RIP Whitney Houston

February 12, 2012

Just listening to her greatest hit, I'm reminded of what an incredible contribution Whitney Houston has made to pop music. Whatever her troubles, let's remember the good times and joy she brought to so many of us in our headphones and on the dance floor.

At the too young age of 48, Whitney Houston is no longer with us. May she rest in peace.

What was your favorite Whitney Houston song?

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I was never a Whitney fan.However she did have a few songs that rocked me.Top of that list and my vote for her best song is "You Give Good Love".One can really feel what she is singing,like she was singing it to someone."I will always love you" is her most popular song but to me its over sang, but "I Have Nothing"!!!!she kills it again.

There is a flood of singers like Whitney Houston and Twisted Sister returning from their heydays of the 80s just like the way 60s groups were on the road for final tours in the 90s. Its good to see then return and show that the attitude hasn't been dulled or mellowed too much by the tendency for excessive correctness these days. Would be nice to see Billy Idol return as the brat that doesn't represent conformity even though he did do a Christmas album later on after squirming in tight leather pants for years. George Carlin had the idea correct when he said that politicians in America create the illusion of choice and freedom but that everyone is more owned than they realize.

IT was great to see the naughty tradition continue with Adam Lambert and that video that got dropped from family hour a few years ago when he danced around with that little bottom slapper thing.

Whitney is to be Honored & Praised for Her many contributions she brought to many within this community as well as other communities with her gifted talent's. Her music resounded thru many of the club's, over the airwaves. She was an absolute stunning & ravishing beauty! ... "I wanna dance with somebody" brought many up to their feet and kept those floor's a rocking...Your many successes as well as struggles are part of being truly human & today You have crossed the bridge to Your glorious reward above & may the perpetual light shine upon You rest in peace. Thank You for being a part of so many lives.

I don't know what will ultimately show as the cause of this untimely death, but my guess is that, even if there were no drugs in her system (which I believe is unlikely), it will be due to some damage caused by the drugs she abused over the years. It is always unfortunate when a person with so many opportunities makes so many bad choices, but that's life. Isn't it? My own personal favorite song of her's was always "You Give Good Love." In fact, I always wondered why there was no gay parody called "You Give Good Head."

Crap, crap, crap! I am truly shocked by the news. I read it here this morning for the first time and thought it was a joke. Whitney was one of the best singers in the music industry. I am speechless; I feel like I lost a family member... Whitney, I will always love you! Rest in peace honey.

As I said somewhere else, my favorite song is So Emotional. A track full of so much energy and that's how I'll remember her Ms. Houston forever. RIP, Whitney.

What a shame. 48 years young and so talented. Went to Summerfest many years ago in Milwaukee to see her and we could not get in the venue as it was already standing room only. Stood outside and listened to that incredible voice. Some people cannot get over their demons no matter how hard they try. Poor baby. Would be nice if the media let her rest in peace but we know that won't happen. Last night, when it first came on the radio that she died, the DJ had a call in and they played in her honor the Beatles "Let It Be"...would be nice if they did just let it be. "I Will Always Love You" really shows off the power in her voice and what drag performer did not do that song one time or another!!! R.I.P. Whitney.

too much songs i really like,there are :
1 when you believe (feat. MARIAH CAREY)
2 exhale
3 i will always love you
4 i have nothing
5 could i have this kiss forever (feat. ENRIQUE IGLESIAS)
6 if i told you that (feat. GEORGE MICHAEL)
7 im every woman
8 its not right but its ok
9 one moment in time
10 and one of the most greatest love of all.

well,adored you always in my heart ms. whitney houston
rip.. love you.. :(
love ricky.

Damn. Heart is broken. Didn't realize I dug her so much............ You don't miss the water 'til the well runs dry.

Aside from her personal battles what a great ill i know is still my all time favorite. Heaven has gained an angel. Continue singing and R.I.P

I remember dancing at Sound Factory to her cover of "I'm Every Woman," and waiting waiting waiting for the commercial release, which I bought on the then-new format of CD 12". While she didn't have the soul or conviction of Chaka on her version, she was confident and powerful, and moreover classy enough to name-check her predecessor. May her passing bring about more open discussion of the disease of addiction, which affects our community particularly. RIP sugar, you earned the rest.

I will always love you Whitney.
You have no idea how much happiness you brought into my life.

Rest in peace beautiful one.

Fame and fortune are supposed to mean success. Success is supposed to mean accomplishment and satisfaction. The exact opposite can evidently be true. Admittedly the stated cause of death is preliminary but appears to involve prescription drugs.

What a drug culture we have. At the local pharmacy people wait in lines for their drugs. We're killing ourselves with drugs. There's no end in sight. It's not just mind-altering drugs like Xanax. A loved one just died from a reaction to antibiotics. If any good can come from tragic death, it's probably a warning for the living.

When all is said & done few will dispute that voice, so powerful ,so full of emotion & promise! You sang "I will always love you " and i heard not just your amazing voice but your heart & soul as well she cannot be replicated or touched in the music industry. For those of us who remember, she stands alone as one of the best...ever ! That is her legacy...Thank You !!!!!

'Cause your love is my love
and my love is your love
It would take an eternity to break us
And the chains of Amistad couldn't hold us

also this song she was sing take from Billie Holiday . . ..

Them that's got shall have
Them that's not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news
Mama may have, Papa may have
But God bless the child that's got his own
That's got his own

Ah...Whitney...I've got too many favorites but right now I'm loving her song "I Believe in You and Me" from the movie "The Preacher's Wife"...

The National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991, at the commencement of the Gulf War. The most stirring rendition of that song EVER.

The circumstances of anybody's death are quite irrelevant: what's done is done, and may she just rest in peace.

Whitney is part of the soundtrack of my life, and one more part is snuffed out so today it's "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" and maybe tomorrow it'll be "I Want To Dance With Somebody".

Sad smiley goes here:

Run to you-from the bodyguard

the super bowl perfomance has to be the best ever,national anthem.
my favorite comercial performance is 'diddnt we almost have it all'
and hey guys lets drop the drugs and lifestyle stuff...
i will always remeber Whitney for the good things,
her bautifull face,and her amazing voice...
R.I.P Whitney i will always love you babe. xxx

Just about anything she sang was my favorite. She had a depth and soul and power to her voice. It's not something you get, it's something you have and she had it. I guess you could say she was the diva of our youth. So many of us grew up and maybe even came out during Whitney's reign as the Queen of pop. She is part of us and we, I, will miss her.

I am sure that she will be the shining star up there...let's not judge her troubles but cherish her achievements and what she left behind on this earth...may you rest in peace!

To this day, I always feel exhilaration as I did when I first heard “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. It may not have ‘used’ her amazing voice to its fullest but the shear joy of it and this cute bubbly girl with a big endearing smile in the video was just spot-on.

Sadly, her course through life was not always as up lifting. Rest in peace.

"Emotional" was the one Whitney song that always made me feel good, no matter how bad the day was. She will be missed, but her songs will live on. Rest well, Whitney, the struggle is over.

....oh a girl who's scared sometimes
Who isnt always strong
Can't you see the hurt in me?
I feel so all alone...

Whitney, we will all miss your clean and beautiful voice.

I'm every woman was just amazing... watching her sing on stage while she was pregnant and she just glowed.

I get so emotional is number two

It's not right but it's ok is number three

I will always love you... I'm not sure anyone will ever be able to sing this song so clean and pure as Whitney did... Vocally she blew this song away.. emotionally Dolly had this song wrapped up. You could see the pain in Dolly's eyes and felt the emotion when she sang it... I often wondered who she wrote it about. I wish Dolly would have sung it at the Grammy's.

Dolly Parton wrote that song for Porter Wagoner (who she was leaving to go solo)..

"You Give Good Love", for me (like many others who have already commented) was the quintessential Whitney song, for a couple of reasons. First, it was the first Whitney song that got me to notice her. Second, it oozes with sincerity and heartfelt emotion. Third, her vocals on it are simply flawless, and the musical arrangement is also fantastic. Finally, for sentimental reasons, it takes me back to a simpler time when I was still in high school and my cares were far less complex than now. I still love this song. Hopefully one day I can listen to it and not feel profound sadness for the singer like I do today. RIP Whitney.

she moves my heart in anyway.....

Cried a river when I woke up in the morning 2 days ago to hear the news... Always my favorite singer even though she made a lot of bad choices. I will always love you, Whitney.

A remarkable talent and voice who endd up another statistic of drugs and rehab and all the medical complications that road takes you on. What a waste-watching her struggle and the irratic behavior in the past few years was sad to watch when you knew what she had been capable of- but the music industry is ripe with supplies and users sadly to say...all very available to say nothing of who she was married to and his influences.

A talent gone to soon... will other learn- probably not...

I'm Your Baby Tonight, I Get So Emotional, I Have Nothing, such pleasant reminders of my youth...

may she rest in perfect peace..... withney

I will forever miss her voice. May she now rest in peace. Her suffering is over.

Her second album "Whitney" blew me away! That album showed just how powerful her voice was. My favorite song was "Didn't We Almost Have It All". During the 80's I was in to the usual artists Michael, Prince, Run DMC and for me New Edition got my attention but over time I learned to appreciate her talent. I'm sorry she died so young. It's shame someone that amazing had to suffer like she did. RIP Whitney.

I just don't get it anymore. Billie. Marilyn. Judy. Elvis. Michael. Oh so many more. Now we can add Whitney to the list. Why aren't the people who were on her payroll held accountable? Certainly they knew what was happening and yet they sat back and watched it happen. Shame on them. What an astonishing voice she had! Of course, the voice ages and the range narrows - that happens with every singer - but whatever the heck she was doing certainly speeded up the process. My favorite was "I'm Every Woman" which I saw on video in a dive bar north of Boston. Never forgot it. And the National Anthem is hers forever. No one will top it or even match it. Don't even get me started on that useless ex-husband of hers.

Well....bye Whitney. You were grand.

And the list will only get longer. I just don't get it anymore.

I agree with what your saying. Money doesn't matter when your fighting demons. You have to want to win the fight and you have to have the right support around you. I remember when I quit smoking... those that really loved me wouldn't dare give me one, those that don't care, sure you can bum one.... Addiction doesn't care how much money you have... You have to be able to count on the people around you to help you... Someone needs to step up or this is going to keep happening. Money can buy all the drugs you want, but it can't fix you.....

was never a fan of hers but to see her die in such a tragic manner when she had the connections and funds to be able to get help is what is truly unfortunate. she is an example of how money, fame, and success can, for some, be one's downward spiral.

So I watched her funeral. Moving? Yup. But Stevie Wonder doing his "new" version of "Ribbon In The Sky" was kind of cheap; much like Elton John's "Candle In The Wind" for Princess Diana. Garishly self-promotional. And the "honorable" Reverend Jesse James , whom I've never liked --- was he coked up? He couldn't stop fidgeting and moving around and I even wondered why the hell he was there. I hear that Bobby Brown came and went and was little seen. Who cares about him, anyway. Wasn't thrilled with Alicia Keys' odd performance (all those sniffs and giggles). Most moving, I thought, was Whitney's sister-in-law/manager. At times, Dionne Warwick didn't seem to know her ass from her elbow. On the whole: moving, yes. But I think Whitney deserved a mite better send-off.

Have to say that I will always love you will be my favorite one.
She has made and sung some wonderful songs that we will always love.
Another sound is I wanna dance with somebody.
I had to get up and dance with that wonderful song.
And the one you give good love is the best.
Because that song can be played when you and your loved one, your man are together and have wonderful love with one another.

poor :(