Win A Pair of Tickets to the Biggest Blowoff Blowout of the Year in NYC!

June 23, 2011

If ever there was a time to go to Blowoff, this Friday, June 24 would be it. Word around town is this hot and hairy party is going to be epic. Great if you have your tickets, but less so if epic also means sold out. But fear not friends, we've got you covered. We're giving away a pair of tickets to this very special Pride edition of Blowoff.

Just tell us in the comments below where you had your best Pride ever. The winner will be notified this Friday morning via their Daddyhunt inbox.

As of this post tickets are still available so check out for tickets and more info!

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My best "Pride" was the last one in Atlanta where my partner and I were allowed to ride our horses. For years we had been a part of the gay rodeo community in Atlanta and for years had ridden our horses along with the SEGRA/GAGRA float.
My partner had been diagnosed with lung cancer. The rodeo committee had decided not to have horses in the parade but were good enough to make an exception for us. While I have continued to go to PRIDE, that was the last year that I participated in the parade.

My best Pride was the year I moved to NY - the year after 9/11. I had moved here from the South and was looking forward to experiencing it based on everything I had heard. Ironically, I was in NYC the year before on the weekend of Pride on a business trip. But was so busy, I was not able to experience it. Then in September, the Friday & Saturday before 9/11, I was in NYC again for a job interview. Of course that next week, everything had changed. I ended up getting a different job and was able to move here in the end. What made it so special was going to the Parade and other events with new friends as well as having friends from down South come up to experience it with me. Those are some of my best memories - a time to be really Proud! :)

Best pride thingy was when being in Vegas with a friend for a few years and its about the only time it wasn't raining at an event so that was special for sure. Folks have to remember to not get the image of what being gay is about from watching TV and productions though. Speaking of "epic" its a shame that epic movie effects are done by computer to copy and paste an image of a soldier over and over till it looks like a huge crowd that never looks quite real.

Ha ha, brilliant blog

Love the comment I love older men, so fuck you ..
It is lovely to see youth standing up for what they believe in bravo