The Gay Clique Results Are In!

August 10, 2011

Remember a while back when we asked you contribute to a survey over at Noodles and Beef? Well the results are in, and they're even updating them in real time. You can go over and check out the results of the survey and see where you fit in. Though I'm not really sure I consider myself a wolf, some of the findings are interesting. Others are pretty expected. Nonetheless, it's an noble effort of categorizing the gays.

Let us know in the comments below what it says about you and if you agree with the results.

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If a gym rat is chubby, muscular, hairy, dominant and into the Oprah Winfrey cult stuff then that could cover quite a few categories which works out good I suppose because some guys can then attend many different conventions and events and fit into several scenes in one way or another. I fit into being more of a follower but that doesn't mean some sort of leather element or overbearing Master thing is involved.

The ole fashioned Ricci and Lucy thing has its gay equivalent - hehe. Nothing is all that new as time goes by in terms of fads.

The pants and lingo change a bit but the need to belong to a private group or club mindset is always popular but be sure to not lose ones own personality and individualism within any click. In-control attitude control is present in every click in one way or another with rules, slang terms, style of dress and so on.

Everyone should leave the city at least for a few days and see what its like to observe nature apart from the cities crowds and see if all that labeling back in the city makes sense once you leave the can of human sardines behind for awhile.

Even if your part of a group then remember that their is also a community around you that matters just as much.

If I take my computer reading glasses off, that "pic" looks like a

"Birds-eye view of some unrolled condoms of various colors". ;)) Just an observation....

they might be a tad tight...

"Condoms of many colors" - a reference that's almost Biblical!!

I don't believe in labels. I am who I am.
Cliques are for (and from) junior/middle school & high school.
Why do we need them now, and what purpose do they truly serve?
Just asking the honest questions.
Peace -

Not a very interesting article. If a guy turns you on, that's all there is to it. Someones personality doesn't fit in any category.

I would have to agree with the posters here. Our persistent desire to categorize each other only serves to build barriers between us all. And that in these crazy days is the very last thing we need. What about our attempting to be truly revolutionary and try to tear all that crap DOWN?
Start assessing a person on their own merits.

Totally agree with the sentiment you expressed. Unfortunately we are all still human and human nature is to gravitate to a comfortable tribe or clique. Evolution or millenia, if you will, has created in us men the need to be surrounded by trusted individuals that have common interests, our tribe. For most of us there is not much we can do to avoid this. For myself, my group of closest friends are gay former/current Mormon divorced dads. Body type seems to be less relevant to us than the life experiences that create commonality between us. I still associate with all types pretty much, but I know my back is covered by my 'clique'.

I too, don't believe in labels, and belong to no clique other than humankind. I prefer to be an individual, and judge individuals solely by their deeds.

I've been classed a chub, like I needed a pie chart to tell me that! I do agree with a few of the posters here that these sorts of surveys only build more divisions between us, especially when the person posting this has a 'leather bear' friend who is ace at needlepoint, and a 'twink' friend who can beat anyone hands down in a wrestling match. We're all different.

How many of us were outsiders growing up? More to the point, how many of us had to behave a certain way (flamboyant or overly clever or extra butch or ...) to just survive?
Then we move on to re-classify (or get classified by others) into segments that still seperate us. I understand this need for comfort and identity, but it is limiting.

The fellas I don't understand are those that somehow realized at some point, because of their physical and/or certain personality attributes, they are undeservedly above the rest and disrespect other gay men. Their comfort zone is not acceptable.

100% agree with Davidroy. Why not put your CURRENT face picture and at least one full body picture in clothes on your profile and let that one guy find you "just right"?

On self-imposed lables. I'm ambivalent about those. On one hand, they let you in on the mentality and the worldview of the guy. You call yourself a daddy and that's enough for me to read on your profile, because I'm not looking for a 50 year old teenager with unresolved emotional needs. Also, self-described caring gentle souls with nicks like "cumdump4U" give away sheer stupidity, saves me the trouble of paying attention.

On the other hand, it's misleading. If you are over 40, your gut's so big and saggy you can't see your dick when peeing and have to feel for it, it's unlikely you'll look the truth in the face and call yourself "a vivacious chub", you'll cringe at the flashback of gorging on supersized meals the last 20 years and type "bear". I LOVE a nice round hairy bear belly, but if the only pic on that profile is of a face, I'll be deceived. Oh, and I meet more chub-lovers on-line then I ever thought existed, why not call a spade a spade and assist them in finding you?

I'm relatioship-oriented. For a quickie, enjoy whatever fetish you got. For something longer-lasting, categories help. I'll march in gay parades with the jaded butch and the jaded nelly. I'll fight for their rights in courts, but I won't let either anywhere near my heart. If you define yourself as inseparable from harnesses, jewellry, sounding devices, stinky socks or anal juice, you're not it. I might go for any of these or much further on a horny sunday afternoon with my partner, but he must represent himself as a human being first, not as a mannequin for lycra, cop sunglasses and a cloud of sigar smoke. Those guys rule themselves out and right into the NSA box, up to their necks in bundles of unattached, mute, rusty strings.

So, I vote for the lables to stay as long as you want to use them. Just think twice about putting the lable upfront on your profile instead of back in detailed descriptions.

I took the survey with a "why not", tongue-in-cheek attitude. The results had me on the floor in hysterics! Friends have been telling me for several years now that I'm a Daddy, but I just couldn't see it. Well, I now have to give in and accept the "scientific proof" that I am indeed a Daddy...

They are great if you take for what they are worth, not much. I came out of a marriage and kids at age 49. When I did start exploring the gay world there were all these labels, which i did not get. Still don't. Not sure anybody else does either. almost all the examples in the earlier posts talked about crossover labels. I think it would be hard to find anyone who fits in just "1" category. that beings said some do give clues to physical appearance and some to interests. Now if I like hairy guys, I do. then I'll look for a "Bear label" first but also muscles, well men my own age, or maybe not if in my profession. So a part but not a big part.
One last little thing, what the hell is a "pup"? Baby otter? "Bull" my first exposure to that one, hmmm! And the difference between a gym rat and gym bunny?
It's a kick thanks for the survey.

I was over labels when I left high school. All this does is take me back there, someplace I'd really rather not go. But I can't ignore that as human beings this sort of thing seems to be in our nature. My problem with it is the same childish & selfish behavior that was exhibited in high school via people in cliques following people into adulthood. Yet we all seem to want the same. We all seem to want someone mature, sane, accepting of what we want and believe in. I'd think the community would be less divided that being the case. Sure have your labels if you want. They can be fun to a degree but like with anything else once it's taken too seriously it gets out of hand.

Theres always new labels coming along and group behaviors that create a sort of cult-like atmosphere of correctness within the group. The "Oprah Winfrey" syndrome of the 90's was like a secular version of TV evangelism generating big business from getting genuinely good people to open up and then offer therapeutic products, diet plans, cook books and on and on with the products and services where the profit is shifted away from church groups and into the pockets of professional con artists armed with many labels that are just plain silly for sure.

What are the defitions of these terms. What by chance be a wolf?