The Road To Folsom is Paved With Leather (and Beer!)

June 15, 2011
Folsom East

It may not be as big Folsom West, but the wicked leather street fair of the East, makes for an incredibly kinky fun Sunday. Now in it's 15th year, Folsom East is back this weekend for all kinds of fun and debauchery. You'd think with all the bondage displays, beer and pie-eating-out-of-people's-asses contests that the party would be hedonism at it's best. And you'd be right. But very few people realize that all the proceeds go to gay charities like past recipients The LGBT Community Center and The Anti-Violence Project. So you can have your ass cake and eat it too!

The great thing about Folsom East is how casual it is. It's a place where kink and vanilla co-exist on one judgement free block. At one end of the street you're hanging out with your friends at the beer truck, while just down the line, you can hear the painfully pleasurable screams of Daddy whipping his man. And there's plenty of hot Daddies and Hunters on display in various states of undress, which can be the real draw of the day.

Help me out though, should I bring back my Black Party attire? To harness or not to harness. That is the question.

Folsom East takes place from 2 PM to 7 PM this Sunday, June 19th on 28th Street between 10th and 11th. $10 Entry. Keep an eye out for us, as Daddyhunt will be representing with lots of swag!

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I vote yes for the harness! You look very hot in it!

well thank you! i hope more people like so good! and i want to meet them....

Only one judgement free block on Folsom street in that city after decades of community development and attitude adjustments? - hehe Not sure if they still have the spanking bench sponsored by "MansHand Films" where they would donate a buck to HIV awareness for every swat on the naughty bum while bent over the bench. 50 bucks for charity and someone is then definitely rubbing their sore bum for sure :)

And when you're done ..come see us in Folsom Street by the Bay :) We'd love to have you along..or at Dore Alley in July!