June 28, 2012

MISTER 1.1 launches today for iPhone and we've got a buttload of new features just for you. Not only that, but v1.1 debuts MISTER MAGNUM, our new premium service. We’ll tell you more about the MAGNUM features on a future post. For now, let’s focus on the free stuff.

Age Filter

MISTER gives you a lot of options already, like sorting the men in your area by Last Login or Proximity. Then there's the different views: seeing your favorites (up to 99!!), who's viewed you and the global view. In this version, you can zoom in a little more and focus on guys just in your desired age demo.

We hear from lots of you (thanks!) and everyone’s looking for something different. Some want older, some younger, and some vary their taste from hour to hour. Using the Age Filter under Settings, you can customize your view to show the guys you’re looking for at that moment. For members who have specific tastes, it lets you zero in on what you want. For the rest of us, it’s a fun way to see an endless array of men of different ages simply by switching up your filter.

Age Preference

Age Preference lets you broadcast the guys you’re into. It lives on your profile so whenever people pull you up, they’ll know what you like. We want to encourage members to keep things broad - or you might miss a great experience! - and require at least a ten year range.

Delete Messages

We received many, many requests for this feature. You can now press on a message and slide to the right to delete it, letting you focus on the conversations you’re enjoying the most.

News & Events

You will now hear about MISTER events in your area at the bottom of the Mangrid. These are parties thrown by promoters and bars who believe in the MISTER Code and invite the kinds of guys we like to see on the site. You’ll also see some sponsor ads and messages from us down there.

Supporter/MAGNUM Highlight

On the Mangrid, you'll notice a little yellow tab on some guys' photos. We've found that supporters are, in general, more likely to respond and are actively looking to meet and engage with users.

We want MISTER to be a community for all gay men of all ages who are friendly, down-to-earth and honest. We understand everyone wants something a little different and we’ll continue to add features and services that help you find what you’re looking for.

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How about some love for us Android users? Just as many of us out here too.

Yes, Android please with the same new features!

We want on Android! plz

This pic is nice


Will the new version work on iPad as well? Hope so!

It does work on iPad, it's just not iPad optimized. Using it on your iPad is exactly like using it on an iPhone.

Bummed that there is no iPad version.

You can still use it on iPad - it's just not a blown out, super duper, iPad optimized version.

And now we have "Mister". I guess that's a catch-all. So you can be top, bottom, older, younger, and Mister fits all. At first I thought OK. But now, I'm not so sure. Seems like there are now more Misters than Hunters or Daddies. Kinda ruins the whole concept for this site, doesn't it? The whole point of this site, like SilverDaddies, was for younger guys who like older guys and vise-versa to find each other. Now it's no different from Manhunt or Adam. So what's the point?

Hi bud,

I work for MISTER - just wanted to respond.

With a lot of new people joining the site, there were some that were calling themselves "Daddies" when they didn't really fit that criteria. This way, those new members have an option where they're in the middle.

So now...when you see a Daddy or a Hunter - they really mean it - and uou can do a search to filter out exactly what you're looking for.

Bummer there's no version for BlackBerry!

Looks like "Mister" BS to me.

I've been a fan since the beginning, and I commend you for continuing to add new features so the site doesn't go stale like so many others have.

However, that said, the manner in which you implemented the mobile apps has greatly diminished the site's appeal to me.

I've read your explanations about why you added the Mister category, and on the surface it seems reasonable, but because those that join by mobile app are all Misters and are not offered the Daddy Hunter choice and in fact many are probably not even aware that they are joining a site originally created to help daddies and hunters find each other, I feel you have effectively abandoned the original stated purpose.

I recently became a supporting member after having been a free member since near the beginning, but if the daddy and hunter populations of the site continue to be diluted like this, I won't support if for long.

Perhaps this will still be a good business decision for you, but my customer decision will likely be different.