Nakedcation is the Best Kind of 'Cation

August 12, 2011
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There I was standing out on the balcony of the Belvedere hotel looking out onto a gorgeous Fire Island morning on the bay. Freshly showered and with my towel wrapped around my waist, I surveyed the scene around me, dropped my towel to my ankles and raised my hands to the sky. I was having my very own naked Evita moment and it was magical.

Fire Island has always had a very special place in my heart, but it's only been recently and with much reflection that I've realized how much I truly love the freedom that the island brings. In years past I've always stayed in the Pines, but through my roommates suggestion I decided to give Cherry Grove a try, specifically a lovely hotel called the Belvedere. I had heard stories through my roommate about the Belv and seen pictures of it's Venetian interiors in books, but the clothing optional hotel was even more exciting to see in person. It's been around for over 50 years, though recently renovated, and it's unlike any other structure on the island with plenty of charm to spare. The real excitement, though, lies in the simple fact that at any point in the day or night, you can roam around in all your naked glory. And while that may not be for everybody, there's a thrill that comes with being uninhibited in the presence of other men and allowing some of your voyeuristic/exhibitionist fantasies come to life.

I was doubly impressed with how friendly everyone at the hotel was - staff and guests alike. Even in Cherry Grove, which, for visual reference, is like a very miniature Provincetown, people seemed to be unaffectedly chatty and kind. Having never been to Cherry Grove and only hearing of their amazing pizza, I wasn't sure that I would like it as much as the Pines. But it was such a cute little reprieve from the non-stop party in the Pines, that I would definitely sign up for another stay there. It's the best of both worlds in a way, and with a 15-20 walk between them, you can split time and return the quite fun of CG when you've had to much of the Pines. That's not to say that the Grove didn't know how to party. The underwear party on Friday nights at the Ice Palace was another bit of uninhibited fun that I was not expecting to enjoy as much as I did. But it seemed like everyone I knew in the Pines came on over to partake in the semi-nude fun. The party got wild and my friends and I loved every minute of it. If you think dancing alone in your underwear at home is fun, wait till you do it with a DJ and about 100 other sexy, sweaty, underwear clad men. Now that was a hot night.

While I was there my roommate connected me with producer of the underwear party, Daniel Nardicio, and he was kind enough to want to hook our Daddyhunt readers up! If you mention Daddyhunt at the door you'll get $5 off the cover. And doubly fun, if you have any interest in staying at the Belvedere after Labor Day, just mention Daniel's name and that you're a Daddyhunt reader and you'll get a discount off your room. If you can, try and take up either of these offers, it's an easy trip and hell of lot of fun.

What are some of your favorite summer getaways, be they gay or non? Let's get some good vacay suggestions going for next year in the comments below.

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I'm a Cherry Grover, even though I only go for a week every few years or so, but I've never stayed at the Belv. Mostly because I've been too damned poor and/or because I could never find someone to take me and spring for the room. Other than staying at friends' houses, I stay at the Beach Hotel. It's not what I would call a luxury experience, but the rooms are very clean, the staff is lovely, it's within immediate walking distance to everything including the beach, and the fellow residents are usually absolutely delightful (I say usually because there's always the occasional bitch, but they're easily avoided). And in my case I have the added advantage of being friends with certain longtime members of the Grove Elite, so I can get information in advance about what's happening where on what night. (BTW, I didn't realize that Dan Nardicio was a DH member. Hi, Dan, if you're reading this, and I'll talk to you on Facebook!). Unfortunately, for those of us who went to the Grove regularly in the 1980s when every night was a constant party, it's not like it was. I still love it and my heart is there, but it takes a little bit of mental readjustment to the fact that there's only so much to do there anymore.

Where I really love to vacation now for a gay getaway is Ogunquit in Maine. It's always been described as "P-town minus the attitude," and I'd have to agree with that. I personally love to stay at the Ogunquit Beach Inn, run by my pal Greg Testa and his longtime lover Mike. It's a great little B&B a block of Main Street and a block off Marginal Way in the other direction, leading directly to Perkins Cove. The one downside, and it's not even really a downside, is that they don't offer what could be called hot breakfasts; forget about eggs and pancakes. But the breakfasts are copious; you get everything you could possibly stick in a toaster (toast, English muffins, Pop-Tarts, etc) plus cereal both hot and cold, enough fruit to feed a small farm, and all the coffee, tea or juice you could ever handle. All this plus a lending library with books and DVDs, wine and beer in the afternoon or after dinner, and more extras than you could possibly imagine; it's not unusual for Greg and Mike to order some pizzas around dinnertime and ask if you'd like a slice or two, or for them to make phone calls to the local shops on your behalf to make sure they've got what you're looking for, or to check with the local trolley schedule and also the movie theater or the Ogunquit Playhouse. You have to bear in mind that Maine is a VERY conservative state and that the party doesn't really get started until the weekend, but that's true of any gay resort town. But there is never any shortage of really fun things to do, in or out of Ogunquit, and I couldn't more highly recommend taking a few hours in Portland to have lunch at DeMillo's and then the boat ride around Casco Bay. One last caveat: the rooms at the Ogunquit Beach aren't huge, and in the smaller rooms you might end up with your nose pressed against the door if you're in the lavatory and need to sit down. But their Coral Room on the top floor is huge and beautifully appointed. If you decide to reserve for next summer, please tell Mike on the phone that I referred you. I don't have their phone number off the top of my head, but you'll find it through Google. Enjoy, gents!

WOW I have not been there in 20 years... what a fun time that summer was!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE both Cherry Grove and The Belvedere!

I've spent 9 full summers working on Fire Island in The Pines and P/T at The Belvedere in The Grove.
Rob hit it on the head when he said, basically, that you can enjoy the best of The Pines then return to the mellower Cherry Grove. You truly get the best of both worlds that way.

What he didn't mention is that staying in The Grove is about 1/3 cheaper than staying in the Pines!
The Pines is great -and it is it's own creation -but financially speaking: It's living in the past. The prices for the "shares" are in a real estate bubble that they're in denial about.

I still love The Pines...but after my shoot next week I'm spending some time in The Grove...and at The Belvedere!

Regarding The Belvedere; you can see more of it by buying or downloading Michael Lucas' Return To Fire Island I & II.

I was massaging guests poolside poolside when they started shooting there. Watching that shoot was one of my strong inspirations for getting into the Adult Industry.
(Try watching Rafael Alencar bury that vacuum cleaner hose of a cock up a willing butt and tell me you wouldn't want to jump in too!)

It seems that at least once a month every summer some studio (large or small) shoots porn scenes there. It's so extensive a grounds that you often don't even know that there was a shoot...But you might get lucky like I did.

I'm also grateful for the clothing optional policy.
I was first discovered by photographer Michael Harwood there while taking an outdoor shower by the pool...which he shot. It lead to more photographers, more modeling and eventually films.

I'm very grateful for the Hot Daddy-Energy that The Grove and the Belvedere embraces!

No interest in Fire Island at all.

But I do wish the pic on this article was of a certain blogger demonstrating the freedom policy rather than the hotel itself...

LOVE Fire Island !!!!
Pines = Upper Eastside
CG = Upper Westside.

Im about 3 hours from P-town and I been there only once to see what the big deal was and first thing I noticed was an attitude that many of the guys shared and I had thought that they were all about being themselves instead of characters. Then it felt like I was watching an "Oprah Winfrey" episode where it's like everyone there is part of one single mind instead of being themselves. Acceptance by peers sometimes makes guys conform but after years of that sort of thing then they realize that the social scene is not their true friend beyond a certain sort of generic social correctness protocol.

The flamboyant guys at a P-town gay restaurant were acting like a gang (same texting and chat lingo, the doogy howser Hollywood look, etc) just like leather guys do while thinking that everyone outside of their group is incorrect. One group is falling off the bar stools and the other getting wound up with abnormal amounts of energy refreshments.

Basically P-town seemed like a song and dance in perpetual dress rehearsal mode where the scene helps to hide from exposing their less fashionable traits and habits. I suppose its like watching a broadway play or being at Hollywood awards show where you don't have a clue as to what lurks behind the smiling faces and tuxedo's.

Wow, I haven't been to fire island [ cherry grove/ pines ] in approx. 25 yrs....but when i did go..went every year. always had a great time with my friends...and got to meet some new freinds as well. In 2009 [ by accident ] i discovered a great place in the Pocono Mtns. Its a Gay Campground located in the Lehigh Valley [ Pocono Mtns ] Its called " THE WOODS CAMPGROUND"....its an Clothing Optional place. Plenty of activites there to do. Each Weekend is a different "Theme Weekend".....You can bring yr own tents, Campers, Travel trailers, RV vehicles etc...and if you don't have anything to can rent a Cabin, or a Luxury Trailer.too. Just check out their web site.>>>
I've been going there since 2009 each year for 2 weekends. This year will be going on Aug.26th ...and again in Sept.16th. Hope to see you all there ~!!