A Cure for Male Pattern Baldness On the Way?

March 22, 2012
Category: Wellness

You'd think by now there'd be a cure for baldness. Scientist have been researching the genetic predisposition for decades now and still there's not much in the way of a full on cure for it. Did you know that Propecia was discovered accidentally? And while it's fairly effective, there's been no real progress on finding a cure. But now scientist are closer according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania. As it turns out the tissue in bald areas has 3x the concentration of Prostaglandin, a fatty compound, and these findings could directly to new treatments for hair loss in men.

Which leads me to today's big question: for those of you who rock the bald look, if you could grow it back would you?

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Oh hell no!

yes i would in a heart beat

HI sexy!

I think you are very sexy as a bold guy!! You have lots of bodyhair..you do not have to have hair on your head!

Yes, I would. I am bald now and I like it but eventually that look is going to be tired and if I could have a full haired head again, I think I would like it.

Ummm.... If that hunk you were showing in the article were MY boyfriend, there is no way in hell I'd let him grow it back!

that hunk btw is Titan porn star Jesse Jackman


HELL NO, I like the way I look bald, not if I could turn off the growth to keep from shaving that would be nice.

I do not have a problem with a guy who's bald. I will admit, there have been a few times, when looking at man who is bald, that the look on his face will scare me shitless. It's like he wants to beat the hell out of me. He could be a skinhead. I am very cautious around some of them. Some men can carry the look quite well, while others need a little work. My sex with benefit friend I'm seeing right now looks hot with a shaved head. He has no intention of growing it back. And I wouldn't want him too.

You're right about some guys being scary when they shave. I had a friend who had a thick head of beautiful dark hair, but he went into the Navy and they shaved his head. When he came home on leave, he looked so ferocious that he couldn't get anyone in a bar to speak to him unless someone else introduced them. After that, he kept his hair as long as Navy regulations would allow.

Thanks. I thought I might've been the only one who felt or experienced this.

Yes, I think I would.

Yep. I would grow it back. I always had a very thick head of hair and really liked it. Now, true I am not bald, but have lost a lot in the front quadrant. I don't mind others who are, after all, sexy is............but for myself, if I could grow back the places that fave faded away, I would do it. I would feel better about me with out that cat scratched furniture look! LOL My best to all and what you enjoy. TGC men.

You bet, and then I would cut it as short as possible for that butch look.

I've been shaving my head for nearly 15 yrs now... I'd probably TRY it once anyway, just for old time's sake~

There was a time when I would shout, "Hell yeah!" I'm not so sure now. Probably not.

If I did grow it back it would be more because I burn easily than appearance. I would prefer not wearing a hat.


Absolutely not

I doubt it, I have grown used to the way that I look bald. If I did grow it back, would keep it cropped down to a #1 or #2 clipper setting.


Yes I would.I would still have a crew cut but would be happy to get rid of the "high forehead"

No way!!

When I was younger, I would have been lining up for the stuff. Now, I don't know.
Men seem to find me attractive without hair, and it's easy to get ready in the morning.
It is a pain in the ass shaving it, and my head freezes in the winter without a hat, and gets sunburned in the summer without a hat.


20 years ago when my hair still had color I might have considered a product to restore my hair. But now that I'm past 60 and the little hair I have is light gray and white, I think I'll stay bald. I don't have to spend any money on shampoo or conditioner, which is a blessing in this economy. And I don't have to spend any time washing and conditioning my hair, or styling it, or waiting for it to dry. I can actually get out of bed and be showered, dressed and out of the house in less than 30 minutes, if I need to.

Now ask the people with a full head of hair if they'd prefer to be involuntarily balding.

The hair I had when I wasn't bald was cornsilk and and always hard to manage. This is a lot easier!

Not a chance, I just wish it would stop growing in other places!

I agree. It's like my hair migrated south!

I am not sure if I would bother. I would want to know what the side effects are first. When I tried Rogaine when it first came out and then stopped using it, my hair fell out twice as fast afterwards. Whether I liked it or not, I had to embrace my bald self.

Now I am used to it and I love the fact that I don't have to bother with any of those expensive hair care gel products.

Besides, my past lovers and current sex partners don't seem to mind one bit.

It's not what's on his head, but what's in his head-and heart- that turns me on.

I have hair, albeit a high Finnish hairline, but I keep it buzzed as close as possible so in essence I look bald. I look Bruce Willis-ish so it works for me. I would not want more hair and I don't understand men trying to put it back on especially if it's fake. I guess it all comes down to a personal preference. I do however find male pattern baldness extremely sexy and there's nothing like planting a kiss on a bald head. Heaven!

Hell YES, in a New York frickin minute! I've had two Bosley transplants and $20 grand later you can damn well betcha believe I'd grow it back, because bald ain't beautiful, contrary to popular belief, and neither is going bankrupt getting it transplanted...

HA HA after shaving my head religously for over 20 years and having it tattooed, i decided to grow the hair back just to find out if i still had any hair. yes, it grey and mostly white but the black tattoo under it looks great. all my str8 friends absolutely LOOOOVE IT. BUT it is coming off damn soon. at 71 do i NEED to look like 91? HELL NO! it ruins my whole punk look:)) fukk hair!
jim kirk
ps it's a damn nuisance to shave every day but it does keep my arms above my head which, like orchestra conductors is great exercise for my heart.
bring on the skin heads. -- inventive, creative and hot sexual men.

I think bald is BAD, and I do mean "good BAD." as in HOT. However, even in mid-age I have a full head of hair, a genetic coincidence as my younger straight brother already looks like Ron Howard. I would like to go for the shaved look, but I suspect I would look like Sinead O' Connor!

some guys due to heredity have pattern baldness...My BF is one of those....It's a real turn on lathering his head and slowly shaving him naked before showering... very erotic!..90% of the time...it ends up us doing ....something else.... other than just showering.

Good for you guys! I think anything that ends in great sex, no matter what room it's in, is a good thing.

I started losing my hair at the age of 19, so have had very short hair - and now sometimes a shaved head - for years. I'm so used to it, that I quite like it on myself ... but ... if I could grow it back, I think I would. If nothing else, I could then choose to shave or not. That said, I wore a wig to a fancy-dress party recently and looked very odd!

Keep the research going!

Sorry guys, I just don't like the shaved head look. Even if you are bald, some hair on the sides looks better. Although there are some guys that are drop dead gorgeous with no hair. They are few and far between. It is a matter of preference. I don't like a real thick head of hair either. That looks too preppy and pretty boyish. Just a rugged hunky and hairy guy is great. Why push the years if you don't have to. And also, yes, dying your hair and beard slightly keeps you looking younger too. Not completely black though. That looks fake too.

Not sure.. last time I grew out what was still there around the sides it was an ugly flat gray.. no silver - no nothing.. UGLY!

i'd just keep buzzing it like i do now. my hair pretty much did me a favor by leaving. i love the hair on the rest of me though!!

Bald guys are so hot, hell no! They shouldn't do that, i mean if they do then very few hot men will be left on this earth :(

Yes I want my hair back the way it was. Even in a large group of men over 50, there is almost no baldness in the group.

I have it on the sides and keep it as short as possible. I would grow it back in a heart beat... I had a ton of hair, I would keep it short, but I would have it...

No more sexy men (if everyone takes the medication to cure male pattern baldness).

Why would anyone match up a photo of that sexy bald man with that lame headline?

I agree with all the guys who would but keep it short. It's interesting that most of the guys who like baldness are not bald themselves. On the other hand, I always hated all my body hair until I found out how attractive it was to younger guys. I still don't like it myself, but what the hell!, go with what you got!

Love my shaved head; I look BETTER without hair! As someone else commented, if I could turn all the follicles off, that would be great! Would be able to save on razors.

Love my shaved head; I look BETTER without hair! As someone else commented, if I could turn all the follicles off, that would be great! Would be able to save on razors.

Oh HELL YEAH!! I can't WAIT to do BEEHIVES/PERMS/COLORING/TRex Spikes/FROs/PAGE BOYS/and prolly most of all - the old JUSTIN BIEBER look...

Yup,yup...Justin Bieber hair on a Mick Jagger face - gonna ROCK!

Actually, I live in the islands - in dah water alot and will always keep it close cropped for convience, however much there is..I've worked HARD to loose it!! The goatee I let get Terrier bushy to be a flavor saver....

Peeps need to get over VANITY and FASHION! Gimmee rough - the Hell with purdy....How much you think they gonna charge for this beauty,huh? Bend over......

If you're truly comfortable with yourself, it shouldn't really matter.

As a young man with a full head of hair I didn't get much attention. I started shaving my head the moment I realized I was going bald. I preferred having no hair to that fringe and all that skin. So now I am not saying I am winning any beauty contests but certainly getting some play. Having said all that, I'd grow my hair back in a second!!! I miss it and it's been decades since I used a comb!!

Heck yeah, I'd grow it back, but only if it didn't cost me more than a bottle of Head n Shoulders.