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February 27, 2012
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This photo appeared across the gay blogs this weekend and it's so worth sharing. It's an incredible display of not only just how far we've come, but love in it's purest form.

From the Marine himself:

"To everyone who has responded in a positive way. My partner and I want to say thank you. Dalan, the giant in the photo, can't believe how many shares and likes we have gotten on this. We didn't do this to get famous,or something like that we did this cause after 3 deployments and four years knowing each other, we finally told each other how we felt. As for the haters, let em quote Kat Williams, everyone needs haters, so let them hate. We are the happiest we have ever been and as for the whole PDA and kissing slash hugging in was a homecoming, if the Sergeants Major, Captains, Majors, and Colonels around us didn't care...then why do you care what these random people have to say? In summation thank you for your love and support. I received a lot of friend requests off this. I don't just accept requests so if your request was because of this post message me and let me know. Goodnight all, and Semper Fi." --Brandon Morgan

It's currently up to 17,486 likes on the Gay Marines Facebook page. Pretty amazing.

Via Joe.My.God.

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Never thought I would see the day. How wonderful and yes, pretty amazing.

Am proud that I can say that I live in the same town as these two ! An amazing GRAND DAY for them to put themselves "out there" representing all those who would have wanted,but didn't have the spontaniety or courage of expression in our small farm community. A friend on Orsi Road commends you both. BRAVO !!!!!!

Wow. Actually brought a tear to my eye. Just beautiful.

Very nice. The nature of the military makes it a good thing that the faces are partially unseen as a safety thing for sure. When straight people do that in a public place then other straight folks tend to suggest that they get a room since everyone's so different in what gets things turned on.

Actually, later, the two have clearer, front face pictures of them released along with the original picture. Besides that, DADT is no longer relevant, as that policy has been removed.

This is one of the greatest things ever. I hope soon in the future this becomes something that is not news but ordinary! As a younger guy it really gives me hope and inspiration. Huge respect to our troops out there!

I am proud to see this. I never got to do this when I was in the Navy. I am happy to see this and grateful. This is just a start for more things to happen.

I sure wish it was this easy when I was in the Service. In my 24-yr career, I lost two or three lovers because of assignments and/or just afraid of consequences of getting caught since I had high clearances and worked in sensitive positions. I'm very, very glad to see the change. To see what it was like for me, you can google my full name, John F. Medeiros, and you'll see an essay I wrote for the Gay Army Times a few years ago.

It's moments like this I've been waiting for for nearly 30 years, this is a long shot from my days in the Navy, when one of my shipmates was taken in by shore patrol and eventually kicked out because he was caught kissing his boyfriend in the park. I even knew a navy Yeoman (secretary) that was reluctantly kicked out and processed his own discharge....this is for them....and I know they're all happy to see this day!!! Just let them and us serve!!!

Being a Viet Nam era vet, during which time I watched as the OSI (Office of Special Investigation, Air Force) routinely rounded up and dishonorably discharged many airman/women due to their sexual orientation. Further I remember feel terrified that one day I too would be found out and expelled. Not a good feeling. Thankfully the world has changed and we have a President among others who put an end to Don't Ask Don't Tell. Thank you all and thank you to all the men and women in the military for your service to our country. Now, how about reparations for those unjustly discharged?! I know, dream on.

Cute. Now I'd enjoy hearing his explanation for why he's fighting for a country that treats him like a second class citizen.

because this country is best; while no country is perfect, we're always improving... worth fighting for, in every respect.

congratulations to the soldier for kissing his man without regret or hesitation. but really? the best country? tell me in what ways is america better than any other nation in the world? here in canada, we've had openly gay and lesbian soldiers since the early 90s and gay marriage has been federally available since 2005...and not only are there laws against harming gays and lesbians, there are also laws that prevent discrimination against gays and lesbians, something that america has yet to legislate. i guess that makes us inferior. so i am honestly curious - what are the many qualities that make america stand out much further than any other nation in the world? would love to see a list...

Well freewave here's your answer. American's get the idea that the USA is the best country in the world right at home from their parents and grandparents. Although mine were raised under the flags of Sweden, France, Portugal and England....they fought on the side of the USA in two world wars. I remember that my grandfather's flew the flag of our country over their homes everyday. A practice that my grandmother's continued after they died. So where do we get this idea? We get it from the people of Europe and Asia, Africa and the America's. Instead of feeling resentful about these feelings maybe you should allow us our pride and you yours.

"Here in Canada"? You mean the country to our north that depends almost entirely on the American taxpayer for its own defense?

That Canada?

Do you actually think that your trivial defense forces (for that is all they are) are really on par with the might and power of the American armed forces, forces that protect the free world in a way that Canada's never possibly could?

As I once remarked to a rude business boor from Toronto who had judgment as bad as yours, Canada exists because it lives and thrives under the American defense umbrella. It may be fun at dinner parties in Ontario to wax triumphant on how you're so unlike Americans, but in the end that is the single truth I agree with. So many of you are indeed utterly unlike Americans - deriving your entire national identity by NOT being some other nationality is hardly a mark of cultural depth.

So please, Mr. Canada, when your maple leaf can fend for itself, give us a call and mock us then. But until then, have the good grace and common sense to remain silent as our troops march by.

Sorry, Maple Leaf, you wanted a list of what distinguishes our country?

How's this:

We entertain the world. (Hollywood.)

We wire the world. (Silicon Valley.)

We defend the world. (USN, USMC, USA, USAF.)

There's not much left to do.

Your churlish comments are uniquely Canadian. No other English-speaking country produces your unique level of boorishness toward another Anglophone country.

Oh, I forgot. Sorry about the Anglophone reference. You folks surrendered to the French on that one. I guess I'd be touchy too if my country surrendered to the French. I mean, it's usually the other way around.

wow - i dare to question what makes america the best country in the world. i suppose if i had engaged in empty fawning, gratuitous adulation, and immediate, unquestioning acceptance of whatever was stated by others, including you, it would have much different. i know. so many americans hate it when their asses are not instantly kissed.

give me qualities that no other country has, except america. give me unique qualities. americans speak of american exceptionalism, but every quality you listed is also a quality that some other country has:

bollywood also entertains the world - billions of people, in fact. and so many hollywood movies, and tv shows for that matter, are filmed here in canada as the locations are cleaner and safer and costs are cheaper that it would be misleading to leave that bit of information out. it's also grossly misleading to state that the only entertainment available to the world is what schlock hollywood produces. speaking getting one's ass kicked by the french, did you see this year's academy awards ceremony?

india, china, and japan, among others provide the circuitry to have the world wired. without them, silicon valley would be dead in the water. there'd be no connection. next.

america doesn't defend the world, america defends american interests. i see right through the kool-aid you'd have me drink on this one. don't try to ascribe some higher noble cause to that role. where was america during the rwandan genocide? wait, it was canadian lieutenant general roméo dallaire who blew the whistle.

try again.

it's funny, but all i did was point out in one way that canada was superior to the united states and you could not help but engage in reactionary diatribe and numerous instances of ad hominem. from one gay man to another, should i be embarrassed that gay marriage is legal here in canada while in the united states it's still a far cry from reality? should i not state that gays and lesbians have been able to serve openly for nearly two decades now? by the way, these questions are rhetorical. no reply necessary for rhetorical questions.

don't pretend you are sorry about anything. your catty, puerile comments are anything but apologetic. i get the sarcasm, but it's bush league to attempt to pass it off as regret. in sum, it's actually, dare i say, pretty bloody boorish. speaking of boorishness, if you want me to name another english-speaking country that produces unique level of boorishness toward other anglophone countries, america would be at the very top of the list. my father is american and i was born on american soil and for the number of years that i lived in the states as an adult, so many of the americans i encountered were nothing but unkind and untoward in their remarks and attitude with regard to canadians. and mexicans. and chinese. and the french. the list could go on and on but i have neither the time nor the desire to enumerate them all. and so many of them were like you, enlisted or ex-military. i had never lived in a country whose inhabitants form their identity by deriding, insulting, and jeering at those who do not have the same citizenship until i lived there.

i am not surprised that your sense of history with regard to other countries is completely off-base and severely lacking. since 1867, when canada became an independent nation, canada and france have never been to war with one another. can you give me dates and places of the ostensible battles that france and canada fought against each other between 1867 and now? you have piqued my curiosity - i am eager to see how you backpedal on this one.

congrats again to the soldier who felt he was able to kiss and and in fact kissed his partner openly - now that the shackles of dadt is gone. this whole exchange is ironic, herr GoNAVY, seeing that you had to serve while likely keeping your sexuality secret. were you proud to serve knowing that if you had been found out, you could have been dishonourably discharged? but back to the soldier and his partner, as this story is really about them. maybe one day their country will allow them legally to marry also. that would be an even greater story.

Thanks for the opus. Looks like I hit on something.

Freewave, I suggest in your bold Canadian bravery that you send an appropriate portion of your income in payment to Washingon DC as your fair share of Canada's defense. I mean, if you so proudly wave that big red leaf, be prepared to back it up with something. Like cash.

And wait, you're in Vancouver, BC? That's not even part of the "real" Canada. Just ask anybody from Ontario. I'd suggest you ask someone from Quebec, but you'd get arrested if you spoke to them in English.

Now, go find a national identity of your own, then get back to us.

Freeway for you to try to make a judgement based on a direct comparison of the legal rights of one country with a population of just over 34 million people to one with over ten times the population, which historians have called the most diverse, and complicated nation to govern in the history of mankind is just plain silly. In fact already about the same number of Americans as Canadians live in jurisdictions that recognize marriage equality. Pending court decisions in California that number could double.
Many other of your other comments are equally ridiculous. To somehow believe that at least in relationship to the G 7 or G 20 that American efforts to maintain global and open markets havent also on balance been in the interests of these other nations is absurd. For goodness sakes ninety percent of the Canadian population lives within a gas tank of the US border. Rwanda freeway, changed the offical language taught in its schools from French to English because the because of resentment of their former colonial contollers
for doing nothing to halt the genocide.
China and India , freeway provide the slave labor not the technical know how to make the internet possible.
But honestly freeway don't be used a very passive aggressive tactic in commenting
in a hostile way about something another person said in moment of celebration. Did you really need to choose that forum and time to engage in a debate about the relative merits of our two countries? Ok so American's don't spend that much time thinking about countries one tenth its population. Point taken. Tell me what's been going on lately in Armenia?

interesting. all i did was ask what makes america the best country in the world as someone had commented that it was. i have citizenship in both canada and the united states and with direct first-person perspective having experienced both countries, i know its strenghts and weaknesses but being culturally myopic and insular, americans are quick to make the assumption it is the best country in the world and few are able to state the criteria that marks its supposed paramount superiority and greatness. what followed was a litany of reactionary replies here. but because my question suggests that a) i might not buy into the illusion and b) it causes some critical thinking, i get targeted as an unappreciative boor. the outcome and was totally predictable. your comment that as many people in the united states now have access to gay marriage as live in canada. even if it is true, the fact remains that not all americans have that access and america is the johnny come lately in the matter. so it is not silly. what is silly is that americans get their nose out of joint if they aren't considered first or best in any category and then engage in a smear campaign to try to invalidate whoever is first or best in that same category. what is the saying? ah yes, "the ignornant and the arrogant always overstate their value and worth all the while denigrating the value and worth of others" is there ever a good time for changing the topic of the forum? who knows? people read something and they comment on how it strikes them. what's been going on in armenia? well, armenia has made the transition to a market economy but it has had a rough time doing so. yerevan is the capital. "i love you in armenian" is "Ես սիրում եմ քեզ". your turn. how is it pronounced? what's going on in morocco? it's not that americans don't spend that much time thinking about countries one-tenth the population of their country. they don't spend time thinking about any country. i know. i've lived there. and i am part american myself and i know for most americans that the rest of the world doesn't count because it's not america.

What a pathetic Maple Leaf. Enough said!

At one time the United States was one of two nations dedicated to God, and was a beacon of freedom and prosperity to the whole world. America defended Western Civilization against Statists, especially Nazis, fascists, and communists.

That has changed. The Left is transforming the United States into a nation which has turned its back on God. Statists are hollowing out our freedom and prosperity in the pursuit of their phony socialist utopia. There is a strong argument that 9/11 and the financial crisis show that the United States is now under God's judgment.

Gays who don't give their support to Statist petty dictators like Obama are described as "self-loathing." What I loath are people who help destroy a civil society in the pursuit of their militant agenda.

(hmmmmm....I just tried to pull up "Jockfever" 's profile and I got a "This profile has been deleted by the member or by our system."

I wonder why.....

For the same reason African Americans served in WW2. They love their country, imperfect as it sometimes can be. We don't stop loving our country just because we know it still can be better.

uh, yeah and what about the Japanese Americans who served on the front lines during WWII and outshone the rest of the troops? A lot of people don't seem to know about that. And to make it worse, it's gays who usually perpetuate racial stereotypes in this country. That's what's sad. Oh, the whole rainbow flad diversity thing is flown but in the reality, there's a lot of racial stereotyping based on limited sexual experiences and plain idiocy. It's just sad. And this is pushing boundaries in the gay community? I just don't see why gays are so comfortable with accepting and settling for less at this time. Two lesbians proposing during an ice hockey game made the evening news.... IN CANADA.

What a beautiful thing to see. I've waited so long to see this kind of picture and tho it's too late for me to now, it touches my heart deeply. Oh, how I miss those moments............

Welcome home! Thank you for your service to our country! And for posting on FaceBook! And for showing all the HATERS what it means to serve your country openly and proudly! Peace and Aloha--

Wonderful!!!It's about time. I feel like cheering.

I think we are fast approaching the day when same sex couples, pda's, marriage, adoption, etc. become a total NON-ISSUE. I pray that day will arrive sooner than later. Then we'll only have to worry about the number of gay men who are posing as straight and having sex with other men on the down low because they're afraid their mothers will find out and yell at them.

That is so Beautiful to see a strong public affection a great way to welcome home his gay lover in saying that, this depicts to everyone how love is not afraid whether gay or non gay I only wish that people will not stare at gay couples and judge them with sodomy or with screamish eyes...seeing this kind of affection makes me proud to be gay keep up the good work guys people need to see more of this in public a display of human affection no matter what you are...

Thank you very much , guys .

thats awesome congratulations and may you love last true and strong

wow when I saw this pic I was just so blown wonderful for both of them.
Congratualations on coming home to the one you love and your safe.

There may be a string of boyfriends over the years for those guys but they will be equally hot for all of them. Congratulations for sure.

My take on this is a little different. My reaction was: is that guy more loyal to the Marines or to another agenda?

If he were more loyal to the Marines he might be reluctant to make himself a poster boi for many who don't give a darn about the Marines' mission, effectiveness, cohesion, morale, and culture. The Left uses the military for anything except its real mission. The Left likes to use the military for social engineering, meals-on-wheels, and nation-building experiments.

The jury is still out on dropping DADT. A lot of people want just about everything Obama has done to be reversed. A lot of people, including myself, don't like how dropping DADT was handled -- in the eleventh hour by a Congress which knew it no longer represented the American people, by the worst president of modern times, and evidently by fudging data from military surveys and studies, especially by the Navy. None of that bothers bolshevik bois.

I respect this guy and everyone else who is serving honorably in the military (that does not include Bradley Manning). I also salute gay veterans (like myself) who served without demanding that the military change its culture. The military is already stressed by long deployments in difficult missions (frequently undermined by Libs), and an attempt by Obama and other Libs to hollow out the military by major budget cuts.

Amen, jockfever. Great job. Well said.

Jockfever: Your take on this is similar to mine, I personally would have preferred that DADT been repealed in a more gradual manner, although on the whole I am thrilled it is gone.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that the jury is still out, and that people want everything that Obama has done to be reversed. I will say on many things he is moving a bit fast for my liking, but he is basically trying to get this country to catch up to the rest of the developed world.

Yes, it might have not been the wisest thing, but as I mentioned earlier, this is still very new. The kiss may have been a bit over the top, but when you're happy to see the one you can get a bit emotional.

I speak as a former naval officer and as someone who for years fought in the courts in opposition to don't ask, don't tell . . .

This photo repulses me.

Point one. The military mission is to fight. When we urged the courts to set aside the disciminatotry don't ask, don't tell policy, it was because we believed and insisted that gay men and women made excellent warriors - and that to presume otherwise was odious. We didn't argue against the policy so that a fully-uniformed warrior could publicly leap into the arms of his beloved and smear his face with a wet kiss.

Point two. The uniform is the nation's uniform, not any one individual's uniform. To use it in support of a photo-op disregards its place in our wars and security. It is not a Hollywood prop intended for use in enhancing a kiss. Drunk in public? Crawling all over a beloved in public? Fine. Just don't wear your uniform while doing it.

Point three. In advocating for service equality, I would have hoped that the first "viral" public photo of gay military service would have captured some great act of field bravery - a saved life, a battle won. Instead we get this? A picture that will entertain our enemies?

And to the marine in the picture? Butch it up, soldier.

so, i am assuming that these pictures also repulse you:,0,

you wrote: "We didn't argue against the policy so that a fully-uniformed warrior could publicly leap into the arms of his beloved and smear his face with a wet kiss."

i guess these straight couples didn't get the memo, either and should be equally admonished for their behaviour. i mean, fair is fair, right?

Freewave, is that you again? Writing to us from defenseless Canada? Well, not really defenseless, because you are, after all, getting a free ride from America's defense umbrella.

I'm now boycotting you until you send a few bucks to DC in payment of your share of Canada's defense. Once you do that, we're even and I can return to educating you on your place in the world.

i'd help you out financially, GoNAVY, i really would, but i don't like putting my money into bad investments. besides, just freely giving you money smacks of socialism and i believe that you should pay your runaway deficit on your own. like your wall street warriors and the members of your good old boy network running your auto industry, i just can't pull out my wallet everytime capitalists make poor finacial mistakes and then come scurrying over to me with the expectation of a hand-out. as much as i'd love to, i just can't. and your offer to teach me is intriguing, but i'd need to see a syllabus first. are we going to discuss, among other things, why your nation is one of three remaining in the world clinging to an antiquated, illogical, and inconvertible system of measurements?

I come from a military family. My Father, brother, and sister-in-law all served our country in the military as well as uncles and cousins, some of whom made a career of serving and served in every conflict since WWII.

point one, this picture is not anymore offensive that the returning soldier grabbing his wife or girlfriend (or her husband or boyfriend) in his (her) arms and swinging them around while kissing them that we constantly see in the media. Love is never offensive unless you are ashamed to show it.

point two. Are you sugesting he should not show his feelings or that he should have changed before disembarking so as to not offend your sensibilities?

point three. I really don't think that the soldier in question planned for this to be a photo op or go viral anymore than any other homecoming soldier does. As for the first "viral picture of a "gay" marine being one of bravery, I'm sure that it probably was but since most of us don't wear a sign saying "I'm Gay" no one would know.

Lastly, "Butch it up, soldier" What the hell does that mean? Our military is not supposed to have feelings but should be stone-faced and at attention at all times? Women have been tyring to get men to be sensitive and express feelings since the seventies.

just my thoughts

I find your way of thinking archaic and am more offended by yout neanderthal thinking than I do by the picture.

"I come from a military family. My Father, brother, and sister-in-law all served our country in the military as well as uncles and cousins, some of whom made a career of serving and served in every conflict since WWII."

You, apparently, did not serve in any war or for any purpose.

My case closed, civilian.

While I can see your point, and yes, it is still early in this policy's repeal, he is doing nothing different than our str8 brothers and sisters-in-arms have been doing for the entire 236 (on 4 JUL) years .

Butch it up soldier? I wonder how many IED's he saw triggered, how many bodies he saw blown apart, how much blood he saw shed? How much trauma he witnessed? I think he may have seen enough hell that he was so overcome with emotion that his reaction may have not been anticipated, Giving this embrace, which apparently has received numerous favorable comments on various sites in which it went viral, is a positive thing, he is not drunk in public, he is not giving the finger to a superior officer, in fact, while I'm sure there have been updates and amendments to the UCMJ in the years since I left active duty in 1992, He is doing nothing to overtly discredit this country or it's uniform, in fact, I personally *respect* both his, mine and all other uniforms even more, and although the DADT policy was enacted shortly after my departure from the service, I still was not allowed to show my openness, and I'm glad that he now can.

Besides, I'm sure to do that probably took a *lot* of courage, thereby further debunking your "Butch It Up" comment!!

I understand, it's still new to us and seems a bit tacky, but there will be a day in this country where this will be commonplace, and just as it has been to our str8 brothers and sisters in arms!!

Never thought I would see the time when two men would be in each others arms in the military and it is wonderful to see. Finally we can welcome our men home.

at least in the uk we can serve in the armed forces open as gay man

It's not the typical style of the UK to throw potshots at citizens of their closest ally. Let's leave that to the Canadians. They don't have much else to do.

Great! I assume they will get a room though before the rest of the show engages. Part of the turn-on is some such cases is the very idea that it may cause a stir in certain environments and that starts the adrenalin flowing that then triggers the naughty beast which isn't a bad thing to be naughty but then remember that you want to also be safe with your sweetie at the same time and live a long time with a bit of common sense thrown into the mix as well for sure.

Awesome photo! What way to stick it to those so called "Christians" in the conservative religious right!

... "another kind of love"...
... indeed...