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August 22, 2011

In our new social media saturated world, the self portrait has become king. To paraphrase a quote from He's Just Not That Into You, when trying to make ourselves more appealing these days, we don't get a new haircut, we update our profile picture. And if you think about how much we're trying to get across in just a few photos, it's a lot of pressure. Take this guy for example. It's most likely a candid, but you can really get a feel for the type of guy he is. An utterly sexy stud, who with the combination of the bike, the tats, and the cargo pants is giving off the rough and wild vibe. It's also safe to say he's not terribly shy given that's he dropping trou in public. Now the origin of this shot is unknown, so it may very well be a professional shoot, but my point is this: the more complete a picture you can't paint in your profile shots, the better. Aside from wanting to look your best, it's always a safe bet to infuse your pics with as much personality, interests, or details as you can.

What do you think makes a great profile shot?

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What makes a great profile shot is a FACE!!! Honestly, why are so many opposed to putting their actual face in a profile pic? I know there are some who say, "Well, what if someone I know sees my pic here and finds out I'm gay/into younger guys/into older guys/looking for a date online/yadda yadda?" Honey, if they're on this site they're looking for the same thing, so get over it. And then there are others who are just too damned insecure to show their face in a profile pic. Well, I can't speak for everybody, but if you think I'm that shallow that I'd judge you based on something as silly as what you look like, we're not a match anyway. In point of fact, the guy in the pic above would probably turn me off because of the sunglasses; I always assume if they wear shades in their pic it's because they've got a lazy eye and they're insecure about it, or they've got something else to hide. I'm also not into ink, so he's not my type anyway, but I digress. SHOW THE WHOLE FACE!!!

The Face is King!

To "TheDivineMisterM" I kind of agree, but with most responses below...I BEG TO DIFFER!! How many profiles are there without a photo describing in detail all their specifics of their search of their perfect mate or their own accomplishments? How many profiles are there with nothing but an excellent mug shot or a fantastic photo in some far away exotic land show casing a perfect set of abs with absolutely nothing else written? Some have pics of nothing but private parts while professing to look for "LOVE", while others present their adorable pet... or a classic car... or the perfect home. All in an effort to attract someone with something in common.

It's all about MARKETING... the "product" will not sell if the contents do not deliver AND the label is not appealing to the eye! How many of you actually read the article?
The writer is basically explaining that a picture is worth a 1,000 words and then asking What do you consider is a great profile SHOT? Ironically the most critical comments below are the ones seriously lacking in their own "marketing"!

Sheesh... SHAME ON WHO??

I agree with Mantikcore's comment about the private parts pics. Sure, you're gonna look only to find his profile is nothing more than "bathroom stall ad" for a quickie. I am one those who does have a pic of me & my adorable pet, & me and my classic car. Dogs and classic cars happen to be some of what makes me..me. A picture is worth 1000 words so why not include some pics of you and your interests. I am more attracted to those kind of profiles/pics than a "GQ" type or private part any day.

Your profile pic seems nice, but the rest of it makes you seem like a real A-hole (not to mention your bitchy post). People are here for different reasons.

I'll show my face/private pics to guys that want the same thing, or think I may be compatible with for what we're after.


Well Said... have to say I love men who love animals, can sometimes tolerate someone not showing their face if they are new or married, but of course prepared to send a pic via email.. but most of the wankers out there who just prattle on... oh well you know what I mean.. cheers man.. great work.. Clayton



Dumbest post ever... do you have any idea ahow many guys take an "utterly sexy" pic and then in person, they open their mouths - only to have purses fall out!!! All I like to see in a pic is a clear face shot... hopefully a handsome one. Enough with the posturing and posing altready (yawn) - just be a good looking guy... oh, and a smile / smirk wouldn't hurt either... kinda like the pic of RobHeartsDH... I rest my case.

Looks kinda crass and unsexy. I wouldn't want to know someone who does this in public. I like to see people's eyes anyway.

i dont find this sexy at all, as matter of face a guy that shows off his body to fast isn't looking for much more than sex, and probably carrying some disease. it just not appealing to me at all, Especially doing this outside, i would not want anything to do with him, coz u can tell he's an exhibitionist and I wouldnt want my mate sharing this with anyone.

Just not sexy as you think it is. Leave some mystery....

why is he hiding with the sunglasses? he's showing all his body but can't show his eyes. the eyes are the key!

Because the sun is too bright..lol

When I was young ( now 63) I would have been called a 'face queen'. I can over look some body flaws for a face I find attractive/ interesting- not classicly handsome either. And the eyes- those are the key to his soul-if he can't/wont look you in the eye- move on.

I get sick of looking at the local room because they never change anything photo or text
it is so static
But then you also have the ones who change so much to try to fool you...

How can you win when so many do not support the system, and Lurk, enable change again, by their life choices ? You need to discourage LURKERS WHO ASK FOR MONEY I KEEP BEING HIT..........................................................................................................................

How can you win in this format ?

Where does all this negative mail come from?
Come on guys, eye candy is eye candy.
You don't have to marry him.

True, Eye Candy is Eye Candy. He is definitely NOT Eye Candy...

True dat!! That is rock HARD eye candy! Yum!!!

No pic is worth what a guy is worth in person -
and no guy is worth idolizing in image form, that is a brief and fleeting moment - it is not sustainable and one note.

Stop making guys that may not be as appealing, feel like their self-worth depends on this exampled image.

I don't think you read the article. I say the image and information "can" convey information. You may be projecting your own issues into the site as well as the the article. Stop judging and perhaps you won't feel so judged. Life may not have given you roses but they still grow.

wow he can be my daddy anyday, bet he lives across the ocean though :(

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes is also nice to hear the words coming out of the guy in that picture. Bottom line: personality is more appealing than muscles, tats and tight pants. If you have nothing in your brain and your soul, you are not that great to begin with.

It doesn't look like a wanted poster. So many guys just look into the camera as they they are getting a mug shot. What in the hell does that show?????.....maybe no imagination.

To RobHeartsDH,
First your story is stupid and immature! Secondly, you don't know where the pic came from or who it is (and not to mention in your prepubescent writing you are also judging it..which is half the problem with your generation) Why not use your own picture?

So why the f&%@ are you using it (the picture) without the owners permission?!?!? I know who the person is in the photograph and will be happy to let him know that you used his picture for your article without permission..word of advice, instead of spending your day "thinking about daddies" perhaps you should read up on copyright and useage and privacy laws..truly grow up.

Actually, it is you who need to read up on copyright and usage and privacy laws.

The copyright belongs to the photographer who took the picture.

In terms of privacy, the subject is doing what he is doing in public, where he can have no reasonable expectation of privacy. If he went into a bathroom or his bedroom and was changing there, and somehow the candid shot was taken, there he'd have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If you're changing on the street in public, clearly you can have no expectation of privacy.

In terms of usage, the photograph is not being used for directly for commercial gain, and generally the laws that restrict the use of images for commercial gain only apply to celebrities.

So, perhaps you need to brush up on the applicable law yourself before sounding off. Just some words of advice.

Another useless article.....shame on you!

He's hot. I'd bang him (or vice versa).

This is a really idiotic post. Do you really believe this shot could possibly be candid? It is so posed and so stereotypical, it's funny. I guess if you're interetsed in guys that look like everybody else, this might be hot. Give me a smile any day.

You guys are acting very silly about this post.
It is a BLOG, therefore RobHeartsDH posts HIS opinions.
Not yours.

that's fine he can have his opinions but not others photos..he should use his own.

Why would he use his own if he's not talking of himself?
Now that nonsense just doesn't make any sense at all.

Also, the eye candy is a very decent looking daddy ;)


Damn! All I can say is .... this is damn HOT! with the motorcycle!

Humm one person's sexy might be another WTF! Here is the problem wilth branding and self advertisement which the net forces upon all of us who participate in such sites, it is all subjective based on one's values template.

This dude aint sexy here because: I can't tell if he is getting off the bike to pee or take a dump or to moon some truckers who cut him off; I hate shots with sunglasses that hide or tint the eyes is he high or cross-eyed or has something else not being fully disclosed ocular speaking (not that any of the aforementioned would constitute a deal breaker but I think having eye contact is full disclosure even for the sight impaired-Did he ride that bike or is just posted next to it)

Why drop your pants but leave your shoes on? Conclusion self branding leaves everyone with a host of unanswered queries about a person that maybe totally light years from the actual human and their potential superficial attractiveness

To me, being yourself and stating your likes, dislikes, your hobbies, sexual positions and all of the hoopla; are what makes a person stand out. Why go through the whole barrage of things just to make yourself more appealing to others when it might not work? Doesn't make sense.

Great looking guy, he's hot. Beautiful body and well kept.

One guys fun in profile is another guys major issues based on infinite cultural variables. Thats why there are groups in the first place and even among those groups there is an infinite variety of things where one way of bliss is making someone else just laugh. When similar attitudes meet then things can fall together and I suppose that was the original reason for various clubs of different flavors. Some folks would laugh at the idea that things of attitude, character and maturity are the most attractive things as time goes by because those things are not valued earlier in life because theirs no time to stop and think in between those power drinks that carry some people from club to club.

I was shocked when I realized how much stuff in the wellness centers and tea shops are making people hyper and I figure that eventually a coffee shop or nutrition center may have the same warnings as a tavern for not allowing certain people in.

Its a good thing that everyone is not compatible with a lot of people. That means we are not at a point where its time to wear white citizen uniforms and respond to everyone with precise terminology. Hope everyone has nice day for sure.

A blog with good ideas about making your profile more personal suddenly brings out gay guys' stacks of preconceived strict rules!! A very personal profile is a great screening device.


For me, a great profile shot is a clear picture of a guy's face, with no cowboy hats, baseball caps or sunglasses to create shadows or otherwise obscure his facial features.

But a great profile shot is not enough to interest me because I'm really looking for something long-term. So I also want to see well-written text (spelling and grammar ALWAYS count!) that shows the man is interesting. One big turn-off for me is a guy who says he's bored. I find that, in most cases, people who get bored are boring people. A man who has real interests, things he is truly passionate about, will always have something to occupy his time AND something that he cares about to share with others.

If a man can engage my mind, there are very few things that I will refuse him!

VERY well stated!! Bravo!!

Somewhat silly article, and really should not be taken too seriously I think. But come on guys, sites like DH are primarily hook sites, correct? If I wanted to post G-rated pics and find some meaningful LTR I'd go to Gay.com or another such site. And I love to come to DH and see hot guys showing it all. It's virtual world. Let's take it at face value and not read much more into it.

The point of the article is to get a guy to think about what he should have up on his profile. In my opinion, the article itself is much better written than any of the posts criticizing the writing itself, content aside. Additionally some of the criticisms come across as shrill, in my opinion.

It seems whether one would like to see a face shot or a body shot, we mostly agree that appearances count. No surprise there. I do agree that a clear face shot is helpful for a profile. Other photos showing off other sexy features, interests, demonstrating personality are always welcome. I think a mug shot alone is a little disappointing. I'm surprised by the number of shots showing dirty mirrors and messy rooms. Those guys don't put much thought into how they represent themselves for the most part, I think. They tell me "look at my face/body and how little I clean and how messy I am." Would a guy like that brush his teeth before a date I wonder?

Spelling and grammar count. Profiles with little or no written comments don't impress me because I'm looking for someone who can think and express himself. It's ironic that some writers on here have very brief profile comments.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that guys who do NOT lift to build muscle , tend to value fitness and lifting aesthetics less than guys who DO lift to build muscle as the guy in the photo does. That's alright. If I personally don't share someone's interests I just move on and keep any comments I might make friendly.

Make your day a great day!

A crowd of people on a bus, in a market or at an event (party, convention, etc) tend to all look very different and yet its a total mystery as to what they would be like if they began to speak or if you spent a week with them. Someone can look overly tough in leather and end up being a dentist if you actually get to know the guy who at first might cause people of fashion correctness to label him based on public image without knowing him. A guy who talks a bit loud at times and uses a strong word on occasion is less intimidating than when someone in a suit analyzes you in soft intellectual patronizing tones. The more down to earth slightly louder spoken guy sometimes is a lot more fun as well. What counts cant be totally framed for sure.

The point the author was making was if you're submitting multiple photos, use some that express your personality. I believe the blog is called eye candy. If you don't like that flavor-you don't have to eat it. Come on guys, we're men here. There's enough candy for everyone. Let's respect and enjoy the different flavors

Looks alright to me...

The guy is hot and the article is clearly provocative. if you don't like what the guy is offering then move on. If you do, then chat him up and see what's there. This guy whoever he is , is putting his best foot forward ( as it were) , the pic is telling you more about what he's like then a basic head shot. The sun glasses tell you something about him as well. Lots of profile pics are no better than passport photos. This guy is clearly giving you what flavor he is. That's all to the good.

I don't think the shot is all that good. His eyes are covered by large sunglasses, he's partially bent over (away from the camera at that) so one doesn't actually see his chest. He has tattoos, but is it quality work? Can't tell. Is the bike his, or part of the background? Can't even tell if he's in his 20's or 40's, by this shot. All it tells me is that he's bold enough to drop his pants in public and proud of his gym-earned physique.

I say each to their own profile!, isn't it about expressing yourself and how you feel about yourself as an individual!!! Photo shot no photo shot who really gives a F... when it's all about fantasy anyway!!.