Messages on Daddyhunt just got simpler, just in time for Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2012
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Just in Time for Valentine's Day: Better Messaging

We've consolidated messages. Now when a hot guy sends you a grope, unlocks his pictures, and then sends you a message, you'll receive all three messages in one single thread, rather than three. To make writing new messages easier and clean up the inbox, we removed subject lines as well.

We've also added a great new "message read notification" feature for Supporters. When sending a message, click the checkbox to receive a notification when your message is read. Supporters also get an unlimited message history instead of just the most recent messages within each thread.

These features are now live on the site. If you're not a Supporter, visit the upgrade page to learn more about this and other great Supporter features.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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