Sizing You Up For Safety (and Comfort!)

March 27, 2012

The biggest complaint about condoms is that not only are they uncomfortable, but they make sex less pleasurable. But what if that weren't the case? That's the question Joe Nelson is trying to answer with TheyFit custom-fitted condoms. We've heard of custom fitted condoms before, but he makes a good case for how they can make sex more enjoyable and why we should order them in bulk. Through their investigations, they found that the physical difference between condoms marketed as standard and extra-large was one millimeter of width. That's not a whole lot considering the wide range of length and girth variations we've all come to know and love. With 95 custom fitted sizes, and their handy measuring tool, chances are they'll have a size that's fits as it should. I just wonder how their return policy would work, should they not.

Do you think men would be more inclined to practice safer sex if it was indeed more pleasurable as they claim? Can anyone out there attest to using custom fitted condoms, and if so what was your experience like?

Let us know below.

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It would be nice to know what the sex was like with a custom fitted condom. HOWEVER, I'd be even more interested to know what the fitting was like!!!

If a man has purchased a variety of condoms that he wants to try - i'm willing to do my part to help him decide which one he likes best - no matter how long it takes. LOL

That is so nice of you, fuknuse. You are a real prince among men!!

I agree like that is so old, and from a kid view from the 1980's

And it's also true that part of "comfort" is knowing you are not at risk for serious diseases. This is a comfort that any condom offers. One of the most tactful people I ever knew was a German who said, "American condoms are too small." A less polite person would have said, "I am too big"!!

Yes, I would be more inclined to use them IF they actually fit !! Everyone should get a free measuring device! .... say 'Ahhhhhhh' ....

Bad news! this is only available for Europeans so is irrelevant everywhere else! :(

not all bad news ... just focus on sexy Europeans!

There was an interesting item on a sex-ed kind of series on British TV last year which indicated that something like 80% of men are wearing the wrong size condoms - that opened my eyes to try different brands and sizes and the free ones given out at sexual heath clinics proved to be completely wrong for me.

Also, it doesn't really matter how far down the shaft they go as long as they cover the head and a couple of inches more , but if the condom is too tight/naorrow then it's going to fail in loads of different ways!

If anyone needs help testing the collection I have to see if any will fit, I'm very happy to help!


Dont focus only on being safe with condoms. Make sure that the strangers are honest about the state of their mattress as far as buggers. Some guys may drink and not care about things beyond the next date so be sure they really are the charming persons they seem to be when chatting.

Bareback prefered here... Bitch loves taking all that nut in my boy pussy

Need it now.. Who's hosting?

I know alot of guys think I crazy or un feeling about hiv when they find I don't and have seldom used a rubber. and been chasing guys since 1968/ am still negative too tested recently.
But with condomes first they don't stay on with how my dick is shaped. and then I get no feeling at all when I am on top / then when on bottom they hurt more than the ppleasure one should be feeling.
If the could desisn one tha wouls fit and stay on and give some feeling then would be more with the main stream of sexually actives

i tend to find that getting a standard or large sized condom on makes me loose virility and its mostly due to the fact its like trying to put a bag of oranges into a sock i can feel it digging into my shaft as i roll it down which causes problems obviously the only answer i have come up with is to get the man i am about to fuck to roll it on for me as he plays with my cock that way i am thinking about the hot man i am about to fuck playing with my cock other than the fact i feel like its getting strangled because its too tight

If only I didn't lose my erection the second I roll one on. The only way I can successfully maintain an erection is if I use cialis or other ED drugs, but the drugs make it harder to cum, so, I basically accept the fact that if I'm topping someone besides my cub, whose HIV status I know, I'm doing it purely for his pleasure.

I know, I'm SUCH a giver...

I love to suck cock and to hell with the condons, this way my partner can cum in my mouth and I do love hot cum direct from the fountain, as long as I am sucking it out of the fountain,