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March 8, 2012
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I probably say it all the time, but I hate shaving. The reason my beard exists, basically boils down to the fact that I'm a lazy mo' fo who doesn't want to shave his face on a daily (or even weekly) basis. But back when I did, I was a Mach 3 guy. I tried electric razors but they just made me break out, which when doubled with a freshly shaven face made the pimples even more apparent. Eventually I let it all grow in and now do minimal maintenance on it each week or so. Yesterday, I came across this brazen little video that offers you brand new razors shipped to your door every month. Aside from my aforementioned laziness, a dull razor the biggest hindrance in shaving my face everyday. My facial hair is pretty coarse, like most, so my razors generally last for a few shaves and then cut my face to pieces. I've been debating loosing the beard, and I'm slightly intrigued by this proposition the Dollar Shave Club has to offer. It's an interesting approach, and for those of you like me, it saves you a lot of time (and maybe money?) not having to go out and buy new razors every 5 seconds. Though I wonder how many good shave you actually get per blade. What do you think?

When it comes to shaving your face, how often do you and what kind of razor do you use? Let's share some tips and tricks in the comments below to remedy cuts, breakouts, and general laziness.

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I shave in the shower, after washing my hair and face.... I use a fusion (started with mach3). Cuts are extremely rare maybe once every few months and usually because I am not paying attention, breakouts nonexistent (unless i go more than 2 days without a shave). The shave is smooth, comfortable and complete.

I am 61 years old. I have a very thin beard, maybe 1" wide at its widest point. I started to grow it when I was in my 20s to hide the crease where my double chin starts. I shave both above and below the beard, generally every other day. I have lost 38 pounds on the Atkins diet and am working on another 38-40 pounds this year. When I'm done, if enough of the double chin is gone, I may finally get rid of it and only look 50!

I've had a trimmed beard since '84. I've used all kinds of disposable razors and electrics. I shave above and below the beard every day for work, on weekends only if I'm going out to something special or a date. I just buy them by the pack in Target, CVS, wherever. As long as I have a clean look............

A great way to save money on Gillette and high end blades is to invest in the RazorPit (a shaving product, not a fetish club). You run your blade over it after each shave and the dullness caused by a build-up of soap, skin particles and hair is avoided. A quick rub with RazorPit will extend your blade's life by months.

In terms of shaving comfort, try a few drops of oil like Zirh's Prepare on your skin under shaving foam or gel. I like their clear non-foaming gel which is also good for men who don't want to accidentally carve a piece out of their goatee due to a foamy obstruction.

Finally, if you want the not-too-bothered look but don't want to be mistaken for a vagrant, give the Babyliss i-stubble Trimmer a go. A quick two minute whizz over the face with it provides anything from effortless five o'clock shadow to a short smart beard.

I have been shaving with shampoo and conditioner for years, with great results and cheap disposable razor blades.

First I wash my hands and face with the shampoo (usually Suave) and then apply the conditioner and just shave. No pimples, no cuts and a very smooth face. Also get about 3-4 shaves out of Bic disposables.

They do sell blades in 10 and 15 packs you know. It's not like you have to go out every morning and find a new one somewhere.

I have fast growing facial hair that shows a shadow again 10 hours after shaving. But I find if I keep a Mach 3 dry and use Aveeno shaving cream (love that stuff!) I can get up to 10 shaves from a single blade.

I have a goatee with a "soul patch" under my lip, which has an amusing tendency to move to the right over time if I'm not careful about how I trim it each day. Children point, babies cry. It's very embarassing, but easily corrected.

Also shave my head 2-3 times a week in the shower with the same blade! Never cut myself once in the last 7 years.

Why are blade cartridge refills so incredibly expensive! Oh, because we pay. Usually I pick up a set of 20 cartridges in a single pack at Sam's Club, but even so that's about $36. Far cheaper than paying the 4-8 unit packs at the drug store, guys!

For a brief moment there I was distracted from posting some good tips re shaving by the Dollar Shave Guy - it has a lot to do with the way he wears his pants. But he makes a good point: there's no need to pay for 5-blade "technology" and bells and whistles. You need one sharp clean blade & that's it - use "lubricating strips" elsewhere as needed lol.

There's nothing on earth more homosexually erotic than watching a man shave himself with expertise. Perhaps only a daddy sitting his son in front of the bathroom mirror and giving him the first proper wet-shave in his life can top it...and that "first shave" always carries the distinct possibility of becoming a regular event. Enjoy the uber-masculinity of the ritual for what it is guys!

Anyhows, this will work equally well for all men who don't want to go back to non-disposables as well as men who use a DE. No need to be being beholden to corporations for crap like cartridges. African-American men especially will benefit.

* pre-softening of the beard hair is the secret to a great close shave, and more shaves per blade. Use pre-raseur - it's that tootpaste-like stuff Frenchmen use. Otherwise, wash your face well with hot soapy water and rinse lightly - in-shower, or after. Your prep is critical to the difference between an immaculate shave and a disaster of redness, irritation and shave bumps. You can pre-soften with a steam-towel if your bathroom is set up like an old Italian barbershop!
* Spend your money on a top quality shaving gel - not a foam. I've never found anything better than Nivea Sensitive & it's so concentrated you use vitually nothing per shave. Let it sit for a minute or two before hacking away. By all means treat yourself to a badger shaving brush to keep the foam working with warm water while it's expoliating as well.
* Shop around for well-priced disposable razors: if they're manufactured in Israel they're probably budget Bics rebranded and you've got a real bargain. If they're Chinese manufactured they're poor grade steel and have less life. Expect 3 - 10 shaves from a disposable, depending on your beard and shaving know-how.
* Rinse blade under hot water. Use light pressure only: avoid the one-stroke rip you see in TV commercials. Go with the beard direction first, then against it on the second pass. Make sure you re-lather for the second pass. Your razor should always glide - never drag.
*Rinse the blade with hot water under pressure again. Pat your face dry, and when it's cool apply your non-alcohol aftershave or moisturizer. And make sure it's the right moisturizer for you: nothing looks worse than a sticky gayface overloaded with product more suitable for the ageing woman.

You're done! You should look and feel sexy and handsome, and hopefully there's someone close by admiring the results!

I use a set of seven straight razors, one for each day of the week, in rotation. No more money for disposable blades. They only need to be honed two to three times a year, and it's a simple process to do yourself. Straight razors are easier, cheaper and safer than most men think and deliver a good, clean comfortable shave every time.

Gotta love a man that knows how to hone and use a straight razor. I come from 5 generations of barbers and can remember sitting in my Granddad's shop as a very young kid and watching them hone and strop the razors. After I got to be about 10; my granddad and dad started teaching me how to sharpen the razors and how to shave someone. By the time I was 14; I was cutting the hair of a few friends and started using my shaving talents on the swim team at school. Great excuse for getting to handle and touch the bodies of some of the hottest young guys in town... oh god the memories.

I am amazed at the frequency that some people have to throw out their razors. I have a moderately course beard that I shave at least every other day. I use a Schick Extreme 3 disposable that lasts on average a month or longer before I start feeling it get dull. I shave in the shower with plain soap. Then clean and rinse the blade under hot water (cleaning between the blades with a small needle). After cleaning the blade, I dry it with a towel and hang the razor, head up. (Cleaning and drying the blade removes soap, water and debris that makes the blades dull over time.) The razor I'm using now has been in use since middle of Jan. and still has not shown any signs that it is getting dull.

I go back and forth from a 0 clip setting to a clean shave. I get 3-5 comfortable shaves out of a Mach 5 after a shower and any other blade tears me to pieces. Nivea gel was mentioned, it's been a savior. It's quite a contradiction having a heavy beard and sensitive oily skin--keeps me looking early 20's at 30 w a fresh shave but lots of maintenance. Aveeno skin moisturizer has helped me breakout less. I still get ingrown hairs occasionally, and never will I shave against the grain--that is a recipie for disaster. Clipping at 0 before the shower is most cost effective and actually keeps whiskers and skin soft, it also keeps a more youthful appearance when you do shave, bc your skin is protected a bit more by your stubble, also an SPF helps as well. Best of tonsorial times gentlemen!!

Use an electric haircutter on your face once per week.

Not to plug them, but sells brand-name razor blades that they temper in liquid nitrogen. They typically last around four times as long as a conventional blade for about the same price. I've never had an issue with them.

One thing I recommend is a good fog free mirror, the one we have in my household is from homo-depot, it connects between the shower pipe and shower head and water flows through it which keeps it fog free, the only issue is if it is aimed wrong shower spray splashes off of you onto it making it hard to see to shave. It is $24.99 but unlike the cheaper $10 mirrors, the mirror coating does not wear off, and since the water flowing through it behind the mirror is what keeps it fog free, you do not have to worry about the fog free coating wearing off. Shaving in the shower I never get razor bumps for the 2 days a week I shave and the shave is a lot closer than what I get at the sink just wetting my face.

Issues with razors apparently make some people get very super serious in which case things are not that bad at all for sure. Lots of folks have been getting deliveries from online places for a long time now where they can automatically get the same things refilled periodically without having to reorder and they get a discount as well. People do that with everything from supplements to funky bath salts and incense products that make people dizzy and surely razors have been on auto-fill for thousands of people for years now. Cities are obsolete now that we can get quick delivery in the woods for everything including razors, dildo's, paddles, collars, supplements, etc.

Straight razors are the best and cheapest way to shave. NOTHING shaves closer. The down sides, are they can be expensive initially(but last forever), and they take regular maintenance which can also be a bit of an investment to keep them sharp, and if you do it wrong, a dull blade can be dangerous.

A great alternative is a Dovo Shavette. It's a straight razor that uses very inexpensive disposable razor blades. The Shavette runs about $26 on ebay. 100 good razor blades (I like feather razor blades) are $20 delivered, and they snap in half, so you are getting 200 blades, for 10 cents a piece, which will give you a closer shave than you'll get from cartridges at a fraction of the cost, so replacing worn blades never feels bad.

If you pay for the fancy shave at Art of Shaving, they'll use Dovo Shavettes, so it's not just crap for cheap skates, but really a pretty good way to shave. Straight razors are not dangerous. As long you push the blade instead of slicing, it will not cut you, same as a cartridge blade.

I want to start shaving my private parts almost daily. Is that razor good and sensitive enough?
P.S. The man in that commercial is f***ing hot!

Well, I agree how critical it is to pre-heat the face/whiskers.
Hot shower, steam towel or hot tap water. Whichever way, as hot as I can stand.
(110* F?)
Anyway, I do shave against the grain (for closest results) esp the neck area.
But only AFTER shaving those areas FIRST, with the grain.

FINALLY, I can recommend one solution via a simple, telemarketed gadget:
"Save-a-Blade" razor sharpener. It's a little, battery operated sharpener, that uses tiny, spinning drum of super-fine burnishing paper.
It definitely doubles usability of the triple-blade razors I use at home. (Gillette Mach3 - but is said to work on "any" brand/style. Never as good as new, but certainly keeps it nearly new, far longer.)
Google it ... plenty reviews are negative. But I suspect those are because you have to really insert your blade just-so for best results. [Improved design would not allow for such easy, improper insertion, etc.] And run it for full 5- 10 seconds. Too little = disappointing results.
And I wait until a few shaves before using, since it wont make a new blade better ... just extend the mid-level of sharpness.
When I feel a blade start to pinch, I run it in the gadget about 7 seconds, and the pinching is gone. When pinching returns by the end of every other shave, I finally put in a new blade.

I hate shaving, and growing a beard is not much help as the worst part of shaving for me is the neck - which even with a beard still has to be trimmed..
I've tried most everything mentioned by the guys above (BTW it is coArse, not coUrse...) and just manage.
What I really want to say is that I will join the club simply because that was one of the funniest, dead pan ads I have ever seen....

Everyone who shaves regularly knows keeping one's self in good razors gets expensive. The web-based company Dollar Shave Club is trying to do something about this, by offering disposable razors at significantly cut rates. However, there are some further ways to save money on the price of shaving. Resource for this article: Other ways to cut costs of shaving.