Davey Wavey Hooks Up with MISTER

February 10, 2012

"Turn your ass around, swim upstream and find your salmon ass a hungry bear!"
- Davey Wavey, Blogger & Trainer in his MISTER Daddy Date Video.

This month, MISTER teamed up with Davey Wavey, a popular, gay YouTube blogger who "wants to share his love with the world." No - not like that!

We love him because, in addition to always vlogging shirtless (he hates shirts!), he also tells some great stories about dating, the gay community and guys. When Davey Wavey told us he'd never been on a date with an older guy, we decided to give him a taste of a MISTER - we set him up on a blind date with a hot, hairy, and hung daddy here in NYC. Click below to see him him tell the story!

Attention San Francisco! Find yourself a hungry bear this Saturday at Kok Bar. We'll be sponsoring the first ever West Coast MISTER App Launch Party! Click here to RSVP to the event and find yourself a hot MISTER.

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As might be expected, a few comments on the video included 20-somethings telling the world it's "wrong" for a 40 year old to "hit on" "little ole 23 year old me." You're old enough to be in a bar, but not old enough to politely say "Thanks, not interested"?

A lot of young 20-somethings think that by 30 a man should no longer be interested in sex. What are they going to do when THEY turn 40 and realize they're only interested in 23-year olds?!

Actually, there are TONS of positive comments on the video on Davey's site and on Youtube. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but for the most part, it got a really positive response.

Don't let a handful of young guys who don't get it (yet!) ruin your day or this funny video! They are far from the majority.

I really wanted to watch the video, but discovered that I could only watch it if I first "LIKED" the MISTER app. Unfortunately, I really DON'T LIKE the MISTER app because it allows men to join without filling out a complete profile -- filling out no personal or sexual information other than their age and whether they consider themselves a daddy or a hunter. Many of them don't even fill out a location, which makes finding someone you could actually meet on this site much more difficult than it used to be.

Well, maybe the app isn't for everyone, but I have friends using it who love it and they are meeting guys left and right. It is like "Daddyhunt to go" which is pretty cool. I've also chatted with a few people who learned about Daddyhunt from the app. Good guys.

I'm waiting for the Android version and just wish it came out sooner. That's my only complaint. Why is Android always treated like the the step child? I'm looking forward to the convenience of the app on my phone.

You can watch the video on here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6grb71tmdFA

He is not really my type, though the video is nice.

Someone here commented about someones video comments where it was indicated that the younger guy did not want to be hit on in a bar. Well anyone who is in a bar (regardless of age) is not in a position to have a lot of issues with how guys conduct themselves after a few Manhattan's or Gin/Tonics or Rum/Cokes, etc. Everyone is there to relax and even as I don't do that stuff do to being socially different when alone (which is actually a good thing sometimes to avoid heavy drama that comes and goes based on levels of consumption for sure) I can see where anyone who enters a certain environment has to accept the potential for high mass drama including not knowing anything about anyones social past or even if they were incarcerated and all that stuff that is a risk but is totally acceptable to anyone who signs on the dotted line just by entering the establishment.

An app for adult men? I need an app for invisible men................

Would have liked to watch and listen to Davey Wavey in his MISTER Daddy Date Video.
But cannot as I don't want to subscribe to FACEBOOK!
Can't even understand why it should be a requirement!