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June 17, 2011
Big Ol' Boy

When John March came up with the idea of a new brand of apparel line for bigger boys, he was prepared to face an uphill battle. These days, coming up with an idea that hasn't been thought of already, or for that matter a url that hasn't been taken, is hard to come by. But buoyed by encouragement from seasoned professionals and friends alike, John created Big Ol Boy. As it turns out the more he researched, the more he found that there was a huge, no pun intended, market for this kind of clothing line. A graphic designer of over 30 years, and a member of Daddyhunt, he brings a mix of playful and macho to his designs, which include t-shirts, baseballs caps, and long sleeve.

When I asked John what it meant to be a Big Ol' Boy, something they affectionately called larger guys in Southern Oklahoma where he grew up, he said that it was really more of state of mind more than anything. Whether you're big or heavy set, beary, tall, muscular, or a regular size guy with, shall we say, some other big asset, the Big Ol' Boy has got you covered. Big Ol' Boy plans to roll out more and more pieces every season so the site never gets stale and keeps people coming back for a visit. Keep an eye out for some new summer apparel, including tank tops, and some winter wear in the fall and winter.

And now on the the contest fun: we're giving away 5 sets of the Big Ol' Boy tees and hats in the above picture this week. Just let us know in the comments what makes you a Big Ol' Boy and you could win big. Winners will be selected on Monday and notified via their Daddyhunt inbox. Good luck!

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What makes me a Big Ol' Boy. Basically two things I am the definition of a Bear. My shoulders and back are so hairy you can actually braid some of it, actually someone did once. LMAO. Weighing in at 235 lbs with a 38" waist, and a belly over the belt line makes me a big boy. Now combine that with my age, you got your Big Ol' Boy.

I'm more of a Big Ole Daddy than a Big Ol' Boy...but there's a boy in all of us, big or not.
I'm not the biggest of the big boys but I have a healthy respect for them all.

Only 5'9", 150 pounds, endowment average, but graced with Big Ol' "Boys"...does that count?

At 5'8" and 260 pounds I really am a big ol' BOY! Big belly, big booty, big personality, big heart, and a great big smile! What more could anybody ask for? ;-)

ESSENCE... mostly in character, but at 43, only 5' 7" & 230 solid lbs... I'm no pushover, either physically nor mentally... but it's all a moot point, if we don't have strength of character and a moral backbone to carry ourselves!

More of a good ol boy from idaho that has grown into a big ol boy. My heart is my biggest part and with the help of the gay rodeo and the city of denver I have raised over $300,000 for charities around the country. Helping someone else to be a better person makes you a bigger person.

When you keep hearing, now that's a hot big ol boy/daddy, you start to own it!
I own it!

Since I was born I've been a Big Ol' Boy, and things haven't changed. People used to tell me it was baby fat, but it's just grown to be a big ol' piece of me. I wouldn't change it for anything.

What a great line opf apparel! Would love to wear it & look forward to the release of the tank. No doubt I fit the physical description of a big boy - and absolutely agree that it is a state of mind, more than anything. Ideal perspective. Beyond filling the shirt with an 18" neck & 46" broad chest, i believe I exemplify the boy characteristic over the traditional daddy role. At 47, I'm too young at heart to be a daddy; I'm active & energetic, hard working & passionate. Best of luck with the entire line - I know it wil be succesful for you, Rob.

I used to be a big ole daddy at almost 300 lbs., but I've shrunk!! Still not petite and never will be. I think the shirt and cap are great!

Even though I'm shrinking a little bit, I'm definitely a Big ol Boy. Short and heavy, daily I have less hair on my head and more on the rest of my body.

6',1", 280lbs, 58'chest, 48" waist...nuff said!!

It's true about attitude stuff in that way. Most of the time people don't even see themselves unless they spend tons of time at the mirror. When your being yourself in daily life then your not even aware or caring what anyone thinks about appearances because the spirit of things is forever even as people come and go. Stereotypes fell away once I had a chat with a PHD that was a big ole boy in leather and then bumped into a doctor that was quite kinky and then bumped into a substance abuse counselor that had lots of pill bottles in the cabinet to get those legal highs that come from various herbs and spices at the nutrition and herbal tea shops. People say goodbye to the old school bar scene and then embrace the even older world of meditation and the incense and herbs that get them high as a kite. There are lots of big ole boys in the professional world and even some people in Congress have home play areas where they take off the suit to be submissive boi at night and then get back to the bossy legal personality during office hours.

I'm a big boy and it is about time that someone made big tee's 5'11 300 here keep up the job of making the tee's and everything else

Being a Big ole Boy is about having the right attitude, knowing that who you are is more than just your waistline, that being who you are is about owning your size whatever it is.
Knowing that sexy isn't just for underwear models with 28" waists, it's about using your wealth of experience and using your big ole heart for loving all and for being loved for who you are.
I'm proud to be a big ole boy!

just ask the folks on daddyhunt what makes me a big ol boy!

I'm slim, great ass, great fun, a good ol boy height. and fellas am i wrong in saying i'm beyond entertaining and fun?

Plus all daddies love me, im each one's big ol boy toy!

This Big 'Ol Boy is big in many ways. First, he is hefty and hairy - 375 lbs of hairy boy that loves daddies in any shape or size. Add to that his pair of hairy "Big 'ol Boys" and you have a boy that is big almost all over.

This hairy Big 'Ol Boy (from the mountains) uses his big talent in making sure that daddies get the pleasure that they deserve. Many daddies comment on how this big boy has big talent for giving oral pleasure. When daddies don't get put over the edge by this big boy's oral talents, daddies also remark about his talents in other areas.

This boy isn't afraid to announce his big-ness to the world. On many profiles, his tag line reads: "I may be chubby, but I have talent." or "Big Boys need lovin' too."

Hey Guys!

Thanks for entering our contest. We've got love for all the handsome Big Ol' Boys on our site!

To those who left a comment, you can now check your inbox to see if you won.

Special thanks to John at http://www.BigOlBoy.com for making the contest possible. He has some pretty neat stuff on the site guys so be sure to check it out!

This big ol' boy has spent time in Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma and California. It does not matter where...big ol' boys are everywhere!

6'1, 225 lbs, hairy where it's good to be hairy and enjoying the life of a charmed gay man...the t-shirt and cap will allow me to announce to the world what I am without having to say a word!

I want a shirt or a hat put me in the contest

i will like to contest on tom and boldtom2 and i need hat cap /t-shirt

I'm a Big Ol Boy Standing at 6'9" and weighing in at 440lbs I fit that class of ol boy