Down Under Underwear

January 21, 2012

Just another reason to move to Australia. Dan Murray, a model-esque underwear designer from Australia, shows off his collection and some seriously sexy models on an Australian morning show in the video below. His line, Sly Underwear, runs the gamut in terms of design (and taste), but they're all kinds of fun. Be sure to check out both the model and the actual underwear modeled after a pair of jeans. Take a look and let us know which one (model or underwear) is your favorite.

I use to save my more colorful underwear for dates, but lately I'm finding myself wearing more of the classic plain briefs look (something I've always been into on other guys). When it comes to undies, do you prefer wild and crazy or solid color classics?

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These $20 briefs are very nice, and the guys modeling them are VERY nice, but I'm still a Jockey guy, buying 3 pair for $17. I haven't yet found a pair of underpants that I thought was worth $20.

I agree. Jockey shorts from BJ's work for me. Not a lot of people see me in my underwear so I go with what feels right, not what belongs on a fashion runway. Maybe one fashion-statement pair for a special occasion would work. The denim pair is cool but I won't be buying a pair any time soon. Good to remember that the hot physiques are sold separately.

I agree. I'm perfectly happy buying Fruit of the Loom briefs, in white and a variety of colors, in Target or JCPenneys. Who's gonna see 'em....well...and he wears Fruit of the Loom briefs too (and fills them out just as nicely as these aussie boi models).

Refreshing to see! WHEW! I'm glad I'm not the only one! LOL.

"Good on you!"

I like the stuff at

The fourth model and his underwear I want haha! I would go no further :D
but the sixth one's underwear are elegant I think :)

Definitely number two, with the denim and the VERY full pouch. The announcer was a hunk and a half, as well ;)

i want the ones that look like jeans so cool

There fun and there better than the plan white
one. We should all have a fun pair of boxer breif. Mix it up and don't get stuck with the same old stuff. I like them all fun and sexy the guys wearing them aren't bad on the eyrs either.

The guy in the paintball inspired briefs was very cute and the guy just dragged off the beach was showing a bit of head through the cloth :)

Hmmmmm was I watching tooooooo closely?

I prefer briefs cause I like being held in place and don't like the sticky feel of my balls against my legs. But I guess many guys LIKE to feel themselves like that. Whatever. What I hate most is when the leg band stretches and my balls fall out.
As for the models.......damn, they do build em fine in Aussie land!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes the denim one works for me!

I'll take the designer -- cute, smart, and with a bit of money now too.

You're right about the designer being a very sexy young man. Watching the video, I was hoping that one of the interviewers would ask him to show which pair of underwear HE was wearing, and that the designer would drop his pants and let us see.

classic white briefs are still best and sexiest.

Nice underwear for sure, a better look than what can be seen at some coffee lounges.

Anyone thinking of moving to Australia should do it as soon as possible because some countries are either not letting Americans migrate anymore or the flow is much slower with more strict guidelines because they don't want their cultures overrun by American attitude that might put them at risk of losing their cultural identity and having traditions watered down over time till beautiful landscapes transform into condo developments and unique traditions break down into a sea of talking heads creating the demand for professional products and services by creating the community mood where repetition of trigger words will drive the need required to sell the solutions offered.

Australia, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand are among the countries that would rather stem the tide of migrating diversity that could eventually stifle tourism once theres nothing unique about the place left to see.

Yeah I got the denim ones, feel as good as they look, they are a fun pair to wear, although mine doesn't fill out as well as the cute guy on tv did lol.

Nice, but still prefer commando. No leg band pinches. Free as the wind, besides significant other enjoys the easy access. Still enjoy the wiggle factor! LOL

Give me some cute panties to put on that show just enough to make Daddy smile & see what pops up?

Love the models and the denim one is my fav BUT the designer himself is the HOT one....OMG.
I've got to get "down under"! :)