Our Newest Supporter Feature: Profile Notes

February 29, 2012
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Our Newest Supporter Feature: Profile Notes

With so many new faces on Daddyhunt, sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the hot men. Luckily, we just finished our newest Supporter feature: Profile Notes.

Now you can save comments, contact information, or details about any user on Daddyhunt. Just look on a member's profile sidebar for the new "Add Note" link. Click on it and enter text text right on that member's profile. These notes are private; no one else can read them. Click "Edit Note" to edit or delete existing notes.

You can see all of your notes in one place by selecting "Profile Notes" from the Connections menu in the navigation bar.

Log in to Daddyhunt now to try this new Supporter feature! If you're not a Supporter, visit the upgrade page to learn more about this and other great Supporter features.

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