Daddy's Feet: A Love Longevity Story

June 23, 2011
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Daddy's Feet: A Love Longevity Story

On the surface, it sounds a little far fetched that taking care of your feet can have a significant impact on your longevity and quality of life, but the connection is quite logical: Hip fractures are one of the most common routes to the off-ramp of life. And many hip-breaking falls are caused by loss of balance, which in turn is often caused by loss of sensation in the feet, which itself is frequently caused by an accumulation of calloused, dead skin on the heels and soles of the feet. Conscientious foot care = better balance = fewer falls = unbroken hips = longer, better life. I first read the connection in The Way We Age Now , A New Yorker Article I highly recommend for anyone interested in maintaining their best health as they grow older (which I hope would be all of you).

If you're a man of action more than words, than buy yourself a foot file, and get to work on those feet. There are three different styles currently on sale at Avon as part of this week's huge Buy 1, Get 1 for 99¢ FootWorks sale. While you're there, you might also pick up some of the Marine Salt Invigorating Scrub and Hydrating Balm.

You don't have to be a foot-fetishist to have a little foot care turn into foreplay. What do you think? Is Daddy's relaxing with his foot in your lap and some cool lotion on your hands a good way to get the party started?

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I can argue at length regarding you comment about your feet and the longevity of you life but I whole-heartedly agree with your comment about maintaining your feet and the quality of your life. Your feet are probably the part of our body that gets most abused everyday and most neglected. Whether you are male or female - especially male. Society somehow progammed men to believe that maintaining our feet (and hands, not so much anymore) is not manly and therefore should be shunned. Not really. Having good footcare is essential to good health. Ask any runner, dancer or any guy who makes his living standing all day (Police Officers, are you listening???). Personally, as a man living with HIV for more than twenty years I have been hit with many side effects of my medications - the worst for me being peripheral neuropathy - the loss/or overload of sensation in my extremities, particularly in my feet. It made me stop dancing competively because I couldn't feel where my feet were and walking barefoot was like walking on shards of glass. Then one day I slipped and fell, broke my hip and shattered my femur lengthwise. I was laid up for four months in rehab. However, during that time I learned from great doctors and support staff that different types of massage and foot care was essential for me. Today I look forward to wiggling my toes in freshly mowed grass! It always brings a tear...

Because of learning through pain I've discovered a world of products on the market that really add to the entire process of keeping my feet (and hands) in tip top shape. The best I've found was a combo made by Earth Essentials. The first is a Foot Scrub I use in the shower and the other is a Foot Repair Balm (contains Aloe Vera, Tee Tree Oils, and Chamomile). They also smell masculine and wonderful. I use them even after showering at the gym and have turned some of the straight guys there onto the stuff! The combo is like a mini massage in a bottle! Highly reccommended. Also, a good emory board is essential for those callouses; a light dusting over and they're gone. I popped for the more pricey one with diamond dust...makes all the difference.

Happy Walking!

I never gave much thought to foot care until several of my friends and I on our "boys night out" adventures after dinner, went to a place recommended on Yelp. The Royal Chinese Reflexology foot massage left us all stumbling out of the building! Each of us never dreamed how good it felt to have masculine hands massage your feet for a half hour after a hot water foot soak! Now, every week, I treat myself to a foot massage! I put a foot massage up there with flossing my teeth! Studies have repeatedly shown that flossing helps lower heart disease by removing the bacteria that help plaque clog the arteries. Foot massage, touch, bring my nervous system down to normal, and I have to think that is a good thing for health.

They say you are what you eat and breathe. You are also how you stand, and that relates directly to how you use your feet, especially your arches and ankles. As we age, we get closer to knee- and hip-replacement surgery, and of course, back pain. I know, having reached the stage of what I jokingly (maybe) call pre-suicidal back pain. I am now working with a specialist to reconstruct my posture from the feet up. So far so good. Go for the massage and reflexology, but also get your foot muscles in order. You'll see.

feet are amazing, especially the way they perform in sports. It's tough to be objective about feet though, because of the feet/sock/sneak/boot fetish. nice article and yeah, that footplay foreplay idea works.

Taking care of ones personal healthcare fetish's is good as long as one doesn't get so much into oneself that they sit at the vanity all evening and forget that the partner or friend is alone in the next room watching TV with a bag of chips wondering when the friend will stop caressing their feet.

I didn't realise that I had a slight foot fetish until I started incorporating the feet into my massively pleasurable FullBody BlowJob routine. My FBBJ is designed to provide maximum all-over pleasure and starts at the feet. I generally precede the FBBJ with a fullbody oil massage (well, almost fullbody - some parts have to wait till the climax of the whole experience). The massage can last from 30 to 60 minutes or so depending on how long the recipient can hold out for.

Once I feel the time is right, next up is a shower to get rid of the massage oil and to get everything (especially the feet) squeaky clean. This is essential as the FBBJ involves, as it's named, the entire body and my strict hygiene rules dictate a shower is mandatory. Once the recipient is ready, it's all on. I start with one of the feet and whilst massaging the sole and heel with my nimble fingers, my tongue and mouth are going to work on the toes, sucking and running my tongue between the toes driving the lucky guy wild. But that's only the beginning as after I'm satisfied the first foot is properly serviced I move onto the next... but via the rest of the body using my hands and lips and tongue and mouth to lick, kiss, suck and caress EVERY single part. But the real fun only starts once I've finally visited everywhere else but the best bits. By the time I get there, the recipient is usually an absolute crazed wreck just hanging out in anticipation for the real fun to start.

The FBBJ is recommended for all slim (yummm), smooth (no fur = no furballs) young sons wishing to experience the best of the best from dad!!! Any willing youngsters should enquire within.