Daddyhunt Blog Posts from March 2011

March 12, 2011
Category: Entertainment
Black Party Virgin

We're back with second part of our Black Party adventure, Black Party Virgin: Part 2. Watch as I get fitted for my custom made harness, designed and tailored by David Menkes of David Samuel Menkes Custom Leatherwear. He also pulled a bunch of other looks for me to try on, so hopefully you'll enjoy that as well.

Now onto the really fun part! We're giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Black Party Expo & Bazaar as well as the HOOKIES on Friday night (March 18th @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC) for some lucky Daddyhunt members who want to mingle with porn stars and then party like one later that night. All you have to do is tell us who your favorite Daddy porn star is in the comments below. Super simple right? Winners will be chosen at random and notified Next Tuesday via their Daddyhunt inbox. Good luck!

March 4, 2011
Category: Politics

This week Rep. Barney Frank was quoted as saying he can "foresee now an end to legal inequality based on sexual orientation and gender equality some time in [his] lifetime." And with the momentum we've been building as of late, Frank, who turned 70 this week, may be right. With the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the President's decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts, we're well on our way. But it's hard to be hopeful with so many people dead set against any progression of equal rights. And with the seemingly perpetual 2 steps forward, one step back we keep taking, it's only fair that we operate under a "we won't believe it until we see it" mindset.

That being said, it's pretty heartening to hear that it's becoming more and more of a possibility. Can you imagine growing up in a world where you're treated the same as everyone else? Where you can plan a life for yourself and the person you love without consequence? It's a pretty foreign concept to most of us, and I often wonder how the dynamics in our community might change. Would we become more lesbionic in our ways and be inclined to seek out sustainable relationships?

There are so many questions that I look forward to getting the answers to, but in the meantime I'm curious about your predictions. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

March 3, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

I guess it started in high school. I started playing lacrosse to seem straighter to the ever growing questioners of my sexuality. But in the process I came to develop a love of legs. With so many of the players showing off their big, muscular legs in those perfectly short shorts, I developed a bit of an obsession with legs. It probably didn't help that my best friend who I was "in love with" in high school was also a soccer player and had legs that are still in my top 10 to this day. But it's not just legs that do it for me, there's a whole trifecta. Legs, eyes, and smile: when all three of these things are in effect, I pretty much just melt right away.

Obviously it takes more than just a body part to sustain a relationship (in most cases), but I'm sure all of us have been drawn in at one point or another by one of our favorite physical attributes. So I want to hear from the DH crew, what body part on a guy (whether it be obvious or hyper specific) does it for you? And if you are nice enough to share with the group, are you able to trace the origins of said body part obsession?

Holler off in the comments below.

March 1, 2011
Category: Entertainment
leather try on

For years now I've been told that Black Party is one of those things that I need to experience at least once, and finally after many years of conflicting schedules, I'm able to go. For my big Black Party debut (March 19th @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC), I knew I needed a kickass leather getup, so I tracked down one of the leather designers. David Menkes, of David Samuel Menkes Custom Leatherwear, has been in the business for over 30 years and in addition to creating impeccably fitted pieces for Leathermen of all shapes and sizes, he's also one of the nicest guys in town.

Watch as I chat with David about his work and what I should wear when I pop my Black Party/Leather cherry.