a younger guy at the pool who was curious about the "categories".

Did not see much diversity form that video clip? yes, mostly men and some women..but if you look at the rest...majority were younger, smooth, fit, and white. A bit intimidating for the not so "perfect" to show up. Where are the rest of the rainbow colors/shapes?

Were you watching the same video I was? I saw different age groups and ethnicities.

I would agree with njrichie2, I have spoken to a lot of guys that found the Mister app and have no idea it is connected to Daddy Hunt. This site use to be a place for the younger and older to connect, but it is now like walking into a straight bar trying to find the sole gay guy to talk to.