It Gets Bigger

April 12, 2012

An important PSA.

If you could make a PSA for your teenage self, what would it be about?

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LOL "It really might not". Brilliant!

Way TOO funny. Should have paid attention to the entertainment tab...hee hee.

Love it! The PSA to my 16 year old self? Let's see now. Go ahead, choke that chicken, tug that root! Contrary to what Mom told you, you will not go blind!!
Ah, wait a minute...I wear tri-focals and had two cataract surguries. Oh crap, I should have listened to her after all!!

And, you guys under 50 ... guess what!

not so much

Mine did get bigger and my daddy went away.

Now that was sooo funny,'It might get bigger.
I know mine did. Like most.
I loved it.

I didn't find that video to be funny. I must have missed something in the video.

only for a few more years and that's it. be happy for the size it is.

pointless. kind of an empty exercise, but cutish

That was quite funny. Thanks for the morning laugh!

Thought it was DUMB!

ditto . . . .

This should be a public service announcement. Full of hope and encouragement; in contrast to what bullies and others (who say they're only kidding) tell people. They don't realize how simple messages can hurt. This gives comfort, comic release and hope. Thank you for sharing.

I ain't gonna lie. That was funny for a bout a minute. especially when the chick got on with the "it might not" part. Though, I am disappointed that the "It Gets Better" campaign is being spoofed in this way

a good laugh for the day. and hey, HK, I think it's great that the "It Gets Better" is well-known enough that someone would bother to spoof it.

For those that thought this was dumb, let me help you look for that sense of humor you're lacking.

great video....wish it had been around back then when I was younger Went through a VERY late puberty in the penis dept.....I mean 12 grade high school!..... then all of a sudden.....DAMN!.....better late than never...Will also have to most awesome night has been with a man that had a 4 inch penis....

the commentator who responded about wearing trifocals does not need to think it was due to spending too much time looking at pictures online because most of the literary professors and scholars are wearing such glasses just from reading books. Then again what books were maybe hiding on the bookshelves in between then encyclopedia's.

LOL! Very Funny!!!

The music alone was inspiring.

The sad thing might be that some scholarly types would maybe be stuffed full of so many statistics after many decades that they might actually think that to be a naughty human is just a serious condition to be eradicated by viewing extensive biological documentary programming till the smile is wiped off that naughty little face in which case the former happiness is simply said to be in error and in need of very expensive solutions at the nutrition center - hehe.

way too funny and yes it getsBIGGER