Daddy Pride

June 24, 2011
Daddy Pride

I was 19 years old when I attended my first Pride. I had come up to New York City from Philly, with my mom's permission, and stayed with an older group of gay friends who had taken me under their wing. What I experienced that weekend was nothing short of exhilarating. Being surrounded by an entire community of likeminded individuals celebrating who they are for all the world to see is an incredible feeling. There's a euphoria that washes over you that I felt that first year and haven't lost since.

As the years have passed, I still haven't lost that excitement for my favorite time of year. Each year my pride has grown exponentially and as I've gotten older my confidence in being an out gay man has solidified. But this being Daddyhunt, I thought we could take a look at another kind of pride, that of the Daddy/Hunter variety. Because of the stigma that can be associated with being a Daddy/Hunter, I say it's high time we started showing our Daddy pride. And what better place to start than here?

I'm not ashamed of liking older men. All too often I'm given judgey looks for the kind of guys I like. Like there's something wrong with dating someone 10-20 years my senior. And I'm sure it's the same for the Daddies. Like what we're looking for in our respective older/younger partners can't be as fulfilling as being with someone our own age. And to that I say, loudly, "MY NAME IS ROB AND I LOVE OLDER MEN!" Also, "Fuck You!"

So on this month of Pride celebrations, while we celebrate the beauty of our individuality and sexuality, let's not forget to fly our Daddy/Hunter flags high and proud. I'm proud to be a Hunter, because I've learned more from the relationships I've had with older men than I have with guys my own age.

Tell me my friends, what makes you proud to be a Daddy/Hunter?

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When a hunter cuddles with daddy, like every other couple, believe that they are actually going to make it work. Can this coupling actually be purer, or sweeter, more fun, more loving and lasting than straight coupling? Are gays starting a new era when people really do live happily ever after? Heterosexual coupling is overrated cos 99 percent of them tell me that sex is a five-to-ten-minute affair anyway, leaving the rest of the week (or month or year) a waking nightmare of underappreciation, and fights over money and children. But I do wonder what's going to happen when the honeymoon glow wears off. When gay couples discover - like all other couples since the dawn of humping - that domestic bliss is elusive ... intermittent ... nonexistent. Thats when we see wine-drinking desperate gay divorcees sitting around L.A. or Florida competing for the well-heeled silver-haired stud who might want to take them on a date. And then gay marriage, - currently a middle-upper class thing - trickles down to the other 90 percent where castoff lesbian wives in dirty trailers watch videos of old movies or gay husbands lay around with Lite beer and whatever they can lap up at the truck-strop glory hole. In no time at all, the conflicts of marriage find their way into a stream of Hollywood movies: "My Big Fat Gay Greek Wedding", "The First Gay Wives Club," "All in the Gay Family," "The Queen of Queens." Why stop there? "Long Gay's Journey Into The Night," "Romeo and Julio" and "Gay Pride and Prejudice."

oh babyboy --- so wish I could have found that like You, RobHeartsDH -- You are truly Blest . . .
~Christopher . . .

Wait. Gay Pride is on June 26th. What Gay pride did you attend?

It was when he was 19yrs stated in his first phrase. Pay attention. lol


I discovered I was gay when I was 22 and never looked back. I was never in a closet. But I never thought much about Daddys and Hunters. I thought Daddys were older tops and the boys who got together with them were younger bottoms. Until I joined this site and said: Wait. What? It doesn't need to have anything to do with sexual positioning? OK. I guess i have to re-think this. I do enjoy a more dominant sexual Daddy type partner sometimes but I am not looking for a father. Some guidance here and there would be helpful sometimes and I sure would have benefited from some mentoring. Now that I'm older, maybe I can offer that to someone else. And still be a big bottom boy when I want to be. It goes to show we are never too old to learn.

I am a real Daddy and Grand-Daddy. I am 51, married at 20, bunch of kids. Wasn't sure of my sexuality but when I knew, was in the closet for 27 years. Got fat, was miserable but had to wear the mask. At 49, came out to wife, divorced 20 months. Living alone and being true to myself. Lost 110 lbs, kept if off for 7 years. Can rock it in the bed with a 32" waist, lol. Been with all ages, but there is something special about being with a young hunter. The cuddling and passionate kissing do it for me. I always ask the 21 year old why not with hot guys your age. They like the more experienced passionate wiser Daddy who can give life lessons and be non judgmental.

Frankly, Gay Pride events do nothing for me. Maybe it's because I was military for 24 yrs, and many years ago when being "queer" meant having a secret life when not in uniform or away from where I worked. That doesn't mean I'm not proud, I am; I have a rainbow sticker on my car. Back in 2000, I was arrested with 28 others as part of a Soul Force protest against the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, Florida. I'm very proud of that! To me, being proud of being Gay should be a force for DOING something to help the Community. Simply going to a festival because one is GLBT is easy to do without commitment and, therefore, to me, valueless.

I would expect this kind of message from a gentleman who was military for 24 years. Thank you for serving our country my friend!!! AND for standing up for our community. Take care and be well.


I guess i have a different experience. I have always marched in the parade with my friends to stand up publicly and celebrate who we are At least that how it was in the 70's and 80's when i first started doing it. We discussed friends who couldn't march for fear of losing their jobs and we marched to represent them. Teachers marched with paper bags over their heads so as not to lose their jobs. It was about showing the world how many we were and that we were not only hairdressers and fashion designers. Maybe that's not so important these days. But the festival itself has always been a place to go and listen to our speakers. To fortify our spirits and to network, socialize and just "Be " with others of our kind. I so understand what you mean by doing something for the community. We wouldn't be a community without people like you. I hope sometime you will consider changing your mind and coming out to the celebration. It's not only a place to take your shirt off and dance or try to get laid. It's a place to smile and laugh, mingle, enjoy and celebrate who you are with your friends and a whole mess of other gay people. You might meet some interesting people and possibly some new friends. Or just enjoy being an out homosexual in public. Not everyone can do that- even these days.

I'm at the "been there, done that" point in my life. To me, Gay Pride festivals are just another reason to party until you pass out. Over the past twenty years, I've attended Gay Pride in New York, Tampa, Miami & Ft Lauderdale. I like the parade, but that's about it. After the parade passes by, what else is there to do? Stop by a few booths to see what clubs/organizations are available to me? Drink like a fish in a hot smoky, crowded bar? I don't think so. I'm in a gay car club, there's my gay pride. I'm all for equality, gay marriage, etc, but I hate when the gay politicos shove their views in my ear and other gays criticize me because I won't sign up to support their specific cause or political candidate. Toward that end, I choose to stay away. I can show my gay pride and remember friends who have died from AIDS in some other quiet way.

I have been with a man 17 years younger than me and we have had a great relationship! It is great! We have alot in common and we do alot of things we both enjoy! We have done threesomes ! We enjoy others gay men friendship that does not include sex! We have attend pride day and after we go home then we talk about how great it is to be accepted as a couple and not looked down on by others! No one looks down on you! No one looks at me as a dirty old man or looks at him and says why are you with him ! Yea he gets them looks like your so hot and I want you! But he is with who he wants to be so he is happy and so am I! I wish that everyone could except us that way!

There is the enthusiasm of youth & the experience of the older, together they can make some beautiful music. The tragedy of AIDS has shown that many young do not become old. So why can't people just enjoy themselves without the carping critics who are too busy minding someone else's business. With older & younger, it isn't just about sex & money, as many think, the first sentence above makes that clear. I speak from experience, after 30 years of marriage, 18 years living as a gay man. I have 2 daughters, and two grandsons, and my family accepts me. That has helped me a lot. However, I don't depend on others for my well being. I am not defensive about liking young men, and I am now 77 years old.

Marriage will not be the solution to problems in gay life, but will resolve some inequities. As a matter of civil rights, the right to marry for 2 men or women, is a great stride for liberty, but the social consequences may not be as pleasant as one might think. Marriage not only involves rights, but also responsibilities. This is another example of be careful what you wish for, you may get it.

I read these posts with interest, and there are different points of view expressed, including some bitterness. We all have the right to express these reactions, but life shows that expectations often don't meet realities. Relationships of any ages require sharing/giving, not just saying "I want" as many do. I am sorry if I sound preachy, as I am just offering some perspectives from my life experience. Some younger men find it useful.

I get two! For the price one. Today is my birthday! I turned 51 today. Alot has changed since 1981! Back then I attended my first pride fest in 1980! I was to hung over to attend pride fest 1981! I had just turned 21! But, I am thankful of still being here! Alive! Enjoy yourself today, but play it safe! I am here! But, lots of my Disco buddies are dancing in that "Disco" in the sky!

Happy birthday! May you have many more, and with a worth-while partner.