Our Interview with Black Sheep Radio

August 26, 2011
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Daddies & Black Sheep

On Tuesday, our CEO and Co-Founder Carl Sandler was interviewed by Black Sheep, a weekly radio program on Global Voice Broadcasting.

Black Sheep is hosted by Andrew and Chad who describe themselves as "two quirky, overly analytical (and overly anal) Virgos that pride themselves on always having something to say about anything and everything." The show covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from politics to man-scaping to dating to "life, lube, and Liza."

During the interview, Carl, Andrew, and Chad discuss our site, defining what a daddy is, the Daddyhunt Code, Androsexuals (yup - the term was new to us too), daddy culture, and how to make the most of your Daddyhunt experience.

To listen to the program and to subscribe to Black Sheep for free, visit the iTunes page for Black Sheep.

During the show, we mentioned wanting to hear our member's success stories. Have you met your boyfriend, life-long partner, good friend, business partner or comrade on the site? How has Daddyhunt enhanced your life? Share your stories in the comments below or email your story to daddy@daddyhunt.com. We will give away one year Supporter memberships to the best entries picked by our Daddyhunt staff. You heard us. One. Free. Year. That's a $90 value. You might even get a chance to appear on Black Sheep yourself!

Already a Supporter? We got another prize for you up our sleeve.

This offer is good for one week only. So share your stories today!!

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Sounds like a kewl show. Information about lube is a good theme for a show as long as the more intellectual topics that can induce a passive state of affairs come after the lube advice is tested in horny laboratory conditions.

Cool show check it out guys...
Thanks for all your hard work Carl and the Daddy Hunt Staff!
I am proud to be a supporter.