Do you love Daddyhunt/MISTER? Have a story to share? We want YOU!

January 7, 2012
Category: Dating
Do you love Daddyhunt/MISTER? Have a story to share? We want YOU! It’s been over a month since we released MISTER and your response has been awesome. We’ve heard your feedback and are working hard to add many requests to a new update launching later this month along with an Android version. Thousands of you have downloaded MISTER and there’s been more activity on Daddyhunt than ever before.

To keep the ball rolling, we’re talking to press to help introduce MISTER to the world and we’d love YOUR help! We’re looking for MISTER men to share to their feedback, stories, and experiences meeting like-minded, serious men on MISTER. We believe the people on Daddyhunt and MISTER are what make it a unique and pleasurable place to meet great guys and we’d like to feature a few members in some upcoming articles.

If you’ve enjoyed your experience on MISTER and Daddyhunt and would be cool with being interviewed in the press about it, please fill out the info below. Participation is 100% voluntary - everything you share within the community is private and always will be - but for those of you that love the limelight, this is for you!


Some comments or stories will be selected and featured in national and GLBT press. We value your privacy and ensure that your identity or likeness will be protected. Should you share your name in press quotes, your user name will not be revealed, to protect you and your account.
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