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June 14, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I don't know about you, but gay pride season is something I'd look forward to every summer. I don't know if it's because it coincides with the onset of good weather or because for a few glorious days our major cities are bursting with all kinds of out and proud people celebrating in every way they know how. And with all the great strides we've made this year, we have even more reasons to celebrate. More than anything, though, we're able to see how amazingly diverse our community really is.

That incredible diversity has been captured in a new book from New York City photographer Scott Pasfield. Gay in America beautifully presents intimate photos and contains deeply personal stories from 140 gay American men. Over the course of three years, Pasfield traveled to all 50 states gathering stories and documenting the lives of gay men from all walks of life. This stereotype-shattering collection, introduced by activist Tom Kirdahy and his husband, playwright Terrence McNally, is due out in the Fall, but we've got a video sneak peak which you can check out below.

To pre-order Gay in America click here or visit the fan page here.

June 10, 2011
Category: Wellness

Nudity is in folks. Not that it was ever out, but it seems like naked outings are certainly gaining traction around the world. Today alone I've come across two articles about nudist activities: one toting nude hiking and the other nude biking. Add to that the nude beaches of Spain that I encountered last week and it's coming at me from all ends. Nude bathing has been around since forever, but these other, more sporty nudist options seem to be new and getting noticed.

With gay hiking becoming an exciting and popular adventure in Germany, Switzerland is now in the process of getting it approved by their Supreme Court. World Naked Bike Ride (which is this weekend in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere for those who have their birthday suits and bikes ready), has cities from all over the world participating. I'm not sure either activity would be particular comfortable what with all the plants and bugs and bike seats up in your junk, but whether you like look or like to flaunt, there's something pretty exciting about this nekkid outdoorsy fun. With public nudity being so unfortunately alarming in our day to day lives, it's kind of refreshing to know that people are shedding their clothes and inhibitions in new and exciting ways.

What say you on the public and active nudity front? Do you wish there were more...

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June 9, 2011
Category: Site News

Our newest blogger is an Ivy League daddy who just happens to be a top Avon representative. With expertise in travel, health and wellness, and all the hard to find steals and deals you could think of, we are ecstatic to have him join our team and share some of his wisdom with you. Without further adieu, we welcome Billy to Age Appropriate...

Billy! Welcome to Age Appropriate! You have quite an interesting background, what were you doing before you became a blogger?

I was a biology major and a Whiffenpoof at Yale, and after graduating, found myself in the travel business, running the American Express travel services office in New Haven. That led to a decade-long stint as the co-founder and editor of OUT & ABOUT, a gay travel newsletter that we sold to PlanetOut at the height of the bubble. That was followed by a number of consulting projects for hotel brands, and all the while, I was slowly building an Avon business. It all sounds very disparate, but the common thread is my love for taking complex issues, distilling their core concepts, and presenting them in easily understandable and actionable ways.

I noticed on your blog, Billy Knows Best, that you are among the top ten percent of Avon Representatives nationwide. How did you get involved?

When I turned 30, I put my biology skills to use researching anti-aging skin care technology. That led me to Avon, which had the most advanced technology, then and now. I had never met an Avon Representative, so I ordered online. I loved the product, and was...

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June 8, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

These days everyones a something-slash-something-slash something (e.g. singer/writer/glass blower). But South African Jacques Snyman might just be my favorite slasher yet: a rugby player/model/opera singer/anti-bully advocate. Hunky Snyman, who's got plenty of beefcake shots in his portfolio, is now taking his passion for opera singing and going on tour in the U.S. this summer, all to benefit the It Gets Better project. Check out the video about and get to learn more about this big hearted, full bodied, cultured jock.

Official Daddyhunt
June 6, 2011
Category: Site News
Who Favorited You

Find out who added you as a Favorite on Daddyhunt. As a Supporter, you can try out this new feature in your Favorites section under the "Who Favorited You" tab. Find out who's got their eye on you so you can check them out, unlock your pics, or start a conversation.

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June 3, 2011
Category: Gay Culture
Jeff Key

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jeff Key, the tough and gruff Marine turned introspective and intelligent playwright. Having already taken his well-received one man play across the country and abroad, Through the Eyes of Babylon, it makes its way to New York City this summer starting June 16th at 59E59 Theaters. We talked about everything from the pressure of bringing his play to the Big Apple to starting his own big gay army. One things for sure, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this well rounded and thoughtful Military Daddy.

Age Appropriate: Tell us about bringing "Through the Eyes of Babylon" to New York.

Jeff Key : It's a limited engagement three-week run with eight shows a week. I think this is the ninth city we've done it in. Usually they open out of town, and then in New York City and then go other places, but because of the nature of this play and because of what I was trying to do with it, we workshopped it in Los Angeles back in 2004 into 2005. Then I looked into bringing it to New York. The play is sort of my way of telling my story about what it was like to serve as a gay Marine in Iraq and to voice my concerns about the occupation of Iraq.

We took it to the back woods of Kentucky where we were protested by right wing Christians speaking in tongues and we did a run in San Francisco where I was way too conservative for them. It was well-received there, but it was the opposite of Kentucky having just come from there. [We've been] in Boston, in Denver during the Democratic National...

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Official Daddyhunt
June 3, 2011
Category: Gay Culture
DILF Poster Man

We are excited to partner with The Faultline in Los Angeles and their search for the next DILF poster man. What makes a daddy a DILF? You tell us. Better yet, show us what you got.

DILF is a new hot monthly party happening the third Friday of every month in sunny Los Angeles, CA. The party is filled with Go-Go Dads and Lads and men of all ages sweating and dancing to the beats of DJ Ryan Jones. The event features a new hot DILF as their poster man every month and since we have no shortage of DILFs on our site, it was the perfect match.

The photo will appear on the next DILF promotional poster. To apply, submit a photo of yourself (please don't send photos of others) to The photo can reveal as much (or as little) as you like.

In addition to being a model for the July poster, the winning DILF will get guest list access for up to 10 people to that month's DILF event in Los Angeles at The Faultline.

Don't live in the LA area? You will also receive a FREE one year Supporter membership to Daddyhunt and a DJ Ryan Jones mix CD (be sure to check his beats here). In addition, your pic will be featured on the daddy of all gay blogs. Yup, you guessed...

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June 2, 2011
Category: The Arts
Giovanni's Room

Everyone seemed pretty enthused about the Daddyhunt Book Club so let's start off with a classic, shall we? For our first official selection we will be reading Giovanni's Room, the 1956 novel by James Baldwin.

Here's how it will work:

- You have until September 5th, Labor Day weekend, to read the book. That way you'll have all summer to find, read, and digest the novel.

- If you've read the book already, please feel free to re-read or join in on the discussion.

- Come Labor Day weekend, we'll post a few jumping off topics and feelings on the book and everyone can take it from there in the comments section.

- Feel free to leave comments on this post if you finish before the deadline and we'll include them later on.

We'd also like to encourage everyone, that should you want to organize an in person discussion with local daddies and hunters by all means contact us at and we will help you get the word out!

Happy Reading!

June 1, 2011
Category: Site News

We took a page from some of the great gay icons and had some work done. We figure if they can do it on a yearly basis, why can't we? After all, we want to keep looking our very best for you, our loyal members, so you keep coming back for more. Your opinions and suggestions never go unheard here at Daddyhunt and we're pleased as punch to unveil this brand look, based on your feedback. You'll notice it's a bit more visually stimulating than the previous incarnation, and even more easy to navigate. With a new featured post section and navigation bar at the top to help catalogue different types of posts, we're working toward making this a more user friendly blog. And speaking of friendly, we've made it even easier to share posts on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, so be sure to spread the wealth.

Have an idea for a post? Send it on over to