Movember is Back! Where is Your Moustache?

November 2, 2011
moustache season

Movember is here! We've replaced the N with an M, and if you recall from last year, M stands for moustache. In an effort to raise both funds and awareness for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men, the Movember Movement was created. You can register here to raise money, donate or get involved. They even have a fancy new iPhone app to keep your stache in check. While the moustache itself has risen and fallen in popular throughout time, the premise that people will inevitably ask you about your lip warmer, holds true. I guess that's why in recent years, Movember has gotten so much buzz. Last year they raised 7.5 million dollars, proving that these moustaches are no joke.

Will you be participating in Movember this year? Be sure to take pictures if you do and post them on our facebook page.

Happy Movember to all!

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I'm currently participating in it. I may not have my classic beard and mustache now, but check me out in about a week...

that's so great! here's hoping more members join you! be sure to send us pictures!

If I started the month clean shaven (as the premise for the event states), I'd have the moustache ready by December... 2015. Good luck to the follically gifted though!

already started mine, along with a nice, new silver beard!

can't wait to see! good luck with growing!

I haven't shaved my moustache in 23 years

I have shaved my moustache and beard half a dozen times in the last 25 years, usually for a role in a play. I generally start growing it back the night the play closes. I've also let my beard get long and bushy for a part (Tevya, in "Fiddler on the Roof"), but trimmed it back to its usual tailored look before going to bed the night the play closed. Right now, both are trimmed short and I trim once every week to 10 days. I always said I grew the beard when I gained weight to hide the crease where my double chin starts. But now that I'm losing weight again (38 pounds so far this year), I think I'll keep the facial hair - it's a solid part of my persona!

Why wait for Movember?? Keep my Moustache ("Knevel" in Old English/Saxon) year around.

always big and full, love to have it nuzzled in ameaty bush or btwn some hairy cheeks!

Have fun guys! Personally, I can't stand any facial hair on a man. :-)