Devoted to Devotion

November 18, 2011

This is your weekly reminder that love exists and can grow 5 decades strong. The Devotion Project is a series of short documentary films celebrating LGBT couples of all kinds, the first of which is is now available to view on youtube. More Than Ever, which chronicles the 54 year love story of William I. Campbell and John V. Hilton is well worth it's 9 minute run time and won Audience Award for Best Short at Newfest: The New York Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in July 2011. Looking forward to the other videos on their way in the next few months.

In the meantime, if you've got a story of devotion to share, we're always up to hear inspiring stories in the love department in the comments below.

Photo: John Hilton and Bill Campbell, Cherry Grove, Fire Island, 1962

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This was beautiful -- what lives well lived!

Wow. That's just wow because gay relationship years are like dog years: For every year that passess it feels like seven years. Specially if one of the better half wants monogamy and the other one doesn't.

My Dads have been together 45 years and counting. They realize that it was always a give and take relationship. Nothing is perfect and there were bumps along the road getting to this point. Their committment is more meaningful than ever as they depend on each other in ever evolving ways. The roles have switched, the one who always paid the bills and shopped is now the one who stays home more. Knowing each others infirmaties the other partner now fills in the blanks. They are in a wonderful phase where the neighborhood is changing and filling with younger couples, babies, other gay couples and others. They enjoy being part of it all. As for me, I'm with someone that loves me more than anyone, (except my Dads) ever has. I pray it is forever. Who really knows. But the example that they have set has demonstrated that the physical attractions can fade but the level of devotion to the relationship it's self is the most important element. Neither of them have any worries that the other will go away. When one passes away I'll be there as I am now, as they have always been for me.

That is a wonderful story.

great exposé - very touching without being cloying...

One of the most inspiring stories I have seen. I wish a relationship like this could have happened to me.

Lovely stories love can win through

Oh, how I wish!

I click on the link but it's not working.

Which is easier?

1. To be "devoted/committed" to somebody you are "in love" with.
2. To be "devoted/committed" to somebody you are not "in love" with.

I really liked the video. Thanks for sharing it!

My partner and I celebrated 31 years together yesterday. We actually met over a computer network (back before Al Gore invented the internet) while I was in grad school in Iowa and he was working at a health science university in Chicago. We communicated via the computer for months before he decided to take Amtrak out to Iowa one cold November evening. We spent four days together (the original plan was for two days), decided that we wanted to pursue things more intently, and here we are 31 years later! We got civil unionized (is that a verb?) last June when it first became legal in Illinois. (Does that mean we were uncivilized savages before or that we now have to join the ALF-CIO or the Teamsters?).

In any event, we know several other long-term gay couples. We are not as rare as some folks seem to think!

Hello Guys at Daddyhunt !!!

Thanks for sharing and showing us that we too can experience such extraordinary journey through life together if we are capable of giving rather than always receiving . These remarkable guys that I´m happy to have heard of certainly will help shape my way through life from now on . Hugs ,

Carlos / Costajr

What a wonderful fulfilling story. So lucky. To all you guys out there loving still, as these, congratulations. Here's hoping you and yours will always be.
For me it's getting late; my sun moving toward twilight too soon it feels. A little loneliness, a little dispair but "Hope Springs Eternal".

THANK YOU for posting this link. What a beautiful film.

The dynamic of this couple mirrors my own situation with my older partner so poignantly. When I was younger, my older partner did so much for me, so selflessly. When he grew old and suffered through a long, painful decline, it was my turn, and -- as the man says in this film – it was a privilege to repay the many kindnesses I had received. This is not just rhetoric. I will always treasure the opportunity to help the helper.

Devotion. This is what it’s about, guys. An inspiring film.

WOW..... I am really inspired with the story. I am a hopeless romantic gay guy and all I ever wanted since I knew that I am gay is to have a relationship like what they had. It's my 3 years looking over in the internet but I couldn't find monogamous like me. I like sex but I prefer to have it to my BF.

Hope I could find someone like in the story above.

Im 52 and always wanted that lifetime relationship, I has not happened yet, but seeing this video gives me hope that its possible.