Confession Time

January 18, 2012

In my internet travels today, I came across this video from Perfume Genius featuring Arpad Miklos.

It's the debut single from his new album, Put Your Back N 2 It and I think I kind of liked it. But that's not what we're here to talk about today. Most of us in the Daddy/Bear community love and lust after Arpad - no secret there. What makes this video special and creepy to me is at the 1:36 mark. Because here it goes folks: I once had a wet dream about Freddy Krueger. Yes, horribly disfigured, movie monster, fingers-for-knives Freddy Krueger. So to see Arpad in the mask and glove creeps me out to the nth degree...because Arpad is hot...Freddy is not...and now my penis is confused. But there's my embarrassing sex dream confession to you all. I hope you'll do me a solid here and share your embarrassing sex dream stories and any other oddities you feel like confessing today.

Don't leave me out here all my lonesome. Please.

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Many years ago I hadn't addressed any of my sexual thoughts or desires until I made a best friend who was married. He was the hottest man in the universe and I though recognized some sort of attraction never acted on it because we were "guys" and did guy things and I was too inexperienced with myself to know what I felt. I had a dream one night that he and I were on a roller coaster together in one of the cars and at a scary point grabbed on to each other, and we held on. Before I knew what was happening our mouths were locked, our hands were wandering and our shirts were unbuttoned. The roller coaster continued on its tracks and so did we, zippers were down, I remember the smell of his neck. He reached down my pants and grabbed me and timed his tongue in my mouth with his hand as it moved. I was going crazy with feelings that were new and I slid my hand down his pants and revealed him and at a point when I pulled away from his mouth to look at what I had in my hand the roller coaster track disappeared and we were on our way through the air crashing to the ground. We looked straight into each other's eyes and we both held on tight, hands still where I described, then his face turned into the devil; red dark and evil. I woke up. As far as I ever knew, he was as straight as an arrow and we never crossed a line with each other. He joined the army and our lives moved in different directions and I think about him from time to time. That dream is one of the milestones in my life. Oh, yes, it was a wet one.

Wow, very nice dream. Today I feel happy, because I fighted with my fears, and confessed to my best friend about my sexuality ...he has been all a gentleman with me. He respects me and loves me like a friend. I feel our friendship is bigger today. But now, I confessed him that I am in love with him, ...and he understands. I think, some day my dream (similar with yours), could be true. I HOPE SO!!!
....But it is really hard to confess it to my wife...this is the dark side of this story, I really don´t know how to be honest with her, I don´t want to hurt her, and my 4 years old daughter.....well, life has different facets. HUGS!!!

It didn't creep me out, I thought it was a boring song and video.

I liked it. I thought it was sensual and erotic, a daddy and son kind of thing, which this site is all about. Thank you for posting it.

Arpad is fuckin', fuckin' HOT. Thanks to this blog post, I went to google videos of this guy. There is one of Arpad going at it with Blake Norton - google or bing Arpad and Norton and it will show up.

i know they shouldn't be throwing up gang signs in the video that's the wrong thing to do i like it though except the gangs sign throwing in it,,,,,,,a life few of us have had......but for the ones who have been in that situation can understand where i am comeing from

I really like it. Yes Arpad is absolutely stunning beyond belief. the singer has a beautiful voice. It did not really make any sense to me.. I mean, there's this adonis man Looking adoringly at and then applying make-up to the she - male who sings. It makes no sense at all, but the singer sang well and then there's Arpad looking fabulous, so what's not to like..

I guess it is a rite of passage, long night out at the bar or club, no action, aproaching last call and horny as hell. Time to pounce on the new guy, less good looking than I'd usually have hit then but still had a pulse. I went over and asked him if he was waiting for his BF. He laughed and said he didn't have one. I said that he could at least for tonight. I took him home. It was fantastic. He was so grateful, responsive and actually had a really nice package. We made out for a long while and I tugged my T off... he moved down to kiss and bite my nipples. He told me I was his dream come true. He said he had only ever "messed around" with a bud in Jr. High. He was self admittedly hooked on porn. I said I'd put some in for him. Who knew this dorky, freckely faced, howdy doody looking kid would man-up so fast. He moved down and opened my 501's taking my cock out and just going for it. I was moaning. He grought me to the edge quickly and asked me to fuck him. He was on his feet and out of his Kmart clothes in no time. Damn, his body was really in pretty damn good shape and a bubble butt to boot. I asked him how he wanted it. He asked me to fuck him face to face so he could watch my face. I was positioned between those thighs and pressing in in no time at all. I wanted to go slowly for him but I was also in need of a great hard fuck. I asked him if he was sure he was ready. He said he had played with lots of toys and was sure he could take it. He was excellent and made me a better man. He shot a huge load all over my abs n pecs. He was appreciative and responsive. He stayed the night. Breakfast was comfortable and we had another round just after it. Ok, it's true, never judge a book by it's cover. We had a number of dates and I went shopping with him to get him into some clothes that really worked for him. He's doing just fine now.

I have to agree with "The Hunter", the song was awful!

Wow that was incredibly creepy. I've seen movies where there is a stalker chick and she keeps reapplying her lipstick and eye liner to her face while singing her "stalkee's" name over and over again.

Its not just that Freddy stuff that can end up "getting ones penis confused." A documentary about aliens can do that too.

Probably my strangest erotic dream was having sex with Mr. Clean. (I do find him hot.) This video has a Tom Ford quality to it; it's that "all I have to do is appear in it and look really hot" quality, and he does! Porn stars have a long and (un)illustrious history of making records; (Jeff Stryker's country album?) Generally, they should stick with the instruments they are best suited for.

Mr. Clean is hot, I think less hot thn when he was created years ago and now a Yul brenner wanabe cartoon character. Then again, how many of us have not fantasized about some comic book or cartoon character? I think so much so that we have seen them reinvented and brought to the BIG screen.

hi i love to do all your dirty wish us me and im happy fuck my mouth and ill deep throut you wesh

that vid was a bit odd, and the song was a bit woeful, glad it lasted less than two minutes but now have an urge to google anything with Arpad in it!

I always have incredibly vivid sex dreams after I've been out drinking... On one such occasion, I enjoyed a very confusing dream in which my elderly neighbour played the piano with his cock, and I found it INCREDIBLY arousing.

Although I don't dig someone who doesn't like to shower, I have to admit, I do get extremely turned on by a man who is fresh off the farm working, a man fresh from his job on a construction site, or a young man who's been out skating all day. I'm like walk in the door, take off your clothes, and lay back and enjoy my service of appreciation of your hard days work. Since I was a little boy, watching the men drive by on the tractors, 4 wheelers, dirtbikes, and big trucks would make me go and find a place to rub one out fantasizing of them rimming me, then fucking me till my tears of joy would flow like rain to the floor. Still to this day, my LOVE for masculinity haunts my dreams at night til I wake to wet underwear.... No I don't want o lick the armpit unless it's freshly washed. I do love getting my mouth stuffed with a large white or latino cock.... Sit on my face daddy..... Stuff me hard....