Mr. SoCal Leather Returns!

January 16, 2012
Mr. SoCal Leather Returns!

Did you know that the Mr. SoCal Leather title that has not been offered since 1997? Well the Mr. SoCal Leather competition is back and this year they expect a bigger turnout than ever for the newly updated version of this legacy leather contest. Back in it's hay day, over 500 hot men would be decked out in leather and skin, eager to make connections with other men. As with many a leather fest, you can expect to see musclebears, bears, bikers, Daddies, hunters, Masters, and slaves along with those who defy categorizing.

Be sure to check out what's sure to be a homecoming of sorts for the The Eagle L.A., where they're always serving up a tasty mix of hard-driving rock and the latest man-on-man video entertainment. Unlike other title contests produced in Los Angeles, Mr. SoCal Leather (SCL) is not strictly a feeder contest for Mr. L.A. Leather (LAL). The winner of SCL 2012 will have the following options:

1. Compete at LAL either this year or next;
2. Compete at IML;
3. Compete at American Brotherhood Weekend;
4. Not compete for another title.

So whether you decide to work the pageant circuit or not, it's all good fun. To be eligible for membership in the L.A. Band of Brothers, a contestant must compete for the LAL title. All Southern California titleholders are welcome—as well as those without any title—to compete in the contest. This includes all past, current, and future L.A. titleholders, Mr. Long Beach Leather, Mr. San Diego Leather, and Mr. Palm Springs Leather. Contestants can download the application & information form at the Mr. SoCal Leather website. You can enter up until the last minute, but the early leather birds will be invited to the private Meet & Greet Party, held Friday 3 February at a luxury apartment complex in Hollywood. Last year this party was packed with hot, handsome, and hunky leathermen, and they expect an even bigger turnout this year.

Best of luck to all, and let's know if you're entering. Make us all at Daddyhunt proud!

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The leather crowd was dwindling with time until the Internet started to make it easier to bump into like-minded folks a bit easier than when meeting had to take place through risky club activity without knowing anyone beyond the altered states of a club moment.