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March 31, 2011
Category: Sexuality

Look kids, data can be fun! Someone went ahead and compiled lots and lots of dick data into one handy dandy map of the world (complete with an easy to read excel sheet). After taking a look at each country and their corresponding measurements, some of you may be re-thinking those upcoming vacation plans. However, lets all remember that even within an average there's plenty of variation and surprises can lay in wait. If this even matters to you at all. It should also be noted, that because of the various sources this study seems to come from, and the already problematic process of accurate penis measurement, these charts, as always, should taken somewhat lightly.

Still, it's fun to see how the world might measure up.

World travelers, does the map seem to back up your own personal data and experience? Stories (and photos) always welcome...

March 29, 2011
Category: Site News

Whether you're a Daddy exhibitionist looking for an opportunity to show the world what you got or your heart belongs to Daddy and you like 'em knocking at your door, modeling for is the perfect opportunity to turn some heads!

Our models actually do more then turn heads, they exemplify the "no attitude" real men that appear on the site. Interested? We have some upcoming photos shoots coming up and we are in need of some hot daddies, bears, cubs, leather men, jocks, gingers, and hunters of all shapes and sizes in the New York City area. We're looking for hot, confident, magnetic, and outgoing guys to represent our community.

If you fit the bill, drop us a line (and a picture or profile name) to and we'll fill you in on the details.

A picture says a thousand words. What do you have to say?

March 28, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Sometimes it's fun to look back at history and wonder who could potentially make your heart and/or loins do the time warp. My time travels have led me to one Ulysses S. Grant, and I must say...he's kind of a hottie. I mean it's hard to tell with these old timey photos and paintings, but those eyes. Beautiful by even today's standards. And despite his historical ranking, our daddy of an 18th President was at least on the side of civil rights. Who knows, maybe he would have gone to bat for the gays if we needed his help back then.

What other historical hotties should we take note of?

March 25, 2011
Category: Gay Culture
its gets better

By now, most of us are familiar with Dan Savage's hugely successful 'It Gets Better' video campaign, a result of the increased awareness of gay teen suicides taking place across the nation. What started out as a safe platform for gay adults to speak to struggling gay youth, exploded into a celebrity and politician filled YouTube channel encouraging today's youth that while high school can be hell, it does eventually get better.

IT GETS BETTER: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living, was released this week, a collection of essays from the likes of David Sedaris, Hillary Clinton, Tim Gunn, Chaz Bono, Suze Orman and many others which proved to be both inspirational and entertaining. I can almost guarantee that if this project/book existed when I was younger, I'd be reading or watching every night. I remember my own struggle, and how much of an impact seeing real, genuine gays that existed outside of a fairly dark adolescence helped me forge ahead. It doesn't take a lot to ignite that spark of hope inside someone, and it's amazing how incredibly far that hope can take you.

They've also started a donation program that is setting out to get the book into every high school library in America. All you need...

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March 24, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

She meant a lot to many, and while we're still reeling from her passing, we thought what better way to remember Hollywoods last true star, than to sit shiva and share some of our favorite Liz Memories.

It's hard to think that anyone will ever come close to her glamour, her talent, and her tireless humanitarian efforts. Being one of the first public figures to really bring attention to the AIDS epidemic, she used her celebrity to raise millions for the cause. A friend to the gay community in more ways than one, her stories kept us all captivated on screen and off.

It's clear from the outpouring of support that this true legend will be remembered fondly and sorely missed.

Have a story or a favorite memory, performance, or movie to share about Violet Eyes? Let's hear it.

March 23, 2011
Category: Relationships

As a member and contributor to this site, I guess it's no secret that I like older guys.

At 27, I would say the median age of the guys I’ve dated hovers somewhere around the late 30s/early 40s mark. It might even skew a little higher than that. And while I have no problem with someone not wanting to date me because ‘I’m not their type’, or because they ‘think I’m too goofy,’ or ‘don’t like the way I eat burritos’, I do take issue with someone not wanting to date me because of my age.

Yes, I may have been in pre-school when you lost your butt sex cherry to the Cure’s ‘Love Song’, but I have a working penis now, complete with a brain that can process a hell of lot more than we youngers are given credit for. Sure there are things you’ll have to school me on, but the great thing about youth is that we’re very open and susceptible to new ideas. Heck, we even welcome them.

Connections aren’t built on whether or not I saw Madonna’s first VMA appearance or whether you’ve watched every single episode of Saved by the Bell three times over. They go deeper than that. Like we've chatted about before on here, the gays have one giant shared experience between them: the joys and pains of coming out. Common ground is inherent in our community which is why a 10-20 year age gap is significantly lessened by our gay initiation.

Now here's the part that really gets me. More often than not I've come up against concern from guys I've dated about the age gap. This is a valid concern and something that definitely should be discussed openly and honestly....

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March 22, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

I think many would agree that all these crazy new apps we've been getting courtesy of the smartphone wave have made our lives better, easier, and more efficient. Then comes the news that Apple has allowed Exodus International, the organization leading the charge of conversion therapy, to have an app in the iTunes store full of dangerous misinformation. reminds us that "''conversion therapy' has been universally condemned by every major medical and scientific organization around the world. The American Psychological Association, American Medical Association, and American Counseling Association have all rejected "ex-gay" therapy, saying that it results in catastrophic damage to the mental health of its victims."

It wasn't long ago that Apple, a long time ally of the LGBT community, pulled an app from the iTunes store that was full of similarly offensive, anti-gay messaging. Of course, Exodus international has come out saying that they are "in no way shape or form...trying to cure or do we try to promote that type of methodology or message. This is a label (gay cure app) that has been put forth by opponents to the application to serve as propaganda in order to stigmatize and really label the application in a false way and provoking a response such as you are seeing with the application." And go on to say, "We want to ask that there would be fair and equal representation of religious belief on this platform as is already existing...

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March 18, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

Coming off yesterday's news that college is not the hyper-sexualized same-sex experimentation free-for-all that everyone makes it out to be I breathed a small sigh of relief. It seems that every summation of college includes some form of sexual experimentation, and it's something that I never really experienced. Being out during the majority of my college years may be the cause of this, but it doesn't make me any less relieved. You see, throughout college I befriended many a straight guy. Let me rephrase, many a straight guy I wanted to bone. And drunk upon drunker night I would hope that somehow, someway, their curiosity would be piqued enough for them to want to try something new. But alas, this never happened leading me to believe that all this talk of the sexually fluidity that is college was merely a sensationalized fantasy gays had concocted and spread to the masses.

Then again, maybe I wasn't doing it right.

I should note that the study cited here was based on experimentation in young college women, but figured the findings may still hold weight considering any straight/gay experimentation amongst guys in college is probably on the low down never to be spoken of again.

Until now of course...

For those of you who have indeed flipped a few in college, please regale us with any stories, findings, or opinions you may have on the subject.

March 17, 2011
Category: Wellness

It being St. Patrick's Day and all, it got me thinking about luck. Whether we realize it or not most of us out there are pretty lucky. So much so that we often take the lives we lead for granted. And in an effort to sober you up on this boozy holiday, I thought it best to get real for a moment and turn our attention to some of the work and charities that need our support and donations in Japan right now.

There's quite a few to navigate through, but The Chronicles of Philanthropy has a pretty thorough round up of all the charities out there, including a descriptor for each so know exactly where your money is going.

And as always, the Red Cross is accepting donation via text message. Just text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10. Super easy and then you've done your good deed.

I know many of you have probably already donated, but the more news we read the worse it seems to get over there, so double up on your donations if you're feeling generous. And if you haven't already consider this your reminder. Don't make me post a picture of abandoned puppy dogs that need saving, cause I will.

Help Japan Poster by Zac Neulieb: $22.50 printed on semi-gloss photo paper, 100% donated.

March 15, 2011
Category: The Arts

It's always a pleasant surprise when you come across art that you admire, only to discover that the man behind the art is as attractive as the work he produces. Tim Hailand's been photographing artists, athletes, performers, and designers for the last 10 years. In 2009, he released the first in a series of photography compilations called, One Day in the Life. Each one follows the likes of Harry Potter and Equus star Daniel Radcliffe, Scissor Sister frontman Jake Shears, and Rufus Wainwright for an entire day. These candid photos of the performers in and out of their element give you an insightful and endearing eye into the lives of these otherwise private men. You can see some of his other work here, but to me, the real magic lies in what he captures throughout the course of the day.

If you could choose who Tim follows around next for a day, who would it be and why?