Today in Masturbation

March 9, 2012
Today in Masturbation

There really haven't been any new developments in the past century when it comes to masturbation. Maybe lube was an exciting discovery, but before that there was spit. Bottom line is, the one or two handed wank is a pretty easy endeavor and get's the job done. Most would say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." And I would agree, but I'd like to think that even with an age old practice like jerking off there's still room for improvement. Yes, there are Fleshlights and they're a helluva lot of fun, but they're also a bit of a process. I guess what I'm getting at is that for the day to day strokey stroke, there's really nothing new. Enter the JackStrap (NSFW), a little pliable device that let's you give your balls a tug while you work your shaft (click through to see how it works). Just this morning I was doing my thing and thinking to myself how much I enjoy cupping my balls while I do it (true story). So for the timing alone on coming across this, color me interested. I am a little worried about how hard it will pull and how tight it will be, but I would give it a try just to spice up my usual self stimulating routine.

What do your twig and berries have to say about this? Is an additional tool for your tool needed or should we just keep things simple?

Wax on below.

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Are you kidding me?? And 30 bucks + shipping??? If you need something like this to spice up your jackin', I think you need some new stimulus to your brain, not your nuts.

I have to agree with Sweden72. If it were about 5 bucks, maybe. But this is my advice: Get your cock and balls lubed up real good, and then smack your hand against your balls as you give yourself a good jerk-off. Then you stimulate cock and balls at the same time, and you get a good, manly wank.

Ugh! Who thought out this marketing plan and decided on the people to appear on this web page to market it?

And who decided to use a Bruce Vilanch imitator? Oh that will really sell them!

The sex toy industry (and indeed the porn industry) get away with the most unimaginable markups. It would need to have a cute cub permanently attached to it to be worth that kind of money!

Something like this could be rigged up by attaching an elastic band to a rubber cock ring for about 2 cents, and much as I like having my balls massaged while my cock is being played with, I definitely wonlt be buying one.

This is like that old joke "If you say gullible slowly enough it sounds like watermelon". (You'd be suprised how long it takes people to clue into that one). The guy who's schilling this thing asks "What have you got to lose". I'd say $30 plus bucks and your pride for not using common sense. Want your balls to bounce around? Use a more vigorous stroke and a ball stretcher. At least that's what I've heard. ;)

As a guy who worships havin my balls squeezed pulled stretched and basically beaten up I was initially intrigued..I get bored to tears jackin off..I LIKE COMPANY TO HELP W THE CHORE!
The cost of this piece of rubber is almost insulting to me..'re kidding right..???

I'll wait for my next helping hand to enjoy my next session...
I'll use the 30 bucks to treat the helper to a cocktail after, if he's a good worker...!

“If you think the JackStrap makes sense, and you like the idea of having your balls jiggled and bounced when you jack off, then what do you have to lose by giving it a try?”

LOL - I can't see any mention of a money back guarantee if it doesn't meet your approval.

My huge nuts wouldn't fit thru that thing

How does the Fleshjack not count as a new development in masturbation within the past century? Bloggers actually need to put some thought into what they write.

Last time I looked, I had two hands. And since, like most guys, I can jack off with one hand (after all, even the biggest cock can be jacked with one hand), that leaves my other hand free to play with my balls. Of course, I can't play with my nips while I do that, but everything in life is a trade-off, right? The fact is that while I might WANT one of these contraptions, I don't NEED one to get off, and to get off well. Face it, your best sex organ is your brain. If that's not working (or just lazy), equipment is not much help.

Couldn't you just put a 2 cent cable tie on a cock ring and have the SAME thing? Geez.........what the fuck happened to 'imagination'?

Lol - so much for paid promotional blogging #fail ;-)

It is so true, toooooo expensive!! It might be kinda nice but at that price I am sure I could rig up something with a couple thick rubber bands linked together.

Or maybe you could find a FWB to play with your nuts while you stroke your cock! I think that would be lots more fun than a machine or rubber bands!

The strokin has been going on for millions of years before anything even remotely resembling the community structures of today existed. Imagine that.. Millions of years of the natural beastie going just fine and then just a few centuries of "progress" to create the demand for sex products by just telling us what we need and how to get such a deal on some greasy stuff that is way too much per ounce. The only other fluid products that are higher cost per ounce are all the facial products that your better off staying away from because its all toxic over time anyways. If you get feeling hot and horny then theres no time to go find the lube or make sure it goes just right because you may go soft while searching for the special products of divine intervention.

I wish this site were less blog, and more sexual. I can read a blog anywhere. get some nudity on here, pics, video clips or stop blocking everyone's "adult" pic. when i was a paying member i wanted to post my nude pics for non-members, but nooooooo... that's why i'm not paying again :9B)

One gets the idea that for many guys, sex means solitary sex. This is news. Plenty of volunteers would help a hot man like RobHeartsDH have no need for solitary sex.

I agree. I haven't jacked off in 15 or twenty years and have no desire to take it up again. I'm not a fan of sex with myself. Sex means sucking and fucking and that requires two people. Is this blog now promoting sex toys? A new low.

15-20 years of not masturbating? come on? lucky man that you ALWAYS have someone available to blow you. must be expensive.

Simple is better.

really????? 30.00 for a piece of rubber that you can make yourself at not cost, c'mon get real..... that is insulting to our intelligence. i have a better imagination and can jack with out some cheesy idiotic piece of silicone and shoot better loads on my own..... but i;'m sure someone will need it....

$30?! Really?1

The fact that something that resembles part of a six-pack o' beer plastic holder is being patented as a jack-off toy reminds me that the patent system in America is broken.

Also, no picture of the sexy old man on the right jacking off..

Maybe when I set my clock ahead, I accidentally went to April Fool's day.

you have got to be kidding, really/?????????????????? what a waste of money.

I think it's specially designed for men who have more money than brains!

good point

I will keep using LUB and my own hands. that's all.
I loveit, and I will continuing.
30bucks? come on.. LOL

My suggestion would be to get a think nylon rope, you know the ones that feel kinda silky (also good for bondage) and tie a regular knot in the one end so you can tug with your teeth, and a slip knot on the other end so you can fit it around your balls, that way you also have a hand free for nipple play as someone suggested above or even butt play depending on what you are interested.

just wear a cock ring with a ball seperator for easy hand manipulation. $30 is outrageous!

OR-- put a wide elastic/rubberband around your scrotum above nuts for easy grabbing to tug and pull while you JO. No cost.

the BEST JO- peel a banana, put the skin in the microwave for 15-20 seconds ONLY. apply peel to your hardon/ encase it. then roll condom on over the entire package... feels wonderful to slowly jerk off... then after you bust a nut, if you like you can eat your banana cream jism back out of the condom. Bananas are cheap.

Dare you to try it!

You get paid to endorse these products, right?

I agree with the others I wouldnt pay anywhere near $30. But I also LOVE my balls manhandled when Im having sex, and it always helps me get off --- as I edge closer, I like it really rough. But, duh, that's what my other hand (or the other guy's fist
) is for.

That's waste of money.

Such toy can help to get stimulation quickly and effectively.