Quest for The Best: Lube

September 8, 2011
Quest for The Best: Lube

Relationships are sticky. Good lube may not solve your relationship issues, but it sure can help reduce friction -- especially in the bedroom.

When I first started having sex back in the last century, there were only two types of lubricants: oil based and water-based. Oil-based lubes provided the slickest lubrication, but weren’t condom safe. And water-based lubes tended to get sticky and dry out quickly. Then came the silicone revolution started by Eros. Silicone-based lubes were slick and condom-safe. But they were expensive and also really hard to wash off. (Which for me resulted in one very embarrassing Thanksgiving, when my aunt asked what in god's name I got all over her sheets that she couldn’t wash out!) Competition has brought the price down, but I still don’t like that slick filmy-ness that stays on your skin, even after washing.

Then, in London, I discovered Liquid Silk , the first hybrid lube. It's a creamy, light-weight, water-based/silicone hybrid that gives you the best of both types: long-lasting slickness that doesn’t gets sticky, yet rinses off easily with just water, leaving no residue. It's condom-friendly, non-staining, unscented, and comes in a convenient pump jar. Anyone else out there a Liquid Silk fan? Anyone else with an amusing, embarrassing or sticky lube situation to share?

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Agreed on Liquid Silk!

I have learned about this wonderful lube recently- High marks from me---It is heavenly for stroking when you find yourself all alone!!

Which is better Regular or Maximus?

I use both - Liquid Silk for stroking, but Maximus for anal exploration, it is more of a gel, and seems to work better for anal probing, whether digital or penile. These are the best lubes out there, they wash off and they don't stain the sheets.

One of each it is... Thanks. :o)

been looking for a new lube, thanks for the tip!

I knew someone in Dallas who used to tell a story about meeting a guy at a party and deciding to have sex. So they found a bedroom and started. They got through the kissing, stroking and sucking and decided that they wanted to fuck, but they didn't have lube. So one of them snuck down to the kitchen, stark naked, to see what he could find in the refrigerator. Bypassing the mayonnaise, he settled instead on brown mustard. He said the sex wasn't that good because the ground mustard seeds in the "lube" tore his dick up! He agreed that the story made him look stupid, but continued to tell it for weeks, to anyone who would listen.

I remember back in the late 80s jacking off in the shower with one of those new synthetic, had-to-have lubes and I got that slimey goo on EVERYthing. I had to use carburetor cleaner to clean the bathtub. If they only made lovers that tenacious..heck, sex would never end. Hmmmmm.

i thought this area was for issues not for ads........i guess im wrong

Back in the late 70's the lube of choice was a large can of Crisco next to the bed. Yup, Crisco! Got a new puppy, could not find him anywhere. Finally located him...after having gobbled down half the can. Not a pretty site.
By the way...if one looks at the information on the author of this blog, one will see that he writes about a number of things, among them, shopping, sex, food and travel. So he was traveling, found a new lube while shopping, used for sex, so he writing exactly about what he is on this site for. Trust me, there will be other blogs by other authors that will keep those who only want serious matters discussed satiated.

Years ago my doctor recommended Crisco. When the sheets were in the dryer it smelled like cookies baking.

Thanks for the tip and leg work, Billy- Been wanting to try some new ones and you narrowed it down

You're welcome, wuffbear. Glad to be of service :)

You're welcome, wuffbear. Glad to be of service :)

The water based stuff won't last too long so you gotta work fast, however if things are really on fire then sometimes theres no time to care about professional product assistance.

I never thought of the mention of a brand of lube here being an advertisement but a blog commentator pointed it out. Everyone's got preferences for sure though. Its not like anyone was told where to order anything though. Hope everyone has a nice day for sure.

i found this in a comment on amazon:

"The product sounds great from the descriptions and reviews, but after I ordered it I discovered that it contained Parabens. Parabens have been removed from many products because they are known estrogen mimics. I don't know about you, but I don't think that this is a healthy ingredient for a personal lubricant. Because of this, I've returned the product unopened. I think the company should strongly consider removing these compounds from its product, like many manufactures have. When this product is Paraben free, I'll reconsider it"

and another one:
"This stuff worked great till I read about the stuff in it! methylparabens, propylene glycol, glycerin...duh! no wonder i always got yeast infections after sex. it was the lube, not the sex!
try something like firefly or Liquid Goddess or I think even astroglide is making something natural (or at least free of the really crazy stuff) anyway, use google and find out why you dont want that stuff absorbed into your body"

Sex is not for the faint of heart. Exposure to nitrile or latex over time can cause allergies that will severely restrict your options if you ever need to have surgery. So one shouldn't use condoms. Of course, that comes with its own line of baggage. And stepping outside one's front door opens the possibility of being struck on the head by frozen urinal waste dropped from a passing jet. So one shouldn't ever leave the house.

There's all kinds of risk every day. How you choose to indulge that negotiation is your business. Whether or not it will kill you is anybody's guess. The only surety is that natural lubes suck.

Everyday, we expose ourselves to all kinds of chemicals. Risk/Reward. Check out the FDA Factsheet on Parabens.
Given the extremely small concentration in which these ingredients are used, I'm happy for the anti-microbial protection they provide. I don't keep my lube in a sterile environment!

Ms Manners say: when hosting an orgy, put away the hors d'oeuvres before the lights are
dimmed and lubes are passed around.

You have to remember, unless you're just jacking off, this stuff is going into your different than a suppository really. Sorry, but I'm not about to dose myself with silicone, petroleum, fragrances or any other artificial chemicals just for sex.

i wish i had done more investigation, bought it from the description, i found it dries up and gets tacky...i'll stick with swiss navy....its the best!!

Yes - Swiss Navy is easily the best.
It does not dry up, so you don't have to keep using more every 60 seconds.

I have found that a combination of J-Lube and Crisco works the best for my favorite past time - Fisting.

Good old fashion Virgin Olive Oil, its good for the skin too. Enjoy its cheap and works great

I use Wet Platinum which is a silicone based lube - I love it but, it is hard to get off and everything you touch gets the same coating. Thanks for the suggestion - I hope we can get it in Canada!?

Please, trust me.

The best lube, hands down is Astroglide X.
Make sure it's not just the regular Astroglide.

When I'm bottoming (which is most of the time) Astroglide X makes it so smooth and easy to get in, it's insane. Doesn't even compare to other lubes.

Maybe some of those expensive brand lubes are great. I wouldn't know but as a top, I discovered that simple hair conditioner works really great. Makes a hot man erotically slippery in the shower and smells nice in the bargain. I use it for shaving too. Double duty. Quite the bargain. Why spend more on the trendy expensive stuff.....unless you're into showing off your metrosexual creds?

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