Bacon Lube Makes Morning Sex Even Better

November 16, 2011
Bacon Lube

First there was bacconaise, then came bacon flavored vodka, and now the bacon gods have been kind (or disgusting) and created bacon lube. What started off as an April Fool's prank soon became a much in demand item, and the makers were left with no other choice than to go into production. And now this bacon flavored lubricant is taking piggy sex to a whole new level. As a bacon lover, I'm intrigued, but as a hater of flavored lubricants and condoms, I'm not sure I'm willing to give this a try.

What are your thoughts on bacon flavored sex? Any members willing to give this stuff a try and report back?

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Wouldn't work for this vegetarian. I like a clean smelling and tasting man with no pig taste before or after.

Ditto. I shudder to think how this is made.

Bacon makes anything taste better...

BACON yum eat it all night long

~Bacon is the New Black~

I think your natural flavour would be just fine with me!

Nice Jewish boy here, never tasted bacon. Should I try it to see what I am missing? I would prefer chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherry flavor. Love it sweet!

Shalom! If this bacon-flavored lube actually uses bacon in its preparation, then it would be tref. On the other hand, if the flavor is produced by chemicals, you could finally get to know the taste and smell of bacon without sinning against the Dietary Laws. However, I know that when I eat hot sausage, I'd rather taste and smell sausage. Eating hot sausage and tasting bacon would just confuse me. FYI, my vote is for peanut butter, because you have to lick and suck a lot harder and a lot longer to get it all off! And by the way, I'm another "nice Jewish boy."

It seems from their site that this stuff is kosher. But now I am wondering what chemicals would you be ingesting to just get that bacon wood flavoring. I think I'm gonna stick with au natural, even if a Rabbi was sampling this on behalf of us bacon lusting lads.

From J & D's site:
Yes, there are rabbis out there with enough chutzpah to certify our products as kosher. If you keep kosher, the good news is that all of J&D's products are Kosher certified. Hickory, Peppered, Jalapeno, Maple, Applewood and Mesquite Bacon Salts plus Malt Salt are Kof-K Parve, while Original, Natural, and Cheddar Bacon Salts are Kof-K Dairy. Regular and Lite Baconnaise are OU Dairy. Please visit to learn more about Kof-K kosher certification and to learn more about Orthodox Union kosher certification.

Thanks for the info. For two decades at least, the use of textured vegetable protein has imatated the real thing. My first taste was "Bacos" which tasted salty and chemical. Imitation shellfish from flounder is one of my favorites. I asked my shrimp eating friend, he said the taste is similar to the real thing. Today chemicals can duplicate all foods. Love those jelly bellys!

Im also a nice Jewish (bottom) boy. I tried the bacon flavored lube with my Jewish boyfriend and we lasted over an hour and a half- I was bottoming as usual. He keeps Kosher and jokes with me that when I receive his penis its completely Kosher in my mouth and butt, but the lubricant really helped him become piggy and more verbal during our sessions...

Yes. Peanut butter would work for me, mmm. Love to suck long time, lol. I prefer the chunky kind. Those tiny nuts would stimulate and massage your shaft and man nuts....And of course the ropes of "jelly" that would squirt out would be nice and sweet to complement the nutty taste. Have to do some shopping. Low on peanut butter...


That looks incredibly gross. I have tried bacon flavored toothpaste as a joke and it was disgusting. Lube tastes gross in general. The natural taste of a man's ass and dick are good enough for me.

ok not trying to be crude but after reading it and thinking it over i would not want to try a lube that made my cock taste like any type of meat...if it tastes too good they might just bite down lol nooo thank you.

I don't know about biting down, but I would definitely love to nibble on you for a few hours!!

id never bite down hard on a hunk like you chuckie_85 i would how ever swallow every inch of your body that i could an i prefer your dic be all natual any way also althought the flavoring might make it aninteresteing new twist

breakfast yummy

If you wanna taste bacon then eat bacon, since when does the anus has taste buds?

Although I LOVE bacon . . . don't think I'll be trying this anytime soon. Maybe a breakfast with plenty of bacon afterward??? :)

Dribble some egg whites on his penis along with this lube and I have a complete meal!

Damn....Try eating before Sex!

Well, I'll give it a try as long as it gets rid of the awful taste of latex.

give me the taste of good ole clean musk any day.
Makes me harder and harder.

give me the taste of good ole clean musk any day.
Makes me harder and harder.

Many years ago, i wrapped a cooked cooled piece of bacon around my sausage and offered my partner 2 large eggs, bacon, sausage and my special sauce. He ate it up. Guess I was leading fashion.

I'd try it I guess lol
Who know maybe it would make veggies go down better too!

honestly if it tastes like their bacon salt or bacon popcorn I'm staying away from it. While I agree it tastes like something, I do not agree that something is bacon.

that said, it's an interesting thought.

Eww lol....silly boys.

I wanna try it. But im scared at the same time

Just use the grease out of the bacon pan.....but let it cool first! lol

i personaly prefer a boy to have the all natural manly or boyish ass smell if its to clean or smells like perfum or soap then it a turn off to me i dont liek the taste of soap or colone or perfum but the all natural smell will make me wanna bone that boy till jesus comes again