Pit Poll: Do You Like Your Men Stinky?

April 30, 2012

I have a friend who yells at me every time he smells me. He prefers I let my natural scent run free instead of wearing a scented deodorant. The problem is, I get pretty darn stinky when I don't wear it. But I get where he's coming from, as I too enjoy the nice natural scent of man. Apparently the straight world is getting in on the pheromone fun too. So let's open up the discussion, do you prefer your men fragrance free or like them synthetically scented?

I will say one thing, when it comes to licking pits, freshly washed is the only way to go. Whether it's deodorant in your mouth or the stank that sticks to your tongue, it makes for a mouthful of yuck.

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I prefer a man who wears cologne and I like to wear it as well, but I don't want to smell him before he enters the room, or even from across the room. When it comes to naked, it's hard to pick someone up when they have been out all evening and expect their pits to smell shower-fresh. So deodorant might be necessary for most men. However, if I come to your place, I expect you to be fresh, just as I will be if you come to my place.

But that differs. Sometimes you get use to the natural scent of the man you get with. If you have been with him alot. One guy i get with has nice smell to him thats not as shower fresh. Poll says natural scent. If he showers then its not natural but fresh. Can we be frank here. You go down on cock sucking. Is that natural or fresh. Natural it is to me. Some will like either but again fresh scent is not natural.

As my ex-boss used to say, "whatever makes your nipples hard!"

You are 100% correct. There is nothing worse than bad smell. We live in a civilized nation, it used to be that we were proud of our cleanliness. of course, if you like BO is up to you, do it with the person that like it also. thats all.

I enjoy the smell of men! I'm not into deodorant at all! I love pulling of his t shirt after a long day ripping into his pits and crotch! Uncut even better! Cologne is fine for the office or a day out shopping, I wear it too, but a hot hairy pit just raise those arms and let me at it!! I also believe in showers daily and/or before a date! After all, I may enjoy pig sex but I certainly don't live on the street!

The fur is hot, the stink, not so much!

No cologne or deodorant. I love to suck a nice, chemical free arm pit.

I am so down with that,!!!!truly the best way to enjoy a man in his true scent , heheeh

agree only if his smell is a nice one and personal, but stinky all the time, not for me. I used to go with a man from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, while i was in love, the stench was great, but when things turned ugly, the smell, was, well, stench.

Men should smell and taste like men not fake scents

i am an all natural man never deod special occasion cologne all time manstink anybody want any rubberjock

I want a boy who is clean and smells fresh. A tad of cologne is a good thing. Nothing is a turn on more than a cute guy who has just a gentle hint of cologne.

The problem is that every man who wears cologne has a different idea of what a "gentle hint" is.

Yes, you are right about that. The best is just a totally "clean" smell. That wonderful Irish Spring scent of a just showered guy is wonderful, sexy, and a real turn-on.

Rule of thumb for cologne: if you can smell it on yourself 10 minutes after you put it on, it's too much.

not talking about boys here. troll.

By "boy" - in this context - we all know he meant guys over the age of majority. Too effing literal, duckie1. Loosen up.

Meanwhile... guys need to be taught: Fresh from the shower, if you're gonna wear cologne... a dab behind each ear, a dab or two on your chest, a dab at each wrist. That's enough.

There are occasions, particularly formal or black-tie events, where a dab, the barest hint, of an expensive scent can indeed add to the ensemble. But in bed? Clean... but very natural... is best. (IMHO)

My body chemistry is such that I tend to really smell in very warm weather, and only if I absolutely need to will I put on deo, if I don't really need it I don't wear it

I prefer clean but unscented pits... a slight natural odor is okay but not a real heavy musky odor... as for cologne in general, keep it subtle...

I prefer clean pits. I do enjoy the natural smell of a man, but I don't like it when someone smells like they haven't showered in a few days. That is just plain YUCK!

I agree. Just want a hot man to smell clean. Do not want someone when they smell bad. A major turn off.

I agree. In the last 6-7 years either my body chemistry has changed or it could be all of the meds I am on, but man if I take a shower and don't put the deodorant on i can't stand myself in about an hour....winter or summer. It has to be the newer clinical strength, as well. I think the fresh idea is the best and if you are going to become intimate it only takes a few seconds to go to the john and get a wash cloth and wipe down your pits and if needed your crotch or ass.
Matthew McConaughey, is hot I think, but according to an article I read he goes a week without a shower and never uses deodorant. I don't know if his hotness could make me ignore his smell. Maybe different people smell differently? I don't know.

During the work week...cologne.... need to be professional... Starting Friday morning - no deoderant or cologne...and none again until Monday morning

Maybe a shower over the weekend - yeah if Iget real dirty I will shower but a little man smell is just what I like...not sure sure about using much soap... unless of course I am sharing the shower then all is game!

I like my men to be fragrance free especially since I'm allergic to most items used in colognes and artificially scented soaps. I've had friends tell me since I've had to stop using deodorant myself for the allergies that I smell much better and it seems to take me four days prior to my pits smelling ripe from no showers. (I tested it since some of my friends are into the full on ripe smells)

I have gotten several of my friends off deodorant and other things people put in their armpits. We have been sold a bill of goods by the personal products industry: we smell bad in the absence of their output. For whatever reason, we tend to smell stronger the first day or two after discontinuing the use of deodorant and related agents like deodorant soap. In a sense, we are "hooked" on deodorant and other scent- and moisture-reducing chemicals found in these personal products. And chemicals is the right term, as even the scents in these agents are almost universally synthetic.

It takes about 3 or 4 days to wean yourself off of these products if you shower at least once a day and wear clean clothes. For those of us that sweat more profusely, eat strong foods, or have a particularly active lifestyle, it may require two showers a day over a long weekend. At the end of the process, it will take much longer to develop a scent that can be detected by casual passers by as evinced by your experience RebelWolfCub, and it can be done by simply remaining reasonably clean.

The smell of a man can be very erotic and carries things with it that are not directly sensed, such as pheromones which are quite sexually stimulating. Inhibiting the production of these subliminal scent cues can reduce the intensity of our arousal. Androphiles should come to understand the role of scent in their sex lives and discard the old tabus foisted upon them by a culture that has shamed the natural man into smelling like a flower.

Amen, my thoughts (and experience) exactly. After I became allergic to cologne and deodorant about 13 or 14 years ago, it took a couple of weeks, perhaps a bit more, to stop smelling bad in my armpits, but as your post says, once the naturalness of the body takes back over from the chemicals, you smell very natural. Thank You for your post.

Truth is that using deodorants, antiperspirants, and antibacterial soaps creates this vicious cycle of rank body odor by allowing non-native flora and fauna to colonize your skin. If you stick to natural soap, and eliminate the armpit products the good organisms return. We have evolved with specific bacteria, fungi and (I hate to say it) mites that protect and clean our skin of pathogens and dead cells. Keep them thriving and your body odor is weaker and less rank, the need for daily (or more frequent) showers is reduced. And really frequent showering with modern products strips your natural skin oils and then you have the need for skin creams and such. Most days all you really need is a sink full of hot water, a washcloth and plain soap for your pits, crotch and butt.

I live in So Fla and I'm quite hairy so I tend to get quite sweaty. I shower every day and before I go out for an evening, and I expect my man to be freshly showered as well. Regarding cologne and deodorant, it depends on the situation. Sometimes I'll wear a hint of cologne (work or an evening out), sometimes just unscented deodorant (running errands, just hanging with friends). I dislike a man smelling like he bathed in cologne, as well, I dislike that raunchy smell as if he hasn't showered in a while.

Cologne? Yuck. Never. Can't believe guys still wear that. And I never wear deodorant. Do shower twice a day -- in the morning and after the gym. That said, musky pits beats poppers for getting me hot and hard.

Right on. Natural man-scent is better than any chemical inhalant by far.

I haven't used cologne for years and only use deod in humid climates. I sometimes bathe only every other day. I'm retired and as long as I have a clean tee I'm good. My boyfriend never complains. I love the smell of a "man" and so does he!

I love the clean smell of a man, not 2-3 days of smell not cleaning but the fresh smell of nothing but the man smell.

i like a guy to just smell of himself... showered is totally fine... in fact preferred... but unscented soap... if you dont wear deodorant for 3 years... theres always a little of that armpit funk leftover...

anit perspirants are not good for your body...deoderant is different..it doesnt contain that aluminum chloride which it the part of the product that closes your pores in your pits....licking some aluminum chloride is completely non sexy. Reasonably clean pits have a bit of our own pheremones in that ares...its our body's way of identifying itself to another person who smells it. I say chuck the deoderant if you shower on a regular basis and dont STANK. If youre a big sweater...shower more if you like...I like smelling a man who isnt wearing a highly floral fragrance. I like the scent of wood,leather,etc.
There are a few and i might say VERY few mens fragrance companys who make these almost single note fragrances that appeal to a manly side of our brain. Try Commes de Garcon's line of fragrance in the Insence line...called Jaisalmer. it smells of wood,ceder etc..very low in its way of communicating but lasts and just smells warm and a bit like a lumber yard.
Before you buy fragrance..identify what you are looking for..simple...if its not what you like dont buy it..........The smell of a natural pit is alluring and individual...keep it clean and dont use alot of highly fragranced soaps..youll discover your own scent ...and share it w/others.

I agree-men smell tremendously sexy in woody/earthy/leathery scents. Everytime I smell a man with those kind of fragrances I want to jump his bones. Is it the man-in-the-woods thing? Warriors and woodsmen, and workmen with leather and animals? I think sandalwood,oud, and vetiver are the sexiest smelling things on the planet.

i hate deodorant or colognes. if a man is clean and has a slight smell its a major turn on. I don't want a heavy smell just a light one.

Mmm love to suck pits with my vacuum cleaner suck. Lick it all, bury my scruff in there. Prefer man smell to Old Spice or Arid Extra Dry...yuck!

No cologne, unless I'm going to a wedding or funeral with women. Then just a dab. I think Americans are too "natural-smell-phobic." I want my men to shower, yes, but not with Axe or some other strong soap that kills the real thing and makes everyone smell the same. What's wrong with Ivory or -- gulp!!!! -- just hot water? If a guy tends to perspire a lot, then a (very) mild deodorant with no scent is OK (but just a touch). Americans are obsessed with obliterating every vestige of "body odor" -- as taught by American mothers and the soap/deodorant/cologne industry. A light to medium musky manscent is what I'm after, and sometimes even stronger flavors, and I've curtailed many a date because I can smell "flowers" suitable for a wake across the dining room table or in the bar. A real turn-off. Also, notice no one is talking about those other sweaty places -- pubes, balls, butt, uc dick. Guess I won't either. (I realize that armpits are the topic here, but that's just the beginning).


Are you guys nuts!! A man who smells like he hasn't showered in a week or month is the way to go! A tongue bath is no problem; I've had worse parts in my mouth.

i guess you don't mind swatting the flies away while you're giving your "man"? a tongue bath...gross.


Avoid dark coloured clothing if you have a strong scent. I can't wear black T-shirts because it only takes for me to sweat in them once and it's ruined.

Also, dark colors asborb heat from the sun, whereas lighter colors reflect heat away from the body.

Clean is important. A mouthful of anti-perspirant isn't tasty, but clean pits are. The natural scents of the body happen during sex, and it's very hot, but there's no need for being rank at any time.

Man smell is my poppers, it makes me dizzy. Deoderant is a disappointment but an understandable one, we all have jobs and smelling funky doesn't work in the office. When it comes to licking pits, funk on my tongue over deoderant any day.

I prefer a guy have a scent to him, period. It's funny that when we were young, it didn't bother us if a guy smelled a bit after playing football or during physical education in high school, but now that we "grown up," we abhor the natural scent of a person. Madison Avenue's done its job well, as well as the horrifying idea that anyone can "smell us" in a professional environment. Fair enough.
But Like anchortattoo, I don't find "clean" pits to have anything to do with "natural" unless someone thinks soap is the defining trait of 'natural.' Far too many guys don't want to be reminded of ANY scent that comes off a guy in the U.S. The rest of the world, thank God, doesn't quite have that obsession in their cultural makeup.
I find a somewhat "musky" scent very arousing, whether from feet, crotching pits or butt. And ironically, some "showered" guys' natural scent is not very nice: they'd do better to let themselves sweat a little. And I do mean that literally: I knew several guys, when I lived in San Francisco, whose skin had a strange smell to it -- and they'd showered only hours ago. It seems not to occur to some of us that our actual "body odor" as we call it (I wonder who decided it was an "odor" and not a scent, given that bathing every day is an American phenomenon of the last 60 years or so (post World War II) and prior to that it was every couple of days or even twice a week) can be a turn-on. Is it going to turn on every guy? No. But neither does a showered guy with a brittle, hostile personality (unless you like neuroses and clean skin). I find guys who are relaxed about their own body odor are also earthy and easy to be around. It's the I-must-have-cologne guys who seem least comfortable in their own skins in the long run, when you get to know them. Those colognes cover more than just scent: they seem to cover anxieties and neuroses, too. I'll take a nicely funky guy and I bet he laughs a lot more, too.
A lot of guys smell better than they realize, but they're way too anxious to realize it. I had a boyfriend that I still see from time to time, and he knows not to shower for a day or two before he sees me because his scent is extremely arousing to me. When we first met, in 1991, he was just like most of the guys here, showered all the time. Eventually, I told him I liked the way he smelled after he'd been running, a masculine musky scent, not much different than any athlete is like after a game of football.
I wonder if we haven't been brainwashed. The only scent I find truly unpleasant is bad breath, and believe me, some of the guys who shower 2 or 3 times a day don't seem to mind that their breath could kill an elephant, and we're WAY more likely to smell a person's breath than his body odor in everyday circumstances.
I like my guy musky, but not even every musky guy smells good. Some guys smell like walking vinegar. Not my cup of tea. Even so, I'm a damn sight more passionate if I can sniff a mild scent coming off a guy (musky, thanks, not rank) I'm on a date with than if he smells like soap.
Whoever told guys that the smell of soap is an aphrodisiac??? Yuck.

No chemicals for me = either on me or in my mouth...Live on Maui, am in the water alot = the smell/taste of salt water/b.o. musk is a major turn on...Helped the Sears appliance installer get my washer/dryer in...and his/my smell got the both of us into my bed together last week....Mother Nature knows best.

Deodorants leave a metallic taste on the tongue. And cologne, even the best, congest my head. Much prefer 'em ripe and au naturel, as if the guy's been workin' in the sun all day. Best aphrodesiac. Way better than poppers.