Old Dogs & New Tricks

January 11, 2012
Old Dogs & New Tricks

In the why didn't we think of that category, comes a new web series about life after 40 called Old Dogs & New Tricks. "The “Baby Boomer” web series follows the friendship and tribulations of four diverse and otherwise successful West Hollywood men – each one located squarely within middle age and asks the question, "Does (sex) life end for gay men as they approach 50?" What results is a pretty funny look at growing old(er) in the gay community. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this series (or possibly a spin off set in another locale) as I'm sure it'll give us plenty of topics to discuss.

What did you think about Old Dogs & New Tricks?

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Don't Forget Thom Bierdz II (Phillip Chandler) from the Young and Restless is also in this..

One wonders though, if the producers unfairly chose Abraham Miller as their inspiration ("Until thirty we live through curiosity, after that out of sheer spite and bravado.") There's so much more to life than hanging on to what was. I guess we'll know better come episode 2.

Too white. C'mon, they're in Los Angeles. Less than half of that city is white. What about the rest of us?

Hey Juarito, we agree with you completely. When we were casting, we did not specify "white" and actively recruited actors of color. Alas, we had very very few reply.

Still, we won't give up, and will continue to try to be all-inclusive in casting guest stars and day players. While WeHo is pretty white, there's all of us here and we want to show that!

I have to agree with Juarito, the series should definitely include all races of men,would probably make the show more interesting and sexy!!

We're trying! See our reply, above!

I thought the clip said this was specifically about West Hollywood - a small neighborhood within the larger Los Angeles. Maybe the neighborhood demographics are very heavily weighted with white guys, and that's why the show doesn't include men of color. Also, perhaps only that scene is all white guys and there are men of color throughout the rest of the program. Maybe we shouldn't totally judge the show exclusively by this one clip, but should wait and watch an episode or two.

Thanks Muzyqman--you're right, WeHo is very, very white--but we still want to represent all in the show! Watch our new episodes--we're getting there...

Most gay men in the USA do not live this life, no less live in West Hollywood. Again a very stereotypical view of gay life through the eyes of very small minority of gay men who are getting old like the rest of us. I don't see how living in West Hollywood makes you a fulfilled gay man.

GREAT , NICE I enjoyed it looking forward to the rest

Thanks, CyberCub!

Keep me posted, would be great if this could be put on DVD

We'll be putting the complete season 1 on a DVD and will be offering that come spring!

I don't know how it is for men over 50 and, how the world of gay men see them, 'cause obviously I'm only 32 but, I know I'm attracked to men over 50+, especially Ross Stien in episode 1! I mean, there's sites decicated to the "Man/Boy" fantasy...I know I've experianced, and enjoyed, that experiance many times. I honestly don't know how it is in West Holywood but, here in SC, and everywhere else in the world for that matter, turning 50 seems to add a certain, patina, to a man. If Ross wants to come over to the East Coast, please let me know!

Freebyrd57, if only the world had more men like you in it!

country dad type here .....sex has never been better
find many young guys that appreciate me as i appreciate them
isnt that what daddy hunt is all about great video old friends are important

Thanks for all the comments, guys! Wanted to let you know that we're four episodes into the series, with our first season finale,with guest stars Thom Bierdz (Y&R) and Patrick Bristow (Ellen, Showgirls) scheduled for Jan 31.

Get caught up at www.OldDogsNewTricksTheSeries.com!

And one last thought, keep in mind guys that this show doesn't purport to represent all gay men, or even all gay men who live in West Hollywood. This is a comedy about four very specific guys... Hope you'll stay tuned and give us a chance to prove ourselves!

There aren't any new tricks that haven't been performed in one variation or another going back billions of years before there were a lot of labels to stereotype what comes natural.

Cool! And it's about time gay men over 40 are represented more in all forms of entertainment. This looks very promising. Most of the characters in own novel (My Strange Little Oasis) are also gay men over 40 (plenty of daddies!), so I definitely am interested in what you are doing. Nothing against gorgeous young men... but it's time to branch out and tell the stories of other men as well. Good luck with this series; I like what I saw.

what a mess! thanx for perpetuating the gay stereotype once again. all theses actors look too old for the part(especially ross stein. really? mid 40's). and the "sex and the city" format is as tired as the actors! perhaps "golden girls" would've been better?!

This just in -- Doug Spearman from Noah's Arc is joining the cast as Ross' husband for Season 2! We also have Ian Buchanan and Terri Garber on board as well, and one more name we'll announce soon!