On the Radio: Daddy Bear Gerald McCullouch of Bear City 2

July 27, 2012

Oh the joys of discovering new gay hotness on the internet! Meet Gerald McCullouch. Many of you will recognize him from his role in Bear City, or his work on CSI, or best of all, his critically acclaimed play Daddy (which had runs in both LA and NYC). But if he's new to you, like he is to me, you're welcome. He's been making the rounds promoting Bear City 2 (which filmed in my beloved Provincetown) and was just on The Candi & Randy Show doing a delightful interview about the movie, bears, and plenty more. Sadly, it's just a radio interview so you can't stare at this lovely looking man, but still enjoyable nonetheless! But since we need a little skin, check out the trailer for Bear City 2 below for even more fun and fur.

Was anybody there when they filmed? I know they were recruiting bears to be extras here in NYC and Provincetown. Let us know about your experience if so.

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Too bad he's not a member here. I'd send him a grope.

I saw the movie. Yeah, Gerald is fuckin' hot.

Bear City had a couple of good moments and lines, but it was mostly a big ol' mess. Gerald McCullouch is certainly a hot Daddy, but he's no bear. But James Martinez was seriously hot, and I'd be his Papi in a heartbeat.

Howdy! Just wanted to share this article Gerald wrote for Advocate where he actually mentions he didn't consider himself a bear either! But, as he met the writer, other actors and members of the bear community, he broadened his definition.


One of my favorite lines from the article:
"Being a 'bear' is more about accepting yourself and your body type and embracing your sexuality, no matter your size or shape or age or status."


Once upon a time "bear' meant hairy. Now it seems to mean Hairy and chubby,but I'm not sure why. I like bears. I'm just not into people who are a sure bet to have cardiovascular problems before their time

Saw the movie last night at the Castro Theater. Probably won't be up for an Oscar but really enjoyed it. Q & A after the showing best line from the producer/director?? was " can you imagine our catering bill to feed 500 bear extras?:)
Good job guys!
Now come on up to g'ville for Lazy Bear this weekend.

Gerald is a talented, sweet, and hilarious guy - nice singing voice, too. :)


Again. Wow. That man is SMOKING!