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July 23, 2011
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Lord knows its too hot to masturbate right now in most of the world, but this new book may force you to get all kinds of sweaty with yourself. Kevin Clarke's new book PORN: From Andy Warhol to X-Tube is just the tome I've been looking for. In it he takes a look at the history of porn and how the industry has evolved along with its stars. And as we go through the history, he explores some interesting topics. For instance, with the amount of amateur porn out there (and how easily it can accessed), what does that mean for the rest of the industry? With tons of pictures and interviews with some of our favorite names in porn, we get a really well rounded view of the porn we love so dear. And we do love it dearly, don't we?

I often think about the ways that porn has changed the way we interact with our sexual partners. In some ways, I think it sets an interesting expectation. Add to that the fact that we've become so good at getting ourselves off (with porn's assistance) that it can make for being physically intimate with an actual human a challenge for some. I guess at the end of the day, porn does a great job of reflecting our society. Think about how much of a stigma there used to be decades ago versus now. Seems like as our community has come out and proud, so too has the porn industry. It's no longer taboo.

What do you think about porn's effect on our sex lives? Are we better for it? And to keep things light (it is the weekend after all) what decade do you think produced the best porn and why?

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The 70's was the decade for me... even though I was too young to know about such things, I fully enjoyed it in the 80's.

Porn being such a subjective thing... later on, I got rid of the few DVD's I had in order to make room for my newly found UFC fantasies. Nothing hotter, to me, than two half naked sweaty apes duking it out for dominance... now, where are those damn poppers!!!?????

I remember being exposed to my brother's Playboy and Penthouse magazines around 13 or 14 and besides not being aroused at all, I thought the women were silly and artificial (though that had more to do with how they were deliberately portrayed than reality, I decided). It didn't take long for me to start masturbating to the advertisements that featured men selling underwear or whatever. The first time I became aware of gay porn was around 1979 when a gay friend gave me a couple of magazines. Not knowing anything about gay men at the time, I got this strong impression that being gay was about wearing hyper-masculine clothes (leather, cowboy hats, uniforms), having big dicks and being available for sex anytime, anywhere. My heart sunk a bit. Then videotape exploded in the '80s and all types of porn was suddenly available - Falcon and Colt come to mind immediately. Even AIDS couldn't stop porn - a lot of us got our initial introduction to condoms that way. I'm a little fonder of '90s porn because it finally began to feature regular guys of different ages and sizes (dick and girth). For me personally, 21st century porn (gay and straight) has become considerably more graphic, with an emphasis on really extreme scenes - like Treasure Island Media, Dick Wadd, Bound in Public, Straight Hell, etc. I'm not saying I can't get off on more graphic, extreme vids (I can), but I'm often put off by certain things - like when no one kisses anybody else for 90 minutes, or gratuitous use of the word faggot... and I don't have the space to cover the fetishization of barebacking. But perhaps the best thing about easily accessible porn from the last decade is that it does celebrate the fetishes. Whatever you're into, it's out there. I have a few fetishes my boyfriend doesn't share, but I can find satisfaction online and he's cool with that.

Pornography is, to me, a necessary and useful thing to have around as an accesory to ordinary sex, or an alternative to ordinary sex. It's a bonus for the tired traveler - alone in a place where he doesn't speak the language or doesn't know anybody. And it's an absolute necessity for those people who are alone and lonely, but that does not mean it should only be for them. Altho the numerous porn producers of today give us hours and hours sizzling sought-after models and every scene imaginable, I still fondly remember those days 40 yrs ago when I drooled over Colt Studio and the "classic" Joe Gage films, i.e. El Paso Wrecking Corp., Kansas City Trucking Co. and L.A. Tool and Die.

>>>"In it he takes a look at the history of porn and how the industry has evolved along with it's stars."

There's no apostrophe in "its" when it's used as a possessive.

Quite right!
Perhaps the exposure to excessive amounts of porn and the consequent frequent masturbation have blunted his proof reading powers.

seems more and more of the sweet young things I have dated from sites like this are EAGERLY signing up to do porn. At first I was geriatrically appalled but now I am nostalgically envious. Would that I had had the courage to follow MY muse in the seventies! Getting paid to do what you enjoy and otherwise post for free on social networking sites is a brilliant idea!

Amateur porn has opened the emotional and physiological flood gates for humanity. Sure "classic' porn showed people who acutally faked their performances quite well (most the time they really were into each other) and the sex was good and nasty. However we were at the mercy of the industry setting a standard of what is attractive.

Now everyone has the chance to show off their flawed bodies (and to a lesser extent, their souls sometimes) Not only are we allowed to show off our flawed bodies, but we are encouraged by many others by their appreciation for what people really find sexually stimulating. Both physically and emotionally, the masses have control of what is "sexy" finally. Bears having sex with other bears. Older guys having sex.. you get the idea. Sure, I still find myself popping a huge load when I watch Rick Donovan pound "Matt Ramsey's" ass, but I have options available to me that were never offered up before.

Real choices are the penultimate arousal for me

It does seem to be true that porn in high definition causes guys to enter a world of Hollywood glamor and perfection that is achieved with lots of specialists and professionals who adjust lighting, sound effects, lyrics, scripted characters, etc. Many times the guys are not even gay who are getting paid to do the scenes. Porn eventually will be in progressive 3-D I suppose and that's where guys fall into a "spanky and the gang" way of acting whether its being one of the boys at the saloon, fitting into a coffee shop and toxic herbal scene at the wellness center or professional group environment where buddies are there only because of a group fee being charged by a professional to get the lonely people together in a very scripted brainwashing way where eventually everyone talks, chants and thinks alike but then the group thing ends and the reality of being alone in a city full of 3-D cell phones and texting becomes apparent. Porno can distract people from really getting to know and trust anyone where they feel safe behind firewall and virus security software. Perfection does not exist at the porno studio or in the hallowed halls of Congress no matter how many books and movies are thrown at us.

Very interesting comments and blog. I do know several guys in their 40s and 50s who watch hours of Internet porn and this seems to be their only sexual outlet. Some have stopped having sex with an actual human being, and while this is certainly "safe sex," I wonder if they may have lost the capacity for intimacy and relationships. Maybe they think a real person can never match up to their porn fantasies.

I think that comment is an over generalization Daddypeter. While I do know a few guys who have hidden their penis behind porn, I would say that many men .. str8 or gay, do, in fact, watch lots of porn, and still manage healthy relationships. In fact, there is a study (or 40) that have shown watching porn can be a healthy release of imagges or ideals.

great post man!

The slowed down, shot and shown from a few different angles of the most massive of climax shots quite often always gives me a nice buzz. Porn is just fly on the wall webcam these days, with no fantasy element. I only saw70's/ 80's porn for the first time in the late 90's when I became old enough, so was almost an immediate transition to present stuff of today for me.

Porn isn't the be all and end all, though is certainly far more pleasurable than a straightforward jack off. Kurt Wood loading up Sean Storm with his enormous love muscle in 'Ass Blasters' never fails to have me spurting buckets

I knew was gay from an early age and it did not help that I had a much older brother who was dealing with being gay in the world of 60's and 70's and he had a hard time, he never really came to terms with it, and when he died from AIDS in 1989 it was a relief.
Saying that he used to have playboy and penthouse and sometimes playgirl between his mattresses and when I made his bed for spending money I would find his magazines and would look for pics with the guys in them, I fell in love with Marlboro Man, too. I dreamed he would come and swoop me up on a horse and right out west into the sunset. Well, fat chance for black kid, huh? Well it was for awhile, I met my Marlboro Man in 1987 and we were lovers until he died of AIDS in 1992. I loved him and I loved porn and he let me have porn and I enjoyed a lusty romance with him.

So porn has its place in our history and it should not be vilified for an evil that the Bible beaters make it out to be. Give it a rest, people!! Looks like a lot of people from our generation will be the pornography of another generation so, live and let live.