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September 22, 2011
Category: Sexuality

Recently, I brought you a lube recommendation, this week, a related recommendation for condoms. Our sexual drive is so strong, it's often hard to objectively evaluate the risk/reward ratio of unprotected sex, and many of us don't use condoms as often as we know we should. Sex has always been dangerous, but life is full of risks we take every day - many -- like texting and driving -- more reckless than not using a condom. As if we needed another reason to use them, Japanese researchers recently reported the emergence of a cephalosporin-resistant strain of gonorrhea, at the same time that the CDC announced an increasing resistance to cephalosporin antibiotics in US strains of the disease.  While gonorrhea is rarely fatal, the complications of living with the disease untreated are significant.

If a better condom would help you help you use one more often, I offer these two recommendations: For well-endowed guys, LifeStyles Kyng are an XL size condom that offer a better fit and less latex odor than the better-known Trojan Magnum (no difference between the blue and gold packaging). For daddies and hunters of normal size, the Japanese-manufactured Crownand Beyond Seven condoms are thin as possible, offering maximum sensation. Whatever condoms you use, I’ve linked to some discount sources to buy them at

Any other favorites you’d like to recommend? Or ways to make using them less of a drag?

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Hi, guys. I just started using condoms again after a very long monogamous relationship. I find that I can barely stand the smell of the latex. It's overwhelming. Really ruins the moment for me. Less smelly ones would be great. Also, a question that I had heard a long time ago, there was concern about the chemicals that come on the condoms from the factory causing a risk increase in anal sex. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

@Scruffleupagus - A while back, many lubricated condoms included nonoxonol-9, a spermicide and microbicide that was later associated with higher STD rates. Avoid it. I find the LifeStyles brand condoms have a very low latex odor (much lower than Trojans), but if even that bothers you, try a polyisoprene condom -- LifeStyles markets them as SKYN, and Durex markets them as Avanti BARE. (Replacing the older polyurethane Avanti condoms.) And be sure to check out under "Sex and Relationships" for the best mail order pricing.

And then there's female condoms. They're the revenge of the Secret brand deodorant, made for women and used by men!

They're actually pretty good, they're very resistant too. Just don't do the stupid thing to wear one and jump from penis to penis because even though you might not catch any STD's but the other guys who are going to push it into the a sperm-filled pouch will.

Thanks for the info, folks. Much appreciated.

And here's another plug for the anal (female) condom. It's stronger than a regular condom, so as a bottom I feel safer and can relax more. For the top, it feels more like barebacking, which a lot of men find really hot, especially if they've been grudgingly using condoms all these years.

They are non-latex, so the problem some guys have with the smell is a non-issue.

The new generation of these condoms (FC2) are also a lot less crinkly (a major problem for some guys who used the first generation and hated the noise) and you can get them by the dozen from several web sites, which brings the cost down significantly.

They do take some practice getting them in, but I found a hard dick or dildo work just fine for the initial penetration and placement.

Have wondered why a lot of things are said to be 99 percent effective so as to avoid law suits from not being 100 percent effective. Condoms and anti-bacterial soaps always allow for that 1 percent to be non effective. Dont drink before the show begins or you might forget precautions alltogether and lose track of the list of names that have been over for some fun that cant be remembered the next day. Always be safe because it all gets around after awhile if even a few are careless about protection for sure.

I found some great Condoms in Germany recently - MySize Condoms -
they are great for Guys with thick dicks,
since MySize provides them from 47mm width up to 69mm -
which even surpasses those Magnum Condoms from the US.

It's great to finally found some Condoms that cater for thicker Cocks & I am no Vacuum Pumper! It was always a hassle to get the regular sized Condoms fitted without force, taking always more time to fit then for regular sized guys...