Gays and Underwear

October 6, 2011

The first “pornography” I ever kept under my mattress was a Jockey underwear ad from Time Magazine (circa mid-‘70s) that featured nine baseball players in their briefs. I, um, “referenced” that torn-out page for years before discovering more advanced fantasy material, but not before it permanently wired my brain. I’m still a sucker for a hot guy in a pair of briefs (or Speedo or jockstrap). Apparently, I’m not alone. From the moment Calvin Klein put Thomas Hintnaus’ bulging crotch on a huge billboard in Times Square, gays have been gaga for fashion underwear.

Even though we know we’ll never look like the model on the box, somehow deep inside, maybe we hope wearing it will make us more attractive. To some extent, it does – possibly because it’s taken a couple of pages from the Victoria Secret marketing playbook, with fabrics and styling to enhance the bulge and the butt. But more likely because it makes us feel more sexually empowered. And that is always attractive.

For the latest in underwear fashions online, check out my last underwear post on And to open this week's discussion: Daddies: What underwear turns you on the most when you pull down your Hunter's pants? Hunters: What underwear of Daddy's gets your mojo going?

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I'm a sucker for a thong! Anytime, anywhere, give me a guy in hot sexy underwear and I'm in heaven! Thanks for the feel good fantasy thoughts!

Check my pic

I find white briefs and white boxer briefs to be the best for viewing! Boxer shorts leave me cold. To each his own.

I agree! Tighty whities and tight white boxer briefs are the sexiest!

Who knows how long the Undergear and other catalogs languished under my dresser drawers and in other hiding places as I poured over them night after night? When Jockey came out with Elance style briefs fashion underwear went main stream. Enter the Internet and OMG everything and anything was available either to wear or enjoy. Trading underwear and jockstraps on line at various websites and even guys who marketed underwear and jeans simply by modeling them as main stream as eBay. I can recall fashioning my own "fundoshi" from a towel as there was no way I could order one and have it delivered to my house growing up. The types and styles I like vary as much as the men that model them. Square cuts, boxer briefs, jockstraps, bikinis and thongs all have their own appeal. I have over 200 pair of various underwear all of which I enjoy. It's just another creative outlet. Keep those styles coming.

Underwear is my favorite thing to see on a cute man, but he still needs to be cute t start with :)
All the models in the picture show here have the kind of body I like.... but to each his own.

Boxer-briefs and UnderArmour are my favorite.

Boxer shorts, boxer briefs or a jock do it for me. Thongs are an instant turn off, followed by bikinis. Tighty-whities are alright if they come off quickly. Boxer shorts are my favorite, though...always easy to slide my hand in to play with the goods and haul them out. There's something indescribably erotic about seeing a guy's junk sticking out the fly...especially if it's a hairy, beefy guy.


Underwear has a huge sexual charge for me, and always has, as far back as I can remember. As an experiment, I posted a pic of myself in tighty whities as a profile pic, and saw a noticeable jump in responses. Better still, a lot of those responses came from people who share the fetish.

i cannot resist a great looking pair of underwear. love it,love it love it! Have never found anyone who shares my passion, but I know you are out there. Tight fitting with spandex are my favorite, and trunks are my current silouite choice du jour. As old as I am I don't remember anything turning me on till the mid 70's - then I went alittle crazy and spent way to much money on skimpy and fun stuff. Still can't help looking whenever I get a chance, but only buy bargins now. Yea for sexy underwear!!

When I drop in front of my "hunter", I always take off his underwear with my teeth. Nice and slow, plenty of tongue and saliva. Ooops, did I say that out loud? Enjoy a thong or jock strap too, but that goes too fast. I note all the brands, the material, the weave, how my tongue feels against it. And once they are at his ankles, I take them in my mouth and...I better stop here. lol. .

Most undies are sexy, but my No 1 favorites are plain old white briefs, expecially genuine Jockeys with the Y front, Hanes, BVDs, FOTLs, Calvins and any of the others that hug a man's essentials. If out of the elastic, hair is streaming down a guy's legs, or his treasure trail disappears into that simple elastic band, so much the better. I think I developed this fetish because I went to an all-boys' high school in Boston in the '60s. When the bell rang for gym, all the hot, slender WASP and Irish boys stripped off their khaki pants. Underneath were tightey-whiteys, because that's what everybody wore. That image of those comely lads standing tall, proud, and totally unaware of their beauty in their cotton delights that showed off their various bulges and curved butts... well, who wouldn't love that?

Briefs for sure. Something nice a classy, usually in colors, from 2xist, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss or Emporio Armani. Yes, I am a label whore but on a sexy hunter that will get my motor revved big time. Also love seeing guys in Speedos. Always have, always will. Board shorts leave me cold.

Only wish these catologes would use some older mature guys' once in a while.......
with their underware, swimware :-) shows a lot of discrmation for sure.....even some older dudes look hot and sexy in good wears

Oh man, hot packages in tight undergear have always been a turnon. Now there is a lot more choices to get turned on over. Jock and speedos always do it for me. Jocks frame the ass nicely with that cum here look and use me. Thongs are great for showing off firm bubble butts. Of tight packages in spandex, lycra, nylon feel so fine rubbing bulge to bulge, squeezing ass and chewing on!

Love the name "Hint'naus" = "Hinten Aus" = butt out! auf deutsch

I love wearing jockstraps. Yes, I am a bottom. Not too much into the designer jocks. Like ‘em old school.

I guess its the “hot lingerie” factor that does it for me. Thongs and g-strings are too fem in my opinion but a jockstrap – oh just love it!

I like my daddies in boxers or jockstraps.

The first time I wore a pair of European cut underwear I could not believe how sensual they felt. Not only were "the Boys" kept nicely in place, it felt like they were being cupped in a firm hand allllllll day long. Cannot do without them now.

Oh I so love the underwear - hate it when one's playmate gets them off straight away - I like us to play around in them for a time before getting on with it. We have a couple of good brands here in Australia, aussieBums, and my favourite at the moment, Cocksox. I know I look like mutton dressed up as lamb in them but don't care - I feel sexy in them.
My standard day-to day are 2-exist and they are so comfortable and like the fact I am wearing something sexy underneath at work or wherever.
Always been a speedos fan since I saw a guy at the beach as a teenager with an obvious hard-on. I was a fan from that day onwards.
Don't like g-strings or thongs - don't like that strap up the cleft of my behind.
And so like, as has been said here before, a man's junk hanging out the fly of some undies.
Commando - not for this little black duck!!!

Tighty-whities, (checkered) boxer "shorts" and speedos on a cute guy all give me a rise. :-)

I love wearing designer undies, had a few generous daddies buy me some underwear they think I would look hot in. High cut trunks, briefs and jockstraps all big turn ons for me! Love wearing em, modelling them for daddy and getting them off ;)

Going commando is better. One less layer of clothing to peel off a man. Although Jockstraps are wonderful too, they give a great vewi from behind.

International Male Magazine was my porn, now I have to google them and see if they are still in business..

For many of us it was the bodybuilding magazines. That's the first time I remember being able to look at a man's body and be able to stare. Of course, in the early 60s, as today, they wore those tight speedo type posing briefs. On many of them you can clearly see the outline of their manhood. I also had an advertisement I liked a lot. It was for Mennen Skin Bracer or Aqua Velva. It showed the torso of a man wearing tight black leather jeans from behind. I long looked at that backside in those leather jeans and wondered what it must be like to be able to touch a man who looked like him dressed that way. To this day I like beefy men, hunky men in leather pants and nicely built men who wear speedos. I never really liked the smooth, young, thin swimmer types. Always went for the hairy, solidly built men. I still do! Oh yeah.

Staring at a mature guy involves physical as well as imagining what sort of character exists behind the image. It takes time and years to get to where the knowledge of a guys inner character adds a lot to the image and eventually then image is not as big a deal after you see how it feels to be bonded with special friends even as its natural to also gaze at guys at times but not in a way that lasts for longer than it takes to see the pictures in a mens undie catalog.

I personally prefer boxers/boxer-briefs. Swimsuit types doesn't do a thing for me. They models in those pics are too skinny for my taste. I like seeing some meat on the bones. If they show a nice bulge, fine. If not, then unwrapping the present is the best part. But to each his own.

i enjoy a man who goes commando!

Hi all,
I enjoy the feel of a nice pair of nylon panties. Borrow them from my wife and wear under my regular slacks and sport shirt to a local xxx movie house. I stand in the back of the theater and when approached and fondled love the expression on the persons face when they sense the slippery surface of the nylon material. When asked if he might open my clothing I always say yes. The fun begins as my belt is opened and my slacks are unfastend. They slowly slide to the floor and my penis rises to the occassion. It is sheathed in the nylon material and as fingers stroke starts to quiver. A moist spot forms at the tip. When asked if he might plant a wet kiss on it of course I say yes. He drops to his knees opens his mouth and engulfs the nylon sheath. I feel his moist tongue as it slides up and down my nylon sheathed penis. In a short time I spurt creamy cum into the silky nylon material. I feel his tongue and lips working on the material as he swallows the creamy cum. I quiver and shake as he does his best to retain the creamy cum. I slide to my knees wrap him in a hug and kiss his wet creamy lips.

There is something about a guy in white briefs thongs speedos that really turns me on. Is it the mystery of what lies beneath? Even better is when the jocks briefs etc are wet, suggesting even more pleasure to had once they are peeled back. Like to suck a guy through the material, getting him all hard and wet, before peeling them back to get at the meat underneath. Also what can be more erotic than a really cute arse in a nice tight pair of white briefs. Dream oh dream

Prefer commando here both on myself and the other guy...anyone else?