The Best of Southern Decadence

August 28, 2011
Southern Decadence

The infamy of Mardi Gras put New Orleans on the map for one of America's wildest party towns. But there's another party straight out of the Big Easy that's been said to give the debauchery of Mardi Gras a run for it's money. Southern Decadence, what many refer to as Gay Mardi Gras, is a week long party of bead throwing, penis showing goodness!

Here at Daddyhunt we as well as our friends at BigOlBoy are happy to sponsor the Bear Breakfast and Contest hosted by Phoenix Bar on Sunday, September 4th and we need all our Daddies and Hunters who are going to Southern Decadence to represent and win one for the home team. The New Orleans Bears are holding a contest from 10 AM to 2 PM to find the best of the Bears, and that includes beards, butts, and bellies. Go on and make your Daddyhunt brethren proud!

What: Bear Breakfast and Contest
Date: Sunday September 4th
Time: 10AM until 2PM
Who: New Orleans Bears
Where: Phoenix Bar New Orleans

Best Bear Beard
Best Bear Butt
Best Bear Chest
Best Belly
Bear Daddy
Bear Hunter

Meanwhile, have you ever been to Southern Decadence? Tell us what it's like so those of us going for the first time know what type of fun to expect. And if you're going this year, drop a note in the comments for a Southern Decadence roll-call!

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I'll be in New Orleans for my very first Southern Decadence

Heading down with my best friend for a great time. Everything is hot in NOLA. Wil love to meet DH Hunters (and Daddies) while there. What will you do for a strand of beads?


I'm going for my first time and hear its a blast and quite an experience.

So I assume RobHeartsDH is going for his first time also? If so I'll definately be at Phoenix Bar cause I wanna meet him.....its a crush thing!! He's pretty hot! HeHe!

The term "southern decadence" might trigger lots of analysis at a Boston coffee shop till ya feel like tipping their coffee over or pinch them on the intellectual seat of fancy pants and see if they are alive enough to jump up and squeal.

If you and alcohol are a good match, then you will have so much fun.
Please keep hydrated, it will be HOT in all meanings of that word.

Proud to be DADDY 2011 (Southern Decadence, New Orleans). Thank you to DaddyHunt for hosting this iconic contest!