Gay Marriage in New York: Call Today!

June 21, 2011
Evolution of Marriage

I promised myself I wouldn't get my hopes up this time. After several failed attempts at bringing marriage equality to New York, I wasn't going to put myself through the elation and subsequent devastation of prospective gay marriage bills past. But here I am waiting with baited breath for Albany to make a decision one way or the other. We should have known by last week whether or not gay marriage would rain down upon the state, but now things have been delayed even further. We're just one vote shy of making history and granting marriage equality to more than 42,000 New Yorkers. And being the largest state to make it legal, this could be the beginning of something even bigger. But we've got to keep the pressure on.

That's why we're calling on all our Daddy and Hunter friends, especially those in New York state to call these senators now and ask them to vote in favor of gay marriage. Opponents of gay marriage, like asshats who would rather give up a Super Bowl win than let gay marriage pass, are out in full force and our voices of support need to be heard. With the vote taking place this week at any second, apathy just won't do. Whether you want gay marriage for yourself or not, we should all be afforded the right to choose for ourselves.

Please call and voice your support:
Senator Gregory R. Ball of Putnam County (845) 279-3773

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. of Suffolk County (516) 882-0630

Senator J. Kemp Hannon of Nassau County (516) 739-1700

Senator Andrew J. Lanza of Staten Island (718) 984-4073

Senator Betty Little of Glens Falls (518) 743-0968

Senator Mark Grisanti of Erie County (518) 455-3240

Senator Stephen M. Saland of Poughkeepsie (845) 463-0840

Senator John Flanagan of Long Island (518) 455-2071

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who holds the key to bring this vote to the floor, can be reached at 518-455-3171. Please call and ask him to bring this to a vote.

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Rob, you certainly sound and look like marriage material. It will pass. If not this year, then next. It's inevitable. Thanks for sharing your passion with the rest of us.
Peace, Bill

I think our biggest problem with this issue is that nobody has made any effort to distinguish between "marriage" (a RIGHT which states can grant) and "holy matrimony" (a RITE which only a recognized religious institution can grant). The gays I know are more interested in marriage than holy matrimony. Even if every state passes a law recognizing same-sex marriage in the same way opposite-sex marriages are recognized today, churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious institutions will still have the right to decide which couples they will marry and which they will refuse. So same-sex marriage need have no impact on holy matrimony. Besides, the gay churches (like MCC) and the gay-friendly churches (they know who they are), will probably still perform religion-sanctioned rites of holy matrimony for their same-sex couples. But the bigoted, narrow-minded religious right all across this great country, can rest secure in the knowledge that they have prevented same-sex marriage (except, of course, where they haven't!).

I agree w/the previous comment. I have said this for yrs..We dont necessarily need sanctioned marriage by any religion. We should be going for MARRIAGE in the legal sense. Im sure that most gays wouldnt be dissapointed if they couldnt get married in a church. Look at all the right wing religions who dont want us anyway. Unfortunately its the political efforts of these churches that ban us from marrying in their institutions..Not the teachings of Jesus..Im so "over" the hypocracy of the Catholic Church in particular.....Amen!

Marriage equality would be nice, but why aren't we putting this much effort into employment rights? In most states, including my own (Michigan), you can be fired just because your gay. No other reason necessary. This needs to be fixed. ENDA needs to be passed!

Well I look at it this way, it does not need to be law , I have had my patrtner and I together for 25 Years, and if you have a good Lawyer things are fine that way too, I have all the Trappings of a Traditional Marrige , and all this political stuff you can have it, Me being gay does not define me, I Have Much More to offer and Im a lot more Complex than to define it that way. But there are those that say Hey WE Want a Law!! We Want to Shove it all in your face!!! well go ahead wont do much but make you look like a fool in the end. :)

I am happy to see the bill get this far, and hope it does clear the hurdle for another historic moment in my life. Divorced and currently single, I dont know if I'll ever marry again, but I have many friends that have been together for years and look forward to marching down the aisle.

It is hard to understand that couples joining in some of the pride parades have been together 25, 30 or even more years and have been held back from marrying the one they truly love.

God bless America. I am sure we will see this happen in NY State shortly and hope it leads to more rights and freedoms nationally.

In response to k8aa17, it's not about "shoving anything in anyone's face". Until gay couples are seen as equal to heterosexual couples within the law, we are relegated to a second class of citizenship. Perhaps your lawyer is able to protect you in many ways, but you still do not have the same rights that a married couple has. As an example, my partner's health benefits are offered to me by his employer but because we are not married I am taxed on these benefits. Demanding equal is not an aggressive stance, it is a defensive one. We need to stand up for ourselves as equal beings and not just accept the status quo.

Thanks for this 'nycupstatesbud', until marriage equality is a reality in all 50 states and territories, then people in long term relationships should keep a living will and revocable trust, for you homeowners, please get a power of attorney for and with your partner. I think people that believe that they are equal to hetrosexual couples just because they've covered most of the bases with a lawyer, are not looking at their situation with eyes wide open. The fact is, if there is no marriage equality, then for those of us that can't benefit from full equal marriage are just 'playing house.'

The marriage bill does not mean anything unless a same sex couple can relocate anywhere in the country or the planet and have their union recognized, which it isn't outside of the given jurisdiction, in this case New York. For all intensive purposes it is still second class citizenship status. And for those that like to believe they can live okay with the 'trappings' of marriage shored up by a good lawyer, like you 'K8aa7', what do you think would happen if you or your partner suddenly became incapacitated from an illiness or an accident? Do you think you could see your partner if he were in a coma in a hospital? Are you in position to make descisions about his health and well being if he were on life support? Unless you both have an iron clad living-revocable will & trust you will be treated as an outsider. A legal legitimate marriage insures that that doesn't happen.

No one is 'shoving anything in anyone's face' as you put it 'K8aa7', We live in a nation of laws, but, a nation that pays lip service to 'equality', Maybe all those people that fought for equality looked like fools in the beginning, but as it was said during the civil rights of the 1950s and 60s 'We'd rather die on our feet than to go on living on our knees'. Living with this illusion that one has all the 'trappings' of marriage without the legal document or the nuptuals is a cop-out.

"It does need to be law, that is what civilized societies do."

And for those that are concerned about divorce, well, you pick yourself up and try again. One should not let one bad relationship cause them to throw in the towel anymore than that one or two times of falling off a bycycle when you were a kid. You know what you did, you picked yourself up, and the bike and tried again.

I agree dean089, Employment Rights should be a high priority with LGBT people. With the reactionaries that were elected to Congress last November [ which the American people are now experiencing buyer's remorse], we are but a few legislative moves away from having hard fought legal rights we won 35 short years ago. Take a look at how women's reproductive rights are being challenged. If these extremists are attempting to control a women's uterus, and are successful, then it will be nothing for them to start picking on a bunch of homosexuals.

I am so glad that NY hopefully will get the bill and equality will be there for you guys to have. I live in the UK and same sex marriages are a fact here. I am happily partnered and we had our ivil partnership a year ago and yes they do say it's just a signature, BUT ( and that's a BIG BUT ) you've got no idea how much better things are. We as a couple feel stronger. We did not have a big party, just a small circle of friends, I don't want to "shove" my sexuality in anyone's face but if a heterosexual couple can hold hands and kiss in public SO CAN I ! If a heterosexual couple can wear rings and those rings mean something SO CAN I. I am not going to advertise my sexuality to anybody but i don't want to be told that i can't have it just because religious beliefs and so on ( don't want to get on with this and priests and boys and... and .... ) As for divorces.... well with a marriage you get the choice for divorce after if you like. Yes it's more complicated but...... so what !?! Another thing is that if something happens to me and everything my partner and I have built and made together will go to my family and he will be nobody really ( even though he'd be the one next to me ) This is the BIGGEST issue I had and i am good now because I have that little right so everything WE have done is OURS by law.

So good luck guys, hope you can get married and don't be shy for invites, eh ;) lol

Marriage Equality is important for the reasons you have mentioned 'sexypld', I witnessed so many relationships rendered 'irrelevent' when one partner took ill and was incapacitated; Especially during the 80s when AIDS was then a death sentence and not a chronic condition, such as it is today like diabetes, or a catastrophic injury.

Back then when two men were in an long term relationship and one of them took ill and eventually died, the family survivors circled like jackels and vultures. It was sad and tragic to watch this madness. Most families were civil but there were some that took any and everything that was not bolted down. Legally there was little the surviving partner could do. This is why marriage equality is important, not just for the welfare of those that can marry, but it is beneficial to society overall.

And....It should be a 'Federal Mandate', and Federal Law, that cannot get handed to the states as a states rights issue.

The truth has been presented and it allways will remain . Regardless of the quivering lips of the frightend hiding behind the lies that spit , when they should be doing what their heart requires ... swallow it !!

It was fun in Greenwich Village last night after the announcement was made.

The bill has passed last nite. This affords same sex couples the same rights and privileges of "straight" marriage... that also means that we will be able to get health care benefits of our partners plan or vice also means we will be subject to all the rules of NYS divorce laws. not enter into this contract hastily. You will be subject to the rules saying the courts will judge you in terms of infideltiy and financial affects. So be sure if its right for you and your partner.........A pre nuptual agreement is something to look at and if you think you cant be sued for infidelity..think again. I believe in love and marriage..but dont use this new right as a toy.

i quite agree with "muzyqman" our problem is that nobody has made any real effort to distinguish between marriage. I think its high time someone or should i say we stand up look into this issue.

A small group eventually is unable to steer a majority crowd of cattle for the gains of the few. Reality of things isnt always peachy to every persons little wishes. Thats where you make a world with friends and forget the community fads and cultish events that come and go with time and be oneself apart from thinking we have to put the world on a collar and leash. Hmm... hehe