Where the Bears Are

June 29, 2012
Where the Bears Are

God bless you internet. You provide so many of the things we never thought we wanted, but are so happy to discover they exist. For instance, this new bear-centric murder mystery/comedy web series, Where the Bears Are. I've never been one to follow a web series, but I got a few laughs from the trailer and the several shirtless (and pantsless) bears definitely piqued my interest even more. Maybe it's time I give one a chance. The series premieres August 1, and judging from the trailer plenty of hijinks are set to ensue.

"From the creative team of Rick Copp (The Brady Bunch Movie) Joe Dietl (The Thin Pink Line) and Ben Zook (Jack and Jill) comes “Where the Bears Are,” a comedy mystery web series that follows the exploits of three gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles, as they attempt to solve the murder of a party guest that turned up dead in their bathroom."

Looks fun right?

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How did those fat, obese chubs get in the picture when it supposed to be Bears?

You seem to be clueless about the wide spectrum of bears. And civility.

Wide is right and they are chubs, not Bears.

WOW guy.
why are you so negative?
I think all those guys in the clip are bears. Albeit some are larger than others...i still consider them bears...isn't there enough hate in the world? Do we really need to show distaste/dislike of one another in our community?

When do you start calling someone fat or obese? Is someone who is wearing a XXL T-Shirt with a big bear flag and his stomach is protruding out below and is over 275 Lbs not fat and obese? Are Bears groups not really chub groups but by another name now? Lets be real, no one is being fooled by this forced redefinition of the word.

Times change. People change. And at times, labels change. It is called evolution.

Relax, the world will keep turning buddy.

I'm glad to know you have the power to redefine fat and obese.

Look up the definition of the words in the dictionary.

I don't have the power to define anything outside of my own life. But a community does. Sorry if the idea of change does not work for you.

And up means down and down means up.

And nasty, inconsiderate and exclusionary all have clear meanings. I thought we as gay men were above that - at least most of us, I guess.

And what are bitter judgmental queens called?

all this fighting is making me horny :-)

Why don't you fuckoff somewhere else if you don't like it

"Bears" have formed a community that is very welcoming and inclusive. I'm not a bear or even a cub, but guys at bear events have always been very welcoming of having me at their stuff.

Whether someone is "chub" or "twink" or whatever, I think being part of the "bear community" is about being accepting of people and letting them be who they are, whatever that might be. In the same way, MISTER and Daddyhunt are supposed to be inclusive too. It's not JUST about age - it's about maturity - and understanding that you don't have to be a douche to get a date.

Looks like a fun show. I would definitely watch it.

Me gusta, cuando lo pasan?

Lo pasan el primero de agosto en el internet!

Looks like Tuk Watkins has a cameo of sorts, as one of the actors in the stage play. For the few who are not acquianted with Tuk he had a key role in the now-defunct ABC soap "One Life to Live", and a semi-regular role on "Desperate Housewives". He was the only actor I recognized.

At first I was going to complain about the lack of black and asian bear characters but several thoughts crossed my mind:

1.- The typical "blacks and asians cannot be bears!" Derp comment would pop in as fast as R. Kelly at a High School prom.

2.- The "non-white characters must be very ethnic and/or very stereotyped" trope would set in.


3.- The asian character would also behave very Takei-ish and Gawd knows I am a Star Trek fan but one can only take so much "Hellooooooo" jokes so far.

I'm still going to watch it though and hopefully they won't sound as if they are reading their lines aloud.

I like that in "Bear Nation" they interviewed an asian (or Polynesian?) "bear/bear admirer" at length.

It's not about "bears" or obesity or hairiness or any of that. It's about "When do we stop trying to be perfect and be real?" This is harder to find, and much scarier. If someone makes damn sense why not talk to em? Is it possible the best remedy for what ails you is not the remedy you had in mind? Open mindedness is a gift; I'm learning that myself.

Amen, brother!

You are so right! This is about being comfortable in your own body - and realizing that perhaps the deepest attraction any of us has to another man isn't based solely on appearance. Confidence, self-actualization and a hint of vulnerability - now THAT'S hot! The very negative comments about obesity and chubs are no doubt proportional to the lack of those in the author. Interesting who doesn't have a pic too; how can they comment on the appearance of others? "...me thinks m'lady doth protest too loudly."

njrichie2 and sixclaws......... you guys are too negative and too politically correct. Re-Read the post by BJHeaven please. It's all in good fun...just go with it or go away !!

The truth hurts.

the truth doesnt hurt me..... You're entitled to your opinion, I dont know you but you seem to have a very negative attitude towards those who are not as perfect as you.

I'm not perfect but I know a fat, very obese gay man when I see one lying on a nude beach with three stomachs and saying they are a "Bear". They don't like the term "Chubs" or "Heavy Set" which is the real description of what they are. There is nothing wrong with being a "Chub" or "Heavy Set". A Kangaroo is not a Tiger and a Chub or Heavy Set is not a Bear.

The "all" description implies that Bears are Chubs/Heavy Set obese hairy gay men. This all inclusive nonsense has made the term "Bear" totally vague. If everyone is, then nobody isn't.

Remember njrichie2, there are those who find men under 5'7 to be disgusting and unattractive.
If you find someone's appearance distasteful, no one is asking you to date them. If you feel bears should somehow be redefined please explain it. Come Rockbar or the Eagle on a Sunday and help us understand how we've "changed" the definition of bear. Thanks!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sitcoms but being a teenager and a young adult in the 90s have given me a cynical, bitter and skeptical POV.

keep an open mind

I guess definitions have changed. I've always considered a "bear" a burly guy, very hairy WITH facial hair. You don't see shaved bears in real life. While I know there are all kinds of personality types within the bear world, I have to wonder why all these guys are so queenie? Can't any of them be portrayed as just "guys?"

Because straight guys feel very uncomfortable watching homosexual men behaving like heterosexual men. See every gay character on TV and what do you see? A rather flashy queen that reminds me of a baby chicken trying to fly. One of the biggest offenders in this matter is MTV; literally every gay male that appears on their (reality) shows fits into the flashy, over the top lisping girl with at least a woman's item as part of their wardrobe accesory.

Not that I'm against lisping little fairies but for mainstream media to imply to the world that that is how a gay male should look like I find it very offensive.

Also, the concept of "bear" has changed a lot. At first it meant virtually any gay male that did not fit into the lisping, 100% fat free fairy stereotype. The term has changed quite a lot ever since it was assimilated by the rest of the gay culture. Nowadays it feels like "bear" is nothing more than an excuse for twinks to stop worrying when they reach the 30yo mark ;)

sixclaws...you are wound up too tight and way too serious. Get off the soapbox, stop over analyzing everything and just enjoy life.

And you should stop acting like a Preacher's wife barging in and criticizing anyone who doesn't share the same POV.

OK call me what you will, everyone has their own POV. You've experessed yours...I've expressed mine.........it's all good....just chill out and enjoy life........

Bears are heavy-set men and are often characterized as having hairy bodies and facial hair; some are also muscular; some project an image of rugged masculinity in their grooming and appearance. Some bears place importance on presenting a hypermasculine image and may shun interaction with, and

even disdain, men who exhibit effeminacy. [2] The bear concept can function as an identity, an affiliation, and there is ongoing debate in bear communities about what constitutes a bear, however a

consensus exists that inclusion is an important part of the bear community. [3][4]

Bears are almost always gay or bisexual men. Increasingly, transgender or transsexual men (trans men) and those who shun labels for gender and sexuality are also included within bear communities.

Younger or smaller men who identify with bear culture may also be labelled as cubs.

"Overweight" or "Obese" men are labelled as "chubs". The border line between Bears and Chubs is very thin and fluctuating.

To the ongoing banter above, I don't see the point of trying to pass off subjective views as fickle facts, I don't get it. The world is a very diverse place. Everyone in the world has negative attributes that can be fixated upon. However I think the comments here are aiming at more of a review of the video. :P

I don't think anyone's trying to pass them off as "facts," they're just opinions.

What I don't get is someone trying to fit into a niche that they don't necessarily fit into, and other people accepting them, just to be accepting. Being a "bear" was about not worrying about being who you really are...not fitting into other categories. Now people who aren't bears are trying to fit into that category because it's become popular.

Everyone can hang out together no matter what...but be who you are. I don't pretend to be a bodybuilder when I'm clearly not. If a guy wants to be a bear, I think he needs to bulk and hairy up, and then be manly, not twinky.

You said it buddy..the two guys who posted negative opinions here-and they are welcome to their opinions- need to lighten up, accept those who different from them, and enjoy life.

Take off the rose colored glasses.

you've obviously misunderstood the expression "rose colored glasses." the admonishment to lighten up has little to do with perception and everything to do with reality.

Really fellas? what in the world difference does it make? Have friends that make you a better person- period!!!!

The term Bear can be considered to mean bearshape ideas. Cuddley and Cute do not have to be small in nature. It also refers to the mannerisms and the heart. Through life we struggle to stay the same but usually wind up looking the same shape as our parents. Hopefully yours are what you want to look like, and if so START working to keep that shape. Stress, lifestyle, diet, medicines all affect our growth. Enjoy a person for the beauty they bring into your enlightenment of knowledge and experiences. I had a lover for 18 years. We met when he was a 29" waist and stayed that way for years. Then he had to take meds and blew up to be 36"waist in 6 months. DO YOU IGNORE THE PERSON. STOP LOVING THE PERSON. DON'T STAY WITH THE PERSON...NO IT'S WHAT IS INSIDE THAT COUNTS. WHY DO YOU TURN OFF THE LIGHTS DURRING SEX????????????? YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE. They want to be embraces and cuddled.(Granted nobody wants to be smothered) I only hope that you critics get someone who truley LOVES you ...not your dick,butt,mouth what ever you do to show "LOVE". When it's gone then you know that it makes no difference what they were titled as long as you shared a bond that is more than love more like a part of you and now it's not there. Ex-NYRichie

Wow.. i was worried that all of the hatred and nastiness towards other human beings had left the State of New Jersey...I can see that I worried for nothing... its all being stored in Old Bridge these days...

Wow.. i was worried that all of the hatred and nastiness towards other human beings had left the State of New Jersey...I can see that I worried for nothing... its all being stored in Old Bridge these days...

the gay community need not leave it to find hatred and spite, there's plenty for everyone right here. if the idea of watching guys who do not physically appeal to you or turn you on is repugnant then the solution is simple - don't watch it! really, it is that simple.