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August 19, 2011
Daddyhunt DILF

While we've covered a good number of well known DILFs this summer, we are saving the best for last! There are plenty of Daddies I'd like to fuck right on this very site, and by golly, I think most of you will agree that they should be honored as such. Our Daddies deserve just as much praise, so we've added a bonus entry to the Summer of DILF! Here's how it works:

Just click on the link below and you'll be taken to our secret ballot location. Enter your Daddyhunt member name, and the name of your nominee, and let us know why you think this person should be nominated as one of the 5 Daddyhunt DILFs of Summer. Whether you've got a friend, a lover, or just a hella hot guy you admire, give them a little ego boost and put their name on the ballot. All nominations will remain confidential, and the top 5 members with the most votes will be featured in an upcoming post and honored as one of the DILFs of Summer. Voting will be open now through August 31st and we'll reveal the winners right after Labor Day.

Click this link to CAST YOUR VOTE! Only vote via the link guys. Any nominees in the comments below will be disregarded.

Best of luck to everyone and keep those votes coming in!

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Killer smile.

great smile

WOW,,,,,,,,,,,you are tripping ? T
There are too many Good Looking men in here to just pick 5

big woof!

A great smile sometimes takes photographers 100 photo shots or more to get the perfect one. I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that people who smile in photos were just saying "cheese" for the camera guy.

I think I steer toward mature guys because as a kid I was around teachers, youth orchestra director, etc. I wasn't fast paced enough in the social sense to be able to keep up with the quick social pace of people my own age back then and when the classroom would split up into groups then I was standing off to the side with everyone else being much more socially spunky.

A teacher or director would start telling stories based on experience where they had been through a lot of stuff and so weren't in the same confusing stage of life as the eye candy usually is. The stories leaves a person with a sense of depth beyond learning how to be quick enough to fend off the verbal spanks.

I could pick one here in the interest of playing along but what if I pick one who is on steroids without knowing it. It's like having a sports hero with great stats physically and gamewise but then finding at some point that they were betting against there own team and then the physical image somehow gets altered by that.

I think "woof" is for more assertive guys. "Arf arf" maybe is for the ones who get jumped on by the "woofs" :)

He does have a great smile and a face to die for

What's with the muscle-bound-porn-star-looking guys in the promo picture? Are we really that shallow?

OK, I'm that shallow for the one in the middle.

Good opportunity to post the gym gods. I made a list of well over 60 who deserve the accolades.

All the images scare me and make me anxious. I have been attracted to average looking men all my life. I like a man with small pecs and somewhat filled out betweenn knees and sternum.

Pro-wrestler images would be kewl here with someone getting pinned in compromising positions with legs in the air and submitting to the assertive Daddy - hehe.

Well.... anyways.... Some of the issues some guys have down the road apiece stem from having searched for a friend in the same way they search for lunch-meat at the Deli. That's fine for guys who do that where long term expectations are seen realistically as a result.