Introducing Photo Parade - Celebrating You!

July 9, 2012
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We’re pleased to introduce the Photo Parade!

Everyday, members upload thousands of hot, fun and good-looking photos of themselves. We wanted a place where we could celebrate them.

With the new Photo Parade feature, you can see an up-to-date stream of all the latest photos uploaded to the site. The Photo Parade features both new member photos and new photos from existing members, and you can filter the list by age group.

To have your own photos included in the Parade, just upload some new public photos to your profile (private and adult photos are not included in the Photo Parade). Your photos will appear on Photo Parade the next day.

Check out the Photo Parade now! (potentially NSFW).

Warning: side effects of Photo Parade include addiction, drooling, and sleeplessness from hours of looking at hot photos.

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