Win 2 Tickets to Asbury Park's Biggest Gay Beach Party SANDBLAST!

July 15, 2011

It's been a slow and steady climb, but these past few years have made Asbury Park, New Jersey one of the best East coast summer gaytaways. It's got the perfection proportions of beach, nightlife and gays making it one of the most enjoyable and relaxing vacations around. I've been going down there for the past few years and every summer it seems to get better and better. And the guys? Well they seem to be getting better and better as well. With an influx of men from the tri-state area, including a high number of hot Daddy-types, the beaches there provide plenty of eye candy and connections.

Next weekend (July 22 - 24) brings one of their most popular weekends, Sandblast, and it's one of my favorites. What began as a showcase for this wonderful gay-friendly beach town, has become quite the party weekend force to be reckoned with. Because now in addition to the annual beach party, they've packed in a whole weekend of gay summer fun, including the Daddyhunt sponsored Riptide Pool Party. And if you're a fan of Logo's A-List Austin will be there to join in on the fun (word around town is he likes to get naked). And we just heard from host hotel, the Berekeley Oceanfront, that there are only 50 rooms left, so if you're thinking of booking, do it ASAP!

Now onto the fun of winning some tix and your chance to dance and frolic in the sand. Just tell us which beach attire you prefer and why: speedos or board shorts?

Oh and if you do make it down and see me, please be sure to say hello. I had a great time last year, and I'm expecting this year to be even better!

You can purchase your tickets online here or pick up your Beach Party Pass at any of the following outlets:

NYC: Wear Me Out on W 47th, Steel Gym on W 23rd.
PHILLY: Metro Men's Clothing on E. Passyunk Ave. & Matthew Izzo on S. 12th.
ASBURY PARK: Etc... on Cookman Avenue

Advance tickets & hotel at

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board shorts! I think they give you a sexy look while not giving it all away! kinda makes you wonder what he's packin under there! and besides it's more fun to explore than just to sightsee!Doug @

Those summer legs on the jersey shore look best in speedos. I was in Asbury Park on one of the last late summer days last year and I was more than impressed with the direction the city's downtown and boardwalk is moving! That god for us gay folk.

I'm more of boy cut shorts... They are short enough to be speedos but have more support than a speedo. My favorite ones are these black and red Andrew Christian with a drawstring. They make my bubble butt look so good. Watch out daddies, theres a new boy coming to town!

I'd go just to meet RobHeartsDH!

personally i prefer nude, but since that might be fround upon on asbury beaches my modest board shorts will have to do. i'm lookin forward to gettin there this year...heard i missed a real good time last year. peace...tom

Shouldn't we be allowed to wear attire that enhances our best ASSets - without looking like braggarts?

Some people should'nt wear speedos! Some would look better NOT covering it up with board shorts! There are mirrors in stores nowadays that help you realize whether you look good or not before making your purchase... in any case, most stores will allow you to return/exchange the merchandise after you try it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

So, perhaps, a loose guideline...
How comfortable are you in your chosen swimwear?
How uncomfortable are you willing to make those around you?
Do you think that your P.A. might be safe from curious fish?
Will spending $600 for that loin-cloth make you look better?
Does your suit make your rear look like it should have a zip code?
Does your mother know you're wearing THAT?

In the end... Are you really showcasing your best asset?

WOW Board Shorts of Speedo's? Hmmmm Let me see.....
I lost 54 lbs since AUGUST worked hard after my divorce (from a woman no less)
So now I want to make up for lost vote

Ide love to win this tix and sample the fare I used to be a HS Football Coach so now its My time to Shine ha ha

Lets have fun men!!!!!!!!!!


Speedos are specifically made for "swimmers". Not whales, but professional (think: Mark Phelps, an OLYMPIC ATHLETE.) I'm in pretty good shape, but you wouldn't catch me DEAD (well, maybe dead.......) in a pair of Speedos.

IMHO, even competitive bodybuilders look STUPID in Speedos. They're made for swimming, not posing.

Whenever "swimsuit" season comes upon us, there is one individual that needs to 'get my approval' before he dons his "Speedo".

Conclusion: Speedos are made for those that CAN wear them. Period.

Being a Latino and having a good package, the best way to show it and flaunt it is a speedo even a bikini version if you want a minimum of tan lines, if you got it show it, it is my motto.

I like a little mystery, so i say boardshorts.
Speedos are ok, but to me its just to much advertising. it also depends on the bodytype wearing the speedos.
so definetly boardshorts.

Certainly board shorts are more in tune with my general physique. I'd love to go to Asbury Park - haven't been there since I was a teenager in upstate New York. Used to love it and would love to see what it now has to offer! :-)

Speedos! They make a really sexy tan line.

I am a individual who was blessed and cursed at the same time with low hanging testicles. Speedos would definitely create a very cramped up situation. So I would obligated to go with the board shorts. Less restriction. More room to grow. Unless I wanted to to get some attention. In that case I would go with the Speedos and keep reaching in and adjusting the package. Or maybe i can find someone to do that....

Boardshorts.. if I were maybe 20 then a speedo..But alas my youthfull days are gone and I doubt any respectable daddy would be in need of being 20 again..
so its boardshorts for me

Speaking of Daddies there are the ones that may get teased by the mainstream for feeling good in a certain ole fashioned way where if you look enough then eventually you may see a couple of guys where one is wearing short pants and tall socks and you cant help but realize who the Daddy is which can be a very warm fuzzy thing for sure even as its something that is not as publicly seen on a beech as much as other social elements because its a more private type of thing usually built around a feeling of home and bonding. Something that's not seen at the beach or in a club that much doesn't mean its not their in abundance within a community in a more domesticated fashion.