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August 5, 2011
Category: Dating

After reading some of the comments in some recent posts, it occurred to me that the comments section are great place to meet other Daddies and Hunters on this site. So today's post is for you dear members, in the hopes that you take the time to make your profile stand out a bit more.

Tell us what you're looking for, what you like, or just about anything you want to talk about in the hopes of snagging some hot Daddy's or Hunter's attention. Like we've said from the beginning, we want this blog to function as a forum for all of you. A way to converse and be heard, and start a dialogue in our wonderful little community here. Let's use this post as a means of getting all you can out of this site and giving your profile a spotlight with which to shine in. Who knows, your comments may spark a future post and you could be featured even more.

I can tell you from my own perusing, we've got some incredible thoughtful and sexy commenters on this site. It's nice to know that here on Daddyhunt, our members have an abundance of substance, and there's more to them than just stats and a few pictures. So I encourage you to get to know these men and click on each poster's profile. Who knows, the man of your dreams might be hiding in the hyperlinks below.

Billy Kolber
August 4, 2011
Category: Entertainment

There’s a strong history of men cooking on my father’s side of the family, and so I started early in the kitchen. I remember making lasagna for my beloved 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Gerry, and a complicated Grand Marnier coffee cake for most family holiday meals. I still love preparing meals for my family and friends. A home cooked meal is one of the most genuine ways to show you care about someone, and there’s a reason they say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach!

Home cooking doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated, just tasty, hopefully healthy, and served with love. (In my dating life, I found that home cooked meals served after love were particularly well-received ;) While I’ve become quite proficient in the kitchen, it’s often my simplest meals that leave the biggest impression. Whether you’re a Daddy or a Hunter, learning a few tricks in the kitchen can help keep the sparks flowing in the bedroom. I’d like to share a few kitchen secrets that have served me really well over the years.

A Spicy, Tasty Kick

A quick squeeze of Amore Garlic Paste and Amore Hot Pepper Paste is the easiest way to add flavor and heat to almost anything you cook, with no fuss or mess. Store the tubes in your fridge and you’ll always have flavor at the ready. Err on the side of less paste – you can always add more to increase flavor, but too much pepper paste...

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August 3, 2011
Category: Wellness

Several weeks ago I shared a revelation with a friend: that one day in the future, I won't have a beard. He asked me why not, and I told him that I couldn't have a beard forever. Since graduating high school I've had varying styles of facial hair ranging from finely groomed stubble to a poorly formed goatee. For me, having facial hair was born mostly out of laziness and an abhorrence for shaving. I suppose my Russian and Hungarian genes played a part in this as well, given that my family is made up of mostly hirsute men. When I'd begun experimenting with beard lengths a few years back, it seems I unknowingly entered into what some people are calling a "Postmillennial He-Man Beard Epoch." The writer in the aforelinked article worries about the trendiness of beards and thinks the death knell may be right around the corner. This frightens me for many reasons, the most pressing being, it's gotten to the point where I dislike the way I look without a beard. I've felt nakedly boyish the few times I've had to clean shave it these last few years and it's not something I particularly enjoy. Of course, it's all fleeting and it grows back, but one day it might have to be a full time thing.

I think for me it's less about being on trend or off, and more about the flexibility to change up my look every few years. That was never a problem before, but as my hairline recedes and the hair itself thins, there'll be less and less to work with...

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