Sulu Does His Happy Dance

March 13, 2012

The weather's getting warmer, the flowers are on the verge of bloom and the men and bears are coming out of hibernation. This can only mean one thing: the sexiest of all seasons is almost upon us. There's always a little more pep in everyone's step during those first gorgeous days transitioning from Winter to Spring, and people seems to be more open to meeting and making new friends. Let's take a page from Mr. George Takei and do a little happy dance for what should be a beautiful week.

What's your favorite part about Spring?

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I enjkoy forcing open all the windows in the house which have been shut since November and literally cleaning away the cobwebs! That, and seeing my back yard slowly turn from various shades of grey and brown to glorious green!

i think the most horny city after a long winter(generally) is Chicago. Its been my experience that if its not freezing and on the verge of a single bud opening..the guys are out in droves ..and in

I live in South Florida so I enjoy open windows all the time. OK maybe not so much in the brutally hot & humid summers. At nite, the A/C is on. I especially enjoy the longer daylight now. In the winter getting dark by 6pm can be depressing. It's nice to walk along the beach or have a meal at a beachside restaurant and watch the sunset, especially after and long day at work behind a computer.

Here in Austin, Texas, we generally have 2-3 weeks of spring before it turns to summer, with daytime high temperatures in the 90s. Then in July, August and September, we'll mostly have highs between 100 and 110 degrees, followed by a cool-down in October and November, when we'll have 2-3 weeks of autumn before it becomes rainy winter. I would so love to move to a place as great as Austin but with FOUR real seasons each year, each lasting approximately one quarter of the year!

Would like to know from a local man what the weather is like in Austin during November ?

I have another month before I can open all the windows here in Alaska.

I've spent a good bit of time with George Takei. He is hysterically funny! Always a pleasure to be around and he has a great deal of respect and admiration for his fans. Thanks for this post . . .



Favorite thing about spring? The sap rising up in all the trees! (horny especially in spring)

all i can say is enjoy your self and make your self happy,,,,

Its nice to see Sulu from Star Trek having fun as I hope the others (scotty, etc) remembered that life is short so have some fun for sure.

Considering how the weather has been in the NYC area this 'winter', I've had my windows opened most days after work and on the weekends. There was no cabin fever this year. Though I do dread what the summer might bring. I'm not a summer person and can't stand the heat and humidity.