Celebrate Pride Month with a Movie Marathon

June 4, 2012

With all the parties, parades, and flag waving, Pride month can get pretty exhausting. Some people like to avoid it altogether, but I say it's something worth celebrating. Even if it's in your jammies on the couch with a pint of ice cream in front of you.

Focus Features is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing their collection of LGBT films On Demand beginning June 1. They've got a pretty impressive roster of movies, including the gold standard in gay heartbreak, Brokeback Mountain, Far from Heaven, The Kids Are All Right, Milk, My Summer of Love, and Pariah. I've seen most of them with the exception of their latest release, Loose Cannons (pictured), the rom com about two brothers coming out to their conservative Italian family, and while you can't go wrong with Brokeback or Milk, I'm happy to see some light hearted love in the mix. They've got plenty of ways to watch, including On Demand and Netflix, so check out the full list here.

What movies would be on your Pride playlist?

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You have to include "Latter Days" and "Brother to Brother" to that list, bro.

Latter Days is a good film.one of my favorite gay film.I love it!
Nice choice bro.

the band played on, jeffrey, all over the guy and latter days.

I should be in the "THE BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN" film and have a small role......
Thanks guys ...

Billies First Screen Kiss, and all of the Eating Out movies.

Murice, C.R.A.Z.Y., Line of Beauty, so many really but most of the ones I can think of are kinda depressing...

Don't overlook "Trick," "East Side Story" and "A Touch of Pink." These are fun, light-hearted romantic comedies.

Pride? Really? Soooooo stupid. Are you really proud that you like to have sex with men? Does that define your life? That's pathetic. You are capable of more than that.

You are hardly alone in questioning the concept of "gay pride." More and more people seem to question the "pride" thing, and their disdain for the parades and festivals,etc. Whenever I think "Oh, here we go again with the same people with their asses hanging out wiggling to 'We Are Family" on some tacky float, or every group from the crowd-pleasing PFLAG to Gay Naked Maids marching by with beaming faces" I remind myself of when I was a 23 year old from a small town in the Midwest, with my camera in hand at Gay Pride every year. All I can say is it meant A LOT...it meant I wasn't alone. Is it possible it means the same to many young people now, despite the progress that has been made? And besides...it's a hell of a party, and what's wrong with a day of jubilation in these less than jubilant times? For some young people it's a revelation; for older dudes like me, it can be a sweet day in the sun to party like it's 1978. To me, it's not a celebration of sex; it's a celebration of people and progress and awareness. If one less kid gets bullied in school because a coalition of school administrators and flaming queens see eye to eye on the issue of bullying and want it STOPPED, then let's march on until the haters get it: we're here, and our numbers could fill cathedrals.

Loose Cannons (Mine Vaganti) is my favourite film, including non-LGBT ones. I recommend it.

"Weekend" (2010) is the best gay movie out there. Well-defined characters, great dialog, no worn-out gay themes such as coming out or "oh-how-difficult-it-is to-be gay" angst. And it doesn't hurt that the two characters are two sexy, furry, scruffy guys, and the steamy (and explicit) sexual energy between them is realistic, erotic, and touching. It's the gay romance movie for guys who hate gay romance movies.

Ummm - actually i'm looking forward to 'Prometheus' - yeah, not very gay ... but...

Rumor has it that the space jockeys are supposed to be holding captive two human slave farmers named Fin and Karik and in one scene force them (via mind control) to engage in "sexual activity". (The twist: they're both male). If the rumor proves to be true, does this count? LOL

Thanks, blkleathr, for the "Weekend" recommendation. I want to see it and let me add "Beginners" to my list of recommendations.

My beautiful launderette,torch song trilogy, and la cage aux folles(the original from the seventys)

let's not foget cruising-1980 with Al pacino(very hot in leather) and looking for Mr.Goodbar with Diane Keaton

1982 - Making Love with Kate Jackson, Harry Hamlin and Michael Ontkean. Nicely done and one of my favorites, and as mentioned earlier, Latter Days.

I would add" Mulligans "to the list - i really thought it was thought provoking for married guys -like me.

Boys in the Band

One things for sure and thats that "Queer as Folk" is already dated in terms of its way of portraying the community.

Someone mentioned "Latter days" and that brought up the illogical fact that it doesn't make sense for that church in Utah to pay out millions for attacking Gay Marriage because the only actual ancient reference to gay issues is in the ancient law books (Leviticus) of Moses and then it has been said that the God image of the Old Testament went to "Anger Management" and then presented the New Progressive idea of loving ones fellow dude instead of throwing lightning bolts at the naughty peasants. The things that get projected from supposedly Christian institutions is very much the opposite of the idea of being at peace with everyone and even having mercy for the street-walkers and the downtrodden rather than converting the naughty peasants into pillars of salt as they were not above the ancient law books of HATE and ZERO TOLERANCE for freedom of expression.

Personal recommendations are:" Saturday Night At the Baths" and the best one of all and should be seen, by all age, newcomers to the gay community is "The Boys In the Band".

Can someone recommend a good gay film, critic, as opposed to a gay, film critic? Or, is there such a thing???

torch song trilogy, edge of seventeen, priscilla queen of the desert, trick, hedwig & the angry inch, kinky boots, beautiful thing, it's my party, sordid lives

All the ones mentioned in the article(although I havent' seen Pariah, My Summer Of Love, or Loose Cannons and these as well;
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss
Another Gay Movie
The Broken Hearts Club
The Birdcage
Adventures of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert
Midnight In the Garden Of Good and Evil
Party Monster
Bad Education
Mysterious Skin
I Love You Phillip Morris
Tales Of The City
The Opposite Of Sex
This isn't a movie but I've been following the Chryed(Christian and Syed) storyline on the British soap The Eastenders....