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January 31, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Doesn't this photo just make you feel all warm and tingly in several places? With a fairly brutal winter for many of us across the country, I figured we could all use some warming up courtesy of this random teasing daddy from Tumblr. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there. Between the white briefs and the think-you-can-see-it-but-damn-that-clever-use-of-shadow set up of the photo, there's no where else I'd rather be right now than right there next to/on top of/underneath/in between this man right now. Wherever he is.

For those of us counting down the days till we too can strip down in the sun, where would you go to the escape the winter blues?

January 26, 2011
Category: Eye Candy
STR8s Against H8

There are many things I like about this behind the scenes video of this charity calendar. For one, the gratuitous exploitation of hot straight boys. Beyond that, I love love love when the straights take an active role in championing some of our causes. The truth is, we're a minority and while we can do a hell of lot on our own, if we don't have the support of our straight brethren, we're never going to win. It's simply a numbers game. But back to the video, these boys are smokin' and they are not afraid to show it! Between the colors of the set and the colors of their underwear, they're making all kinds of things pop.

Seems to me that in this generation coming up, the straight boys are gay-friendlier than ever. It's a non-issue for many of them and because of this, so many friendships that may not have happened decades ago now have the opportunity to blossom.

If you're interested in purchasing a calendar of these boys, check out the FCKH8 site.

What are your thoughts on the straight boys? Whether they're stripping down for our benefit or taking us out for drinks, do you find our relationships with them are getting stronger?

January 25, 2011
Category: Relationships

Not to bring everyone down, but I came across this truly moving story about two gay fathers and the adopted son they recently lost and felt the need to share. It's inspiring to hear about this incredibly unique family and the legacy they've left behind in their small New Jersey town.

Whether you're moved or not, there's no denying that the world needs more families like The Tims.

January 20, 2011
Category: Health

I had a friend in college, a female, who revealed a big secret to me on one of our trips back home on winter break: she was allergic to semen. We joked about how it would at least get her out of swallowing, but I remember thinking what a terrible discovery that must have been. Then I thought about all the implications that would come with it and realized that sex with a semen allergy is probably void of a lot of fun.

Fast forward some years later, when I'm sharing this story anecdotally and am directed to a new study that was just released claiming that, while rare, some men are allergic their own semen. I thought I was pretty empathetic when my girl friend told me about her malady, but this pushed my empathy meter off the charts. According to the report, men with post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) have been documented since 2002 and can experience fever like symptoms immediately following ejaculation. Can you imagine getting sick every time you jerk off!? Have sex!? God forbid have a wet dream!? My heart breaks for these men. The good news is doctors have been testing hypo-sensitization therapy, a common allergy treatment, and have seen reduced POIS symptoms in patients.

Begs the question, would the pleasure be worth the pain?

January 18, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

Seems only fitting that after we celebrate the great Martin Luther King, Jr. that we talk about racism within the gay community. This is something that's been rearing it's ugly head in our community for a very long time and it's easy to see in our bars how much of a segregated minority we've become. It's not like there's a lot of us, so for there to be a divide within our own community has always struck me as odd. But what I really want to address is a new kind racism that's been popping up as of late.

I first came across this kind of behavior on Grindr, but it seems to have leaked into dating/sex profiles across the web (including our beloved Daddyhunt). You click on a profile and right at the top reads: No Asians. This kind of caveat extends to any and all races and types, similar to the no twinks, no +40 claims, but its the way in which its said that comes off as deeply offensive. I understand trying to be upfront and honest about what you're into, but it seems like maybe there's a better way to say it. Instead of starting off with limitations, maybe a better way to get what you want it to do just that, list what does get your motor running. I know we all can be set in our ways in terms of what we're into, but the truth is you never know, and while its fine to know what you want, allowing yourself to remain open to the possibilities can only help your cause.

One of the things I love about Daddyhunt is the level of honesty that our members bring to the table, and while I hope we never lose that, I also hope that we can be a little more respectful...

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January 13, 2011
Category: Wellness

I don't know if this is surprising or not, but more men folk are dying their hair than ever. Specifically to hide or fade away the gray. The NYT article seems to suggest that, like everything else these days, the economy is to blame. With so many men out of work, the older boys find themselves competing with much younger, darker haired fellas and because of this, feel the need to look a little more youthful. The good news is most guys are choosing to keep the gray with demi-permanent products that moderately cover the gray and gradually fade away as hair grows in. Salons have seen a noticeable spike in older men coming in and looking to get their hair colored and/or gray faded to away, much more than in the past.

I can understand the need to give yourself a vanity confidence boost, especially when a job is on the line, but I thought we'd all come to terms with gray being a particularly hot look. Does this mean that Silver Foxes are on the endangered species list? I doubt it. Seems like just a year ago that look, and shortly before that the salt and pepper look, we're both in fashion. Personally, I welcome the day I start to gray. Just as long as it means getting to hold onto my hair a little longer than my grandfather - bald at 26.

I feel like I won't get many arguments from this crowd, but let's break it down. How many of you love a good head of gray? Moreover, how many daddies out there dye, have dyed, or plan to? And be sure to explain...

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January 11, 2011
Category: Politics

A new poll found that "55% of all LGBT adults, when asked if they 'personally care a great deal about the current state and future of the environment,' say this statement describes themselves completely or very well - a description that characterizes just one-third (33%) of heterosexual American adult."

I guess it makes sense that gays and lesbians are more likely to go green than our hetero counterparts. We do tend to be early adopters when it comes to social causes and technologies. But "being green" seems to more of a trend/label than an actual practice these days, and that kind of scares me.

Do you find yourselves trying to do the right thing by the environment or do you get tired of it's recent exploitation?

P.S. For those of you wondering about sexy scuba man, he's Phillipe Coustea, Jr., grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and son of Phillipe Cousteau. He's been continuing his family's work of educating the public about environmental and conservation issues and looking good while doing it.

January 7, 2011
Category: The Arts

I know that art and photography are super subjective and tastes vary greatly, but I wanted to share with you a recent discovery (recent being last night while browsing the interwebs). My friend introduced me to a new site (and iPad app) called Cool Hunting, which houses inspirational finds from around the world. Everything from technology and style to design and culture. I just so happened to click through on one of the links for photographer John Arsenault's new exhibit, A Ghost Is Occupying My Heart and boy am I glad I did.

After a 9 year relationship came to end, the artist found himself in Provincetown, MA where he concentrated on healing himself through his art, which is the basis for the new exhibit. The artist writes: "Inspired by a desire to heal a broken heart and to find myself, I decided to strip myself down emotionally, often literally nude, in order to create a body of work that revealed my search and my pain as honestly as I could."

I plan on checking out the exhibit (and in a lottery-winning world, buy a few dozen prints), but what I'm really loving right now is his new work - even the ones without nudity! I think I'm kind of obsessed with his work (and those star tattoos).

Have you ever used a creative outlet to mend a broken...

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January 5, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

If I hear one more gay call something fierce, I may smack a bitch (though smacking bitches is probably a little outdated too). Let me rephrase for 2011: If I hear one more gay call something fierce, I may punch a nut.

Lake Superior State University recently released their list of words and phrases that should be banished from 2011. And while I'm partial to "fail" and "BFF" I do agree that they've served their purpose and have been rightly overused this past year. Other words rounding out the list include, "viral", "refudiate", and "man up." (You can view the full list here.)

Since the gays have a language all their own, seems like it's only fitting that we have a list of our own as well. "Fabulous" should have been retired as soon as Will & Grace went off the air, and yet it still seems to pop up in our modern day lexicon. Along with the aforementioned "fierce", I'd like to throw in "werq" (including the accompanying snaps), "girl/gurl", "I die," and the whole using she when referring to a he thing. That last one, I have to admit, I was never on board with.

What gay words or phrases that we hear or say ad nauseum should we leave behind in 2010?

January 2, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Let's give a warm welcome to the first Daily Daddy of 2011. A fresh new year deserves a fresh new daddy, and assuming you don't know him, we have a perfectly clean slate to fantasize all the amazingly wonderful details we want about him, much like the coming year.

For instance, it's my hope that this sexy beast of a man is one of many just waiting for me to send him a message and/or grope on here. It's also my hope that I come to find he loves dogs and eating almost as much as I do. And in a perfect world we'd meet up for an all you can eat buffet (falling in love somewhere between our third plate of crab legs and the tummy rubs we give each other back at his place), and get engaged on New Year's Eve 2012 under the fireworks on the beautiful beaches of Brazil.

See how fun being hopeful can be? Now you go!

**Whoops! Here he is fellas!

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