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February 14, 2012

Hey guys, we just want to let you all know that the DH Team thinks everyone within our community is the bee's knees, the cat's meow and luscious hunks of burning love!

The Valentines holiday is suppose to be a fun day. If you're single, today is the perfect day to show some self-love any way that works for you. Or even better, how about you drop a note to that guy you've been drooling over here on Daddyhunt or MISTER and ask him out? We dare you! Who knows, he might be the one and if not, you can never have too many friends.

We'd love to hear what you do to make this day special. A quiet dinner? A little role-playing? Spa day? A fresh bottle of Gun Oil with the goal to use every last drop? Inspire us with your creativity and the rich mind behind the best comment gets a very special gift.

However you spend this day, enjoy it!


The DH Team

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Unfortunately, I think the most common experience among the men here at Daddyhunt is that the guys we most want to ask out are hundreds if not thousands of miles away. So, while we can send Valentine's Day messages (and I did a number of them earlier this morning), asking these guys out would probably be just a bit impractical, because of the distance, as well as somewhats frustrating.

However, for those among us who have been "drooling over" a man in their local area, it's a great reminder that (as my mom used to say) "you'll never know until you open your big mouth and ask!"

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, whether I'm "drooling over" you or not. Special Valentine's Day greetings to "RobHeartsDH," who is too cute for Hollywood and seems to do the vast majority of the blogging here.

I agree wholeheartedly, especially about RobHeartsDH - he just seems like such a wonderful guy, and is way more good-looking than he believes he is! :-)

Come on people. We are more creative then this aren't we? These are my key points for tonight after dinner:

Both naked.
Giant Tiramisu cake.
Move all the furniture ifrom the center of the living room and put down a plastic tarp. You can figure out the rest.

After that hit the bathtub. Then after that bed or at least make it to the bedroom. Happy Vday to all Daddies and Hunters! ;)

That sounds great, but for me, I'd rather taste my man than a Tiramisu dessert. However, you have put a wonderful picture in my mind, and I will savor it for a while. Thanks.

way to put a new image next to "cupid" in my mental dictionary